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Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Su Hao’s Mortality Rate

Gaili smiled and continued without hesitation, “The ‘Prophet’ has only two abilities: ‘Acquisition’ and ‘Analysis.’”

Upon hearing this, Su Hao immediately understood. The Zhu Hua people were the world’s only intelligent race, and their natural evolutionary trend was to enhance their intelligence. The ‘Prophet,’ evolved from the Zhu Hua people, possessed improved information-gathering capabilities and more powerful computational abilities. The term ‘Prophet’ merely referred to the analysis and calculation of the information collected.

Gaili demonstrated this to Su Hao by touching the back of his hand and explained, “Just like this, when I come into contact with you, a large amount of information from your body is gathered, and I randomly select a portion of that information to automatically analyze, reaching corresponding conclusions. Every time I gather information, it’s different, but it’s incredibly accurate. Of course, it’s not limited to people; I can acquire information from various objects, although it’s faint and often lacks practical significance.”

Su Hao’s immediate reaction was that the ‘Prophet’ was incredibly powerful. It was akin to implanting a computing chip into the brain, with both logic and calculation abilities. With sufficient knowledge and skillful use, the results would be beyond imagination.

Through Gaili’s explanation, Su Hao gained insight into how the ‘Prophet’ worked. It likely involved acquiring a specific force field or wave from an object through contact, followed by reconstructing and simulating to obtain corresponding information.

Su Hao recognized Gaili’s honesty, which made him easy to get along with. It was akin to appreciating an overly dedicated companion.

Su Hao praised Gaili in his mind, but Gaili continued, “Wei, you might not know this, but ‘Prophet’ isn’t in conflict with other sequences. I am a ‘Prophet’ and also a Level 5 mutant of the ‘Mimic Shifter’ sequence, ‘Monstrous King.’ The reason I stayed in Linyuan City was to pursue ‘Origin of the Emperor.’ However, it seems I’ve failed. After all these years, we can’t even locate the origin of the ‘Emperor.’ Haha!”

Su Hao then said, “Gaili, I agree to your Four Kings Gang settling in Temple Forest City, but you must follow the rules of our city.”

Gaili jumped up and laughed heartily, “I knew you’d agree, Wei!”

Su Hao cautioned, “Don’t be in a rush. I have a few more questions. First, are ‘Earth Lord’ and ‘Mist Lord’ still in Linyuan City?”

Gaili nodded and said, “They are still here. They tried to take over Linyuan City. It won’t be short before they leave.”

Su Hao asked further, “Secondly, why did these two individuals come from afar to seize your Linyuan City?”

Gaili responded, “According to the information we gathered from various sources, it seems there’s been unrest in the Anliang City region. It’s likely a powerful Level 7 mutant has been causing widespread carnage. These two probably saw that things weren’t looking good there and happened to come to Linyuan City. It’s not just them; many Level 6 and 7 mutants have been escaping from that area recently. This is one of the reasons we decided to abandon Linyuan City.”

Su Hao was surprised, “Level 7 mutants are fleeing?”

Gaili laughed, “That’s right!”

Su Hao couldn’t help but furrow his brow. Could they be coming after him? Regardless of their intentions, he had a premonition that the chaos would inevitably spread to Temple Forest City and possibly affect him. He realized that he was almost eighteen this year…

Su Hao pushed aside his thoughts and revealed a friendly smile, asking, “Thirdly, Gaili, how about staying at my place for a few days?”

Gaili’s eyes lit up, and he immediately agreed, “Sure, I’d love to visit your home.”

Su Hao chuckled, “In that case, let’s work together once again.”

Gaili burst into hearty laughter, “A pleasure to work together.”

The matter of the Four Kings Gang settling in Temple Forest City was decided, and Su Hao left the subsequent handling to Yashan. He then took Gaili back to his experimental base.

Gaili curiously explored Su Hao’s experimental base, touching this and that, and exclaimed, “Wei, is this your home? It’s so fascinating; I’ve never seen a house like this before.”

Su Hao led the way and said, “That’s right, this is my home.”

Gaili asked, “Wei, do you really like these little round rats, or are you secretly a round rat breeder?”

Su Hao chuckled, “I do genuinely like them; these little round rats have been of great help to me. But I wouldn’t call myself a breeder.”

Gaili scratched his head and continued, “Your place is really spacious and nice, but I’m curious why you have so many round rats. Their meat is rather ordinary, and I doubt you make much money from them. If you’re willing, we can partner up to raise mountain chickens…”

Su Hao inexplicably smiled and, after opening the door to his laboratory, said to Gaili, “We’ve arrived, Gaili. This is where I live. I’ll show you to the guest room in a moment.”

Gaili curiously stepped into Su Hao’s laboratory and, as he watched Su Hao’s friendly smile, a sense of unease washed over him for some reason. He observed the peculiar “room” and asked, “Wei, do you sleep here regularly? It doesn’t seem like a typical room, and what’s the purpose of bringing me here?”

Su Hao warmly invited him, saying, “Come on, have a seat, treat it like your own home. Don’t be shy! I brought you here because I hope you can help me with a small favor; it’s quite easy, just cooperate a little.”

With that, Su Hao took out a sharp little knife from somewhere.


Gaili swallowed hard.

It was only two days later that Gaili finally emerged from Su Hao’s laboratory. Despite Su Hao’s attempts to persuade him, Gaili left without turning back.

For Su Hao, these two days were highly rewarding. He discovered that the genetic makeup of the ‘Prophet’ was unlikely to be expressed in any other animal except for the highly developed brain of the Zhu Hua people.

However, Su Hao decided not to experiment on himself for the time being. Compared to researching the ‘Prophet’ genes, the ‘Rune Genes’ were more crucial to him.

Before continuing his research, Su Hao planned to seize the opportunity to acquire ‘Earth Lord’s’ flesh and evolve into the ‘Earth Lord’ for enhanced self-defense.

He had sensed that danger was approaching, but he didn’t understand why. He had some awareness of the situation, but the underlying principles were far beyond his knowledge. Although he had many speculations, they were ultimately futile in preventing the imminent danger. All he could do was strengthen his power as much as possible to confront the potential threat.

“Perhaps it’s a matter of probability. Some of my actions increase the probability of ‘death,’ and as these probabilities accumulate, the probability of ‘death’ approaches 1 and becomes inevitable. But how does this probability change?”

Given his current understanding of the universe, he wouldn’t know even if someone presented the underlying principles to him.

“I should continue to evolve and grow stronger while expediting the research progress on the Rune Genes.”

After making his decision, Su Hao didn’t hesitate any further. He directly found Yashan and said, “Yashan, I’ll be in the lab for a few days. Don’t disturb me for anything. Don’t bring food or anything else. Remember, nothing.”

This was the second time Yashan heard such a stern request from Boss Wei. He immediately nodded and said, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao nodded and entered the laboratory, closing the door behind him.

The reason he didn’t inform Yashan of his plan to leave was because there were members of the ‘Four Kings Gang’ in the city now, and things were different from before. He couldn’t let Gaili sense his absence from the city through Yashan.

Some things had to be handled discreetly.

As night fell, Su Hao activated his ‘Transformation Steel,’ and he sank into the ground. After a moment, he emerged outside the city, spread his wings, and flew into the night, disappearing from sight.

(End of this chapter)

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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