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Chapter 175

Chapter 175 [Mist Lord] Graduation

Su Hao slowly withdrew the transformation steel, and the transformed steel domain on the ground gradually shrank and disappeared, quickly returning to its original land.

Two wings extended behind him, he leaped into the air, and a sudden burst of impact erupted under his feet, flying towards the sky.

Dangling in mid-air, [Earth Lord] Dong Lan saw Su Hao chasing after him and immediately exclaimed, “Bebe, he’s catching up!”

[Mist Lord] Bebe seemed very weak, her flying speed was not fast, she swayed and floated in the air. When she saw Su Hao chasing after her, she felt anxious but had no way to escape.

At this moment, she finally understood what ‘no way to heaven, no door to the earth’ meant.

[Earth Lord] Dong Lan suddenly said, “Bebe, drop me! The target is me. You run first, and I will find you later. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely find you!”

[Mist Lord] Bebe fell silent for a moment, and [Earth Lord] Dong Lan said again, “Don’t worry, I’m not that easy to kill!”

[Mist Lord] Bebe nodded, suddenly letting go of her husband and flying away quickly.

Meanwhile, Earth Lord Dong Lan began to descend from high in the sky.

A thought popped into Earth Lord Dong Lan’s mind: “Aren’t you a bit too straightforward? At least hesitate a bit!”

Su Hao’s long knife made a slight adjustment to his flight position and pounced towards [Earth Lord] Dong Lan.

[Earth Lord] Dong Lan immediately launched a large number of black crystal spikes, shooting at Su Hao densely.

“Ding, ding, ding!”

Su Hao didn’t dodge or evade, taking the black crystal spikes head-on next to [Earth Lord] Dong Lan.

‘Level two – Thunder!’


A lightning arc struck [Earth Lord] Dong Lan, and he helplessly cried out, “Come on!”

But defenseless, he was hit directly, losing his resistance!

Su Hao adjusted his position slightly, and the long knife swept across.

“Crack, splat!”

He sliced [Earth Lord] Dong Lan in half from the chest, blood sprayed, and his arms detached. [Earth Lord] Dong Lan was instantly divided into four segments, falling powerless to the ground.

Su Hao glanced at him, temporarily ignoring him, and changed his flight direction to chase after [Mist Lord] Bebe.

[Mist Lord] was no longer in full fog form at this time, her upper body had transformed into a human while her lower body remained as mist, resembling a snake-human hybrid as she flew forward gracefully.

The intensity of her vitality had dropped to a dangerous level; obviously, she couldn’t transform her entire body into black mist as she did at the beginning, spreading everywhere. She also dared not do so, fearing being burned by flames. If she tried again, she would be doomed.

Seeing Su Hao catching up, she immediately extended two mist snakes to entwine him. However, as they coiled around Su Hao’s armor, they were burned by the high temperature, screaming in pain, and instinctively retracting.

[Mist Lord] Bebe was now in a state of despair, unable to win in a fight, unable to escape, and being restrained tightly. What could she do?

[Mist Lord] Bebe saw Su Hao rapidly approaching and immediately turned around and headed down.

“Find my husband! As long as I find my husband, he can surely save me!”

‘Level two – Thunder!’


A lightning strike hit [Mist Lord] Bebe, instantly making her eyes roll back, almost losing consciousness, and she fell softly.

She wasn’t like the powerful [Earth Lord], able to withstand ‘Level two – Thunder’ without a scratch.

Su Hao approached and made a swift slash!


[Mist Lord] Bebe’s head was instantly severed.

However, there was no blood gushing out; the severed area was covered in elusive black mist. The decapitated head slowly turned into mist, dispersed, and gradually reformed into a head at the neck.

Su Hao furrowed his brow. Was this [Mist Lord] so powerful? How to kill her? He couldn’t just burn her to ashes because he needed to obtain her flesh and genes!

‘Level two – Thunder!’


Just as [Mist Lord] Bebe was beginning to recover, another lightning strike hit her, causing her to roll her eyes again.

