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Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Unusual Body, Youthful Awakening

A-Qiang’s rapid evolution was a complete success.

Afterward, Su Hao handed A-Qiang a small booklet and asked him to follow the instructions in the booklet for exercise trials over the next month. After collecting A-Qiang’s current condition and genetic information, Su Hao returned to his laboratory to rest.

Once Su Hao left, everyone immediately became excited, crowding around A-Qiang. They all wore expressions of envy and excitement, bombarding A-Qiang with questions.

“A-Qiang, what did you guys do in there just now?”

“A-Qiang, how did you change so quickly?”

“A-Qiang, are you some kind of mutant now?”

“A-Qiang, can you fight well now?”

A-Qiang was annoyed by all the questions and casually replied, “I just went in and took a nap. I woke up like this, and I don’t know anything else.”

With that, he dashed back into the cave, disappeared into the kitchen, and didn’t come out.

The others exchanged puzzled glances.

“Do you need to sleep with Boss Wei to become powerful?”

“Is this for real? It sounds strange and kind of scary!”

“If it’s for Boss Wei, it might be worth considering.”

“If it gives you strength, a nap doesn’t seem like a bad deal.”

The next day, after Su Hao had rested, he called in another person.

This person had a round face and didn’t look like a typical Zhu Hua person. He probably belonged to a group of mutated Zhu Hua individuals, lowering the overall attractiveness of the Zhu Hua population. However, Su Hao found his round face quite friendly.

This young man was named Naqi and was the second person Su Hao called in to serve him. He seemed exceptionally excited.

Yes, after continuous analysis and speculation, Naqi was convinced that one needed to serve Boss Wei before being eligible to gain power. However, the scene he had imagined did not occur. Boss Wei merely injected a needle into his arm, observed for an hour, and then let him go.

This left him with an indescribable sense of disappointment.

As for why Su Hao didn’t allow Naqi to choose his evolutionary sequence, it was because not everyone was worthy of his attention, and not everyone had the right to choose in his presence.

Just pick any sequence!

Su Hao casually selected the “Poison Man” sequence for Naqi.

Five days later, Naqi was called into Su Hao’s laboratory again, but this time he stayed much longer, close to four hours.

When he walked out, the other six people immediately surrounded him.

“Naqi, what happened inside?”

Naqi replied in confusion, “Nothing much, just took a nap…”


Everyone gasped in excitement.

Someone else asked, “Naqi, did you gain any abilities?”

As soon as someone asked this, Naqi became enthusiastic.


Suddenly, there was a vigorous cannon-like sound coming from Naqi’s rear, with distinct layers of sound and gradually increasing pitch.

An indescribable smell filled the air, leaving the six people around him in a state of intoxication, almost fainting!

Naqi didn’t understand what had happened, but he watched the six people crawling and screaming, running far away.

He sniffed the air and asked, “It smells pretty good. Why are you all running away?”

From then on, Naqi was isolated by the others and they would flee when they saw him, too afraid to get close.

Naqi himself remained clueless.

One month later, everyone successfully evolved into first-level mutants of various sequences, and no one failed and died. This marked the success of Su Hao’s first-stage experiment.

It also meant that even if Su Hao were to be reincarnated in the next world, he could still obtain the complete power of the “Steel Armor King” through genetic modification fluid.

His journey in this world was well worth it!

Su Hao’s mood began to fluctuate a bit, but he quickly adjusted his emotions.

“I need to stay grounded and not act recklessly.”

Gradually, Su Hao noticed that there was something wrong with his emotional fluctuations.

“My thinking is supposed to be more inclined towards a rational type. I rarely engage in irrational behavior. The reason I’ve been having thoughts of being invincible and carefree should be due to the influence of this young Zhu Hua person’s body.”

In Su Hao’s view, after experiencing so much, in so many worlds, he could remain relatively calm about many things. Even if his spiritual realm wasn’t extremely high, he could still perceive the underlying laws of certain things, allowing him to maintain relative composure.

But recently, he noticed something unusual.

The young Zhu Hua person’s body, which he had developed to be so powerful, had become so strong that Su Hao began to doubt whether his will or spirit could fully control this power.

He remembered his father, Wu Yuntian, saying something in his past life when he was learning martial arts: “The reason you can’t control the flow of blood and make it move according to your will is because the control over blood lies in the body. If you want to make the blood move the way you want, you have to strengthen your consciousness and wrest control over the blood from your body.”

Now, he realized there was wisdom in those words.

As the intensity of the blood within his body increased and his body grew stronger through various “enhancement functions,” his consciousness gradually lost complete control over the blood.

In other words, his body had become stronger than his consciousness, causing some of his body’s authority to be instinctively taken back by the body itself. This resulted in the youthful vigor and exuberance of the fifteen or sixteen-year-old body now affecting Su Hao’s thinking in reverse.

“Ultimately, it’s because my power of consciousness is too weak. But the consciousness strengthening method my father taught me seems to have reached its limits, and it can no longer continue to enhance my mental awareness.”

In other words, if Su Hao wants to completely overcome the influence of this youthful exuberance, he can only wait for this body to gradually mature, or create a method that can further strengthen his mental awareness. However, creating such a method is extremely challenging.

For now, he can only hope for the opportunity to go to a world that can strengthen mental awareness in the future.

“Next, stay composed and continue the experiments. There are still many extraordinary genes of sixth-level mutants and seventh-level mutants waiting for me to explore. And I need to thoroughly research how to use genetic expression ‘runes.’”

With that in mind, Su Hao’s heart sank again. He entered a meditative state, focusing on mental exercises to clear his mind.

Half a month later, Su Hao once again found A-Qiang. After collecting A-Qiang’s blood sample, he asked, “A-Qiang, how do you feel? Have you awakened any new abilities?”

A-Qiang nodded and said, “Boss Wei, as you suggested, after about twenty days of training, I suddenly awakened an ability. I call it ‘Silent Movement.’ When I’m sprinting at full speed, I can move silently, without the wind making any noise in my ears as it did in the beginning. I’m not sure if this counts as the new ability you mentioned.”

After recording what A-Qiang said, Su Hao smiled and said, “Of course, it definitely counts. This is an incredible ability!”

Su Hao then conducted some tests to compare the “Speed Man” who had absorbed flesh and blood and the “Speed Man” who had directly received the genetic modification fluid. He discovered the differences.

Because the genetic fluid Su Hao had injected into A-Qiang contained a ‘Blood Strengthening’ genetic fragment that Su Hao had added secretly, A-Qiang’s blood strength was much stronger than that of a newly evolved “Speed Man.”

Typically, newly evolved “Speed People” needed to absorb the flesh and blood of mutants of the same level to plunder ‘Blood Strengthening’ genetic fragments to increase their blood strength.

With this knowledge, Su Hao felt more confident.

After the examination, Su Hao said to A-Qiang, “Go back and adjust your physical condition, keep it at its peak. Come to my lab in four days, and we’ll start trying to evolve into second-level mutants, ‘High-Speeders.’”

A-Qiang nodded and silently left Su Hao’s lab.

Su Hao shifted his gaze back to the bottles and containers on the stone table, silently thinking, “My heart is starting to surge again! Even though I know it’s the influence of the Zhu Hua person’s body, this feeling is really great! The taste of success, I love it!”

“Sixth-level ‘Earth Lord,’ you better wait for me! Save me a piece of meat!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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