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Chapter 172

Chapter 172: A New Use for Bombs

Su Hao returned to the city of Linyuan once more. He observed the vast city from above in the sky.

However, the Linyuan City at this moment was entirely different from what it was a few years ago. It wasn’t improved; it was on the brink of destruction. It resembled a city that had experienced years of warfare, with broken walls and rubble everywhere. Only a very small part of the city remained intact. Most residents had already evacuated this city that seemed devoid of hope, except for a few stubborn ones who were unwilling to leave.

The power of sixth-level Mutants in combat was incredibly destructive, and it confirmed the saying that destruction was far easier than construction. Who would have thought that in just over ten days, a once massive and thriving city would transform into such a state?

Su Hao wanted to grab ‘Earth Lord’ and ‘Mist Lord’ by the collars and ask them what they intended to do with a city like this. When a race faced powerful external enemies, those filled with the desire to destroy would become heroes of their race, but after the external threats were eliminated, these individuals would turn into pure agents of destruction, especially when they held immense power.

Originally, Su Hao’s plan was to take two pieces of flesh from ‘Earth Lord,’ knowing that ‘Earth Lord’ could likely recover within two seconds. However, upon seeing this scene, Su Hao had a change of heart.

He thought, “Why not just kill them? Regardless of whether their intent is first destruction and then reconstruction, or if they simply want to vent their frustrations, the thought of not killing them doesn’t make any sense.”

By this time, dawn was breaking, and people were starting to move around in Linyuan City as they appeared to be rebuilding their homes.

Su Hao circled slowly in the high sky, and his radar had already locked on two unfamiliar sixth-level Mutants in the city. These two sixth-level Mutants were together, and their vitality surpassed that of ‘Heavenly Lord’ Stan and ‘Bliss Lord’ Kana. It seemed they had reached the pinnacle of sixth-level Mutant, ready to break through to seventh-level Mutant at any moment.

No wonder the members of the ‘Four Kings Gang’ and others fled in haste.

The ‘Distant View’ rune was activated. Su Hao observed Linyuan City from high in the sky and sought the figures of ‘Earth Lord’ and ‘Mist Lord.’

The two had occupied ‘Heavenly Lord’ Stan’s palace. At this moment, they seemed to be sleeping in the palace, and there was no sign of them.

Su Hao had initially thought of a long-range sniper attack, instantly killing them with a headshot. However, it was now clear that it wasn’t realistic unless they came out of the castle.

After some contemplation, Su Hao decided to approach them with a knife to kill them, to have a chance to observe what abilities ‘Earth Lord’ possessed.

“But before starting the fight, I should wake them up first; otherwise, I’d be lacking in sportsmanship. Moreover, it seems there are no other people around the palace…”

With this in mind, Su Hao extended his hand to condense the ‘Secondary-Level – Two Hundred Explosions.’ Using a more powerful ‘Secondary-Level – Two Hundred Explosions’ was ideal for dealing with ‘Earth Lord.’ Su Hao was confident that ‘Earth Lord’ would be able to withstand it.

Moreover, considering the size of the destruction area, it would at most devastate Stan’s palace and wouldn’t affect other areas. After all, the entire city was already in ruins, and there was no point in keeping such a grand palace intact.

Three minutes later, Su Hao flew to the palace with a steel sphere the size of a basin in his hands. He activated the time-delay device and started to input his vital force.

Su Hao took a deep breath, raised his hand, and prepared to throw the bomb downwards. ‘Secondary-Level – Two Hundred Explosions’ fell with a high initial speed.

When the bomb entered the 500-meter range of the palace, a cold and noble woman lying on the large bed in the palace, 【Mist Lord】, a sixth-level Mutant of the ‘Graceful People’ sequence, abruptly opened her eyes. Her husband, ‘Earth Lord’ Dong Lan, still slept soundly at this time.

The faint mist spread in every corner of the palace, informing her that a spherical object was descending from the sky at an extremely high speed, directly above them.

Extraordinary! Definitely not a coincidence!