‘Level two – Thunder!’

‘Level two – Thunder!’

Su Hao kept throwing lightning at [Mist Lord] Bebe one after another. He wanted to see if he could electrocute her to death directly. The positioning of ‘Level two – Thunder’ had always been about control, as he had found that a strong electric current could make Mutants lose control of their bodies instantly, but it rarely directly killed them because Mutants had incredibly strong bodies and could recover quickly.

However, Su Hao started to consider researching ‘Level three – Thunder,’ which could directly electrocute Mutants to death. Otherwise, in special circumstances, he would be somewhat powerless.

Both of them were descending rapidly.

Through his radar perception, Su Hao noticed that [Mist Lord] Bebe’s vitality was gradually being consumed by his continuous lightning attacks, and the mist resembling a snake’s tail couldn’t be sustained any longer. It slowly transformed back into feet!

Well, accompanying the transformation were some pieces of fabric, barely covering the essentials. This harmony was thanks to [Mist Lord]’s ability to partially assimilate matter; even her clothing had turned into black mist.

However, Su Hao seemed oblivious to this romantic scene.

‘Level two – Thunder!’

‘Level two – Thunder!’

After [Mist Lord] Bebe’s vitality was completely depleted, she gradually exuded a fragrant scent.


Unconsciously, [Mist Lord] Bebe was slammed hard onto the ground. With no vitality left to resist, she gradually lost her breath of life.

Su Hao approached and delivered a final strike.


Her head rolled to the side, blood spewing out.

Su Hao breathed a sigh of relief, “This should have resolved it!”

There was still an [Earth Lord], and surprisingly, he hadn’t died but was underground, using transformed black crystals to dig a tunnel and quickly escape out of the city.

What incredible vitality.

Cut off the head, and it can grow back; cut into four segments, and it can be reconnected, then bounce back to life.

The Sequence of [Shell People], indeed the most afraid of death Sequence! Evolution to this level, there’s no one else like it!

Su Hao, carrying the body of [Mist Lord], slowly walked toward the outskirts of the city.

It’s just not clear whether, when [Earth Lord] appears later, the first thing he sees is Su Hao, will he be very surprised.

It wasn’t until a distance of two kilometers outside the city that the breathless [Earth Lord] Dong Lan emerged from underground. Before he could catch his breath, he discovered Su Hao, the [Steel Armor King], standing in front of him.

“… In the past, he used to get excited when he saw the [Steel Armor King], but now he feels a chill in his heart the moment he sees the [Steel Armor King].

At that moment, he couldn’t describe the complexity of his emotions, especially when he saw the body of his wife Bebe in Su Hao’s hands.

Despair, anger, regret, fear…

But no matter what emotions he felt, they couldn’t change the current situation.

When [Earth Lord] Dong Lan wanted to turn around and burrow underground to escape, he found that the ground had turned into steel at some point, beyond his control.

There was no escape!

Su Hao threw the body and head of [Mist Lord] aside and slowly drew his long knife.

[Earth Lord] immediately knelt down and begged, “Big brother, spare me, I’ll give you my flesh, please spare my life, and I won’t appear before you again from now on!”

Su Hao remained silent and walked closer, then made a horizontal slash with his knife.

“Crack, splat!”

[Earth Lord] Dong Lan’s head flew off, blood gushing, and his body slowly fell to the ground, motionless, with blood gradually spreading.

“Is he dead?” Su Hao curiously looked at the motionless [Earth Lord] on the ground and carefully sensed his vitality with radar.

Indeed, his vitality was gradually decreasing, but the rate of decline was extremely slow, with no feeling of rapid dissipation after death.

Su Hao raised an eyebrow, “Is he… playing dead?”

He played dead so convincingly, with his head lying to the side, blood gushing from his neck, no way he could fake it.

Su Hao had never seen anyone play dead so convincingly; he was willing to call it the “most convincing at playing dead” in the world.

Su Hao swung his knife and circled around, muttering, “It’s too heavy; I’ll chop the body into pieces for easier transport!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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