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Chapter 17: Check-in Rewards, One-Click Full Max Level Function!

At this moment, Chen Changan’s porridge was ready and the fragrance spread out.

Yè Níngshuāng smelled it and was curious. “Junior Brother, what are you doing? It smells so good.”

Chen Changan collected the Jade Sword Pendant and said, “I’m making porridge. Sister Yè, have you had breakfast yet?”

Yè Níngshuāng shook her head. “Not yet.”

“Then stay here and have breakfast before you leave,” said Chen Changan.

Yè Níngshuāng shook her head lightly. “No need. The mission is urgent, and the others are still waiting for me at the mountain gate. I have to go to meet them now that I have obtained the Silver Dragon Sword.”

“It’s alright. Let me pack some for you to take with you.” Without waiting for Yè Níngshuāng to refuse, Chen Changan went to the kitchen and packed a large bowl of breakfast for her. “Sister, take it with you to eat on the way. It will warm your stomach.”

Yè Níngshuāng looked at Chen Changan. Although his aptitude was very poor, he was kind and helpful, and he looked handsome and gentle. She had a better impression of him now.

“Thank you.”

“Junior Brother, please remember to thank Elder Feng for me. I’ll leave now.”


Yè Níngshuāng left Feixian Peak.

There’s no need for Chen Changan to call his master, Feng Wanxi, to wake up.

The aroma of porridge woke up Feng Wanxi who was still sleeping.

Just like yesterday.

Chen Changan’s breakfast woke up Feng Wanxi just as it did the day before.

As he saw a pair of long, white legs walking towards him, Chen Changan knew who it was and greeted her.

“Master, good morning.”

“Morning. What’s for breakfast today?”

Chen Changan grinned.

“Porridge, to warm up your stomach, Master.”

Feng Wanxi was pleased.

Her disciple really had filial piety.

Well done.

Well done.

She thought to herself and forgave him for what happened last night.

As they had breakfast, Chen Changan completed another day of interaction with Feng Wanxi and successfully checked in.

“System prompt: Check in successful. You have gained twenty years of cultivation, rare ingredient [Nine-Treasure Chicken Blood Meat one pound], medicinal herb: [Five-Thousand-Year Spirit Mushroom x 1], and god-tier sword technique: [Divine Slashing Sword Technique].”

Upon hearing the series of prompts in his mind, Chen Changan was shocked.

Was he so lucky today?

He got so many good things just by checking in.

He gained twenty years of cultivation.

Chen Changan had already broken through the eighth level of Qi refining.

With twenty more years of cultivation, he directly broke through to the foundation establishment stage and reached the first level of foundation establishment.

In the Longevity Sect, the foundation establishment stage was the qualification to become an inner disciple.

Even if he went down the mountain and encountered demons and evil cultivators, he had the strength to protect himself.

Chen Changan was very happy.

As for the [Nine-Treasure Chicken], according to the system, it was a rare bird with incredible power in its blood and meat. Eating it not only improved cultivation, but also extended one’s lifespan. Of course, the more important information was about the deliciousness and high rating of the meat, which was certified by the system.

As for the [Five-Thousand-Year Spirit Mushroom], it was a kind of mushroom medicinal herb with many benefits. It could be used to refine pills or directly ingested to aid cultivation.

But Chen Changan had already decided on the luxury lunch of the day.

“Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms.”

As for the god-tier sword technique [Immortal-Cutting Sword Formula], Chen Changan just threw it to the [Auto-Cultivation Function].

After hanging for a while, he should be able to master it.

However, if this system had a function for rapid learning of these sword techniques, it would be great.

Chen Changan asked the system.

“System prompt: the host can spend 200 filial piety points to activate the [One-Click Full Max Level] function. By consuming filial piety points, all martial arts and secret techniques will be automatically leveled up with one click, bringing love back home.”

Chen Changan’s eyes lit up. “There’s such a great function? Spending 200 filial piety points to activate it is worth it. Let’s activate it.”

“System prompt: the host has spent 200 filial piety points, and the [One-Click Full Max Level] function has been activated. The current balance of filial piety points is 247.”

Chen Changan thought to himself and said, “System, please level up the [Divine Slashing Sword Technique] to the maximum level.”

“System prompt: [Divine Slashing Sword Technique] is at maximum level and requires 50 filial piety points.”


“System prompt: the [One-Click Full Max Level] function has been activated. The [Divine Slashing Sword Technique] has reached its maximum level, and the current balance of filial piety points is 197. Would you like to continue using this function?”

Suddenly, Chen Changan mastered an extremely powerful sword technique.

Chen Changan couldn’t help but try the [Divine Slashing Sword Technique] to see how strong it really was.

But his master was with him, so Chen Changan gave up.

However, Chen Changan thought of the [The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility] he was practicing. Just grinding alone may take a long time to reach mastery.

Now that he had this [One-Click Full Max Level] function, he could spend filial piety points to instantly reach mastery.

“System, please level up the [The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility] to the maximum level.”

“System prompt: [The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility] is at maximum level and requires 300,000 filial piety points. The host’s current balance is insufficient to upgrade.”

“What the heck? 300,000??”

Chen Changan was shocked.

To have 300,000 filial piety points, he’d have to save for many years without eating or drinking anything.

But mastering the [The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility] to its maximum level would surely be incredibly powerful!

However, Chen Changan was still a pauper with a balance of less than 300 filial piety points.

He had no choice but to give up.

“Forget it, forget it. I’ll just grind slowly. There’s no rush.”

That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master

That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master

Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Crossing over to the Nine Realms World, Chen Chang’an accepted by the beautiful Feng Wanxi as her direct disciple, opened the [Strongest Filial Piety System]. As long as you care for your master, look after your master, take care of your master and so on, you can gain filial points. “Master, you look tired, let this disciple massage your back and legs.” “Master, this disciple has made you a chocolate cake which is your favorite, open your mouth, ah-” “Master, this is a Great Immortal Sword that this disciple just made today, take it and go kill demons with it. It’s very powerful!” “Hey, Master, come and try on this disciple’s latest invention, Jade Cicada Black Silk Stockings, you have long and slender jade legs, they will look great on you.” Until one day, the beautiful master leaned in Chen Chang’an’s arms and asked him with a red face, “Disciple, why do people say that we show our love?” Chen Chang’an gave beautiful master a kiss to express his innocence. “Master, this is a misunderstanding, this disciple is just doing his filial duty~”


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