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Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Successful Gene Evolution Technology

Four days later, A-Qiang arrived at Su Hao’s laboratory and expertly lay down on the experimental bed.

This time, he put aside his anxiety about the unknown and became calm, willing to accept Su Hao’s evolutionary experiments because he also needed power.

After the near-death experience from the previous event, even he didn’t know how much he desired strength deep within.

A-Qiang didn’t want to leave his fate in the hands of others and hope for their kindness.

He wanted to make his own choices and control his destiny.

Su Hao didn’t hesitate or waste words. After a brief examination, he directly injected the gene modification liquid into A-Qiang’s body, waiting for A-Qiang’s gene modification to complete, evolving into the world’s first artificially designed “High-Speed Individual.”

Over three hours passed, and A-Qiang, without any surprises, became a second-level mutant “High-Speeder.”

He awakened new abilities, “Super Speed” and “Dynamic Vision.”

Su Hao also coveted these two abilities, especially “Dynamic Vision,” which essentially increased the speed of neural reflexes and provided an incredible advantage in combat.

But he didn’t have the courage to implant the corresponding gene sequences into himself yet; different gene sequences were difficult to coexist.

Fighting at the same level to acquire flesh and blood essentially meant obtaining “Blood Enhancement” gene fragments to increase one’s own vitality, enabling smoother evolution to a higher level in the future.

After recording A-Qiang’s basic information, Su Hao gave him a small booklet and requested that he follow its instructions for a month, trying to awaken new abilities.

Su Hao then returned to the laboratory to rest.

To be honest, doing these things continuously was quite exhausting, but Su Hao didn’t mind at all; it was his passion.

It’s like playing a video game for a day and night without stopping, even if it might be frustrating at times.

Soon, it was Naqi’s turn, and he also successfully evolved into a second-level “Lone Rampager.”

The reason they were called “Lone Rampagers” gradually became clear to Naqi because after his successful evolution, no one dared to approach him. He spent his days and nights in solitude, wanting to chat with someone or share the joy of becoming a mutant but having no one to do so with. It was a profound sense of loneliness and isolation.

Over the next month, others also gradually evolved from first-level mutants into second-level mutants, with no failures; all were excellent products.

This made Su Hao even more certain that his genetic experiments were successful.

He firmly held the scalpel for genetic modification.

Time quietly passed during Su Hao’s continuous experiments.

Su Hao had been near Chi Yang City for a year.

During this year, Su Hao turned 17. It had been fourteen years since he arrived in this world.

So far, this was the longest he had stayed in a world after entering the Pinball Space.

For Su Hao, it was a new breakthrough, a good start.

Su Hao gathered the eight experimental subjects, walked around them, and said slowly, “Let’s recite the ‘Code of Conduct for Mutants’ as a group!”

As Su Hao’s voice fell, all eight people began reciting it in unison, not missing a single word.

Su Hao nodded and said, “Not bad!”

A year ago, the eight individuals in front of him were ordinary people. Today, one year later, they had all evolved into powerful fourth-level mutants, capable of dominating any small city.

These eight experimental subjects didn’t disrespect Boss Wei because they had gained unimaginable power. Instead, the more powerful they became, the more they feared Boss Wei.

At the beginning, maybe they didn’t have a clear concept, but gradually, everyone realized the terror of Boss Wei. No one dared to harbor even the slightest suspicious thoughts.

This Boss Wei who had personally made them so powerful, who was he really? Could he be the legendary “God”?

Su Hao’s gaze shifted from each of them, and he slowly said, “Our one-year agreement has come to an end. I’ve completed the experiments, and tomorrow, you can return to Chi Yang City.”

Hearing this, excitement flashed on the faces of the eight people, and they couldn’t help but quietly cheer with their companions.

Moments later, Su Hao continued, “However, you are no longer the same as you were a year ago. After returning to Chi Yang City, you are absolutely not allowed to use your newfound powers recklessly. I had you memorize the ‘Code of Conduct for Mutants’ for a year, and it will be your code of behavior. Always remember that.”

The eight of them replied in unison, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao added, “Of course, if you don’t comply, that’s not a problem either. I can take back the powers I’ve given you at any time.”

Then, Su Hao suddenly smiled and said, “The experiment of taking back powers seems worth a try.”

Everyone’s hearts shivered, and they didn’t dare to question Boss Wei’s words at all.

After some thought, Su Hao continued, “Soon, I will leave this place and find another experimental location. Don’t think about coming here to find me. Alright, that’s it! A-Qiang, come with me.”

The others watched with curiosity as A-Qiang followed Boss Wei into the laboratory. But soon, they stopped thinking about this and were filled with joy at the prospect of leaving the place tomorrow.

One year of rural life had made them deeply miss the bustle of Chi Yang City.

They also missed their loved ones in Chi Yang City.

After bringing A-Qiang to the laboratory, Su Hao handed him two metal plaques and said, “These are ‘Second-Level – Lightning’ runes. As long as you input your vitality, you can release a powerful electric current, instantly paralyzing a person, making them unable to move for a short time. This is ‘Second-Level – Barrier,’ used for self-preservation.

You can try them out later. I’m giving you these two runes with the hope that you can help keep the others in check and prevent them from causing chaos. In other words, if anyone breaks the rules, goes on a rampage, and kills ordinary people in the city, you’ll help me deal with them.”

A-Qiang took the metal plaques. On the front side of the plaques was a ‘Wei’ symbol, and on the back were a lightning bolt and a circular symbol. A-Qiang immediately said earnestly, “Alright, Boss Wei. Whoever breaks the rules, I’ll kill them!”

Su Hao nodded and said, “Alright, prepare yourself, and leave with them tomorrow.”

A-Qiang responded and then knelt down, saying, “Boss Wei, I don’t know how to thank you…”

Su Hao said, “Remember the ‘Code of Conduct for Mutants,’ and help me deal with those who break the rules. It’s that simple.”

A-Qiang got up, nodded, and left.

Su Hao had personally created a group of fourth-level mutants, but he never thought of destroying them because there was no need. The number of fourth-level mutants in this world was countless, and having a few more or a few less didn’t matter.

Having a few more fourth-level mutants who had accepted the “Code of Conduct for Mutants” might bring pleasant surprises in the future.

“Using gene modification and cultivation techniques, I’ve completed the evolution to the fourth level of mutants. This means that evolving to the fifth level, sixth level, or even the seventh level is all possible.”

“The current problem is the lack of a large number of gene comparisons for levels five and above, making it impossible to obtain reliable extraordinary gene fragments.”

Su Hao thought about it and began listing his future goals within the Pinball Space.

In the next year, he would focus on studying patterns.

A year later, he would start collecting genes of mutants at level five and above.

The further time was dragged out, the greater the uncertainty.

For Su Hao, only when he truly expressed the runes through gene expression could he truly make them his own!

With that in mind, Su Hao immediately entered the Pinball Space to design research plans and immerse himself in the study of patterns.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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