Mist Lord Bebe immediately slapped Earth Lord Dong Lan’s face and said sharply, “Husband, wake up, there’s trouble!”

Earth Lord Dong Lan woke up, opening his eyes. Then, he instinctively transformed into Earth Lord. His body grew taller and larger, quickly becoming a small giant over four meters tall. A bright and shiny black crystal-like structure rapidly emerged from his body, enveloping him entirely.

At this moment, Earth Lord Dong Lan said with a buzzing voice, “What’s going on, Bebe?”

Mist Lord Bebe, who was now becoming elusive and mist-like, pointed to the ceiling, saying, “Up there!”

Before the words even finished, the hard stone ceiling above them abruptly shattered, and a basin-sized iron sphere entered their field of view.

Earth Monarch Dong Lan’s mouth twitched, feeling quite speechless. “You woke me up for this thing?”

However, Mist Lord Bebe’s vigilance exceeded Earth Monarch Dong Lan’s by far. She transformed into mist and dissipated, vanishing from sight.

Surprisingly, Earth Lord Dong Lan yawned, reaching out to swat the iron sphere, as if shooing away a fly.

Before he even touched the iron sphere—


The most destructive bomb ever created by Su Hao in this world unleashed its power. It was ruthless and cruel, rendering all things meaningless in its presence.

The solid palace complex crumbled like a pile of sand, blown away effortlessly by the wind. The sturdy earth shattered like stones thrown into water, with the soil pushed aside.

The dazzling light pierced the dawn, like a second sun, instantly illuminating the entire city as if it were daytime.

In the next moment, a powerful shockwave spread outward. Within a five hundred meter radius, walls, trees, and everything else were shattered and destroyed. People standing outside were suddenly shaken and unable to maintain their balance, with some falling to the ground.

Immediately after, a loud explosion rang out, causing everyone’s ears to ring.

Everyone had the same question in their minds: “What just happened?”

At this time, Su Hao, flying in the sky, watched the shockwave below and muttered in surprise, “Oh no, the explosion was too powerful; could it have killed them directly?”

At the moment of the explosion, the surrounding energy fields became chaotic. Su Hao’s radar lost its sensing ability within the explosion range, so he didn’t know the current state of Earth Lord and Mist Lord.

After waiting for a while, once the explosion subsided, Su Hao began to descend. He extended both hands, and two steel blades, one long and one short, gradually formed, covered with intricate patterns.

Soon, Su Hao’s radar regained its sensing ability and he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Huh? Both of them are still alive?”


Su Hao was clad in thick steel armor all over his body. His feet landed on the solid ground, and he stood on it. He retracted his wings while the long blade carved a beautiful pattern as he observed the two people in the distance.

At this moment, Stan’s luxurious palace complex had turned into ruins, and only a large crater remained at the center of the explosion, measuring nearly two hundred meters in diameter.

Earth Lord Dong Lan and Mist Lord Bebe were not far from the large crater. They were alertly observing Su Hao, knowing that the recent explosion must have been caused by the man in front of them.

Earth Lord Dong Lan was still surrounded by a thick black crystalline substance. Mist Lord Bebe had turned into a mist, floating in mid-air. Su Hao couldn’t see the specific condition of the two, but his radar could sense that their vital force had been nearly depleted by half, indicating that they had suffered serious injuries.

Su Hao couldn’t help but marvel, “They survived such an explosion; that’s impressive!”

Earth Lord Dong Lan looked at Su Hao, who was clad in steel armor, and said in surprise, “Steel Armor King?”

Then he turned to Mist Lord Bebe beside him and said, “Bebe, don’t move for now. I’ll go and test the situation.”

Mist Lord Bebe, with a face formed by her mist simulation, nodded. Then, she suddenly dispersed, blending into the air, disappearing from sight.

Even Su Hao’s radar couldn’t detect her precise location.

It was as if… the space around them was entirely under her control.

Su Hao slowly furrowed his brows. These two seemed to have quite some ability!

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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