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Chapter 158

Isabelle staggered with bitter eyes. The approaching winter in Krasilov was bitterly cold.

It’s mid-November. In Krasilov, this season is generally referred to as “real winter.” By the way, there are three more fake winters in this country.

Foreign students were contemplating even cutting off their toes despite taking all possible measures to withstand the cold. The path leading to the campus was covered in ice.

“I can’t believe it… damn it!!” (Ecdysis)

“Weather— because of the weather?” (Isabelle)

“No, because of the final exams…” (Ecdysis)

Isabelle grumbled to Ecdysis, rubbing her nose.

“I risked my life to save a country and fought through a siege, and when I come back, all they talk about is exams? I don’t have the courage to live in this world anymore…” (Ecdysis)

“Aww, come on, you’re only a first year!” (Isabelle)

“Such of laziness sounds like a Droavian. No, not really. It’s just human. Yeah, yeah. That’s how humans are.” (Elpheira)

Beside her, Elpheira chuckled quietly.

“Well, isn’t it better than studying?” (Elpheira)

“Pick up your weapons. Today, one of us is leaving early.” (Ecdysis)

“Planning to take sick leave for the exams, that’s quite a Drovian thing to do, isn’t it?” (Elpheira)

The banter between the two was mundane, so Isabelle sighed lightly and changed her step.

“Seriously, it’s really cold.” (Isabelle)

Isabelle shook her head.


Today, the stares are piercingly sharp. This isn’t good.

A trained agent should be able to maintain stealth and naturalness anywhere. They should blend in wherever, whenever.

Ivan stopped walking and scanned his surroundings.


“Hey, hey, over here!”

“Doesn’t seem like an undergraduate…”

“Diplomat? That kind of vibe?”

The students turned their heads hastily, murmuring. Ivan narrowed his eyes and scrutinized each of them.

All the personal information about these school students flashed lightly in his mind. There was no one among them who seemed suspicious.

So, if they’re not attached to a spy….

“If it’s not a spy from a foreign friendly country… then is it Count Valka’s tail.”

There are still matters to settle with Count Valka. In exchange for generously providing the dwarf’s industrial military complex, the Count dispatched two divisions to rescue him.

Although he should meet with headquarters soon, he’s a stubborn old man like most military commanders during wartime. He’s not someone to be taken lightly.

Those glances now are evidence of that.

“Preparing groundwork before negotiations. Well, now that he’s switched to the princess’s faction, he might indeed want to compete for loyalty.”

The Counterintelligence Command could be considered loyal to the princess. In such a situation, if the military command is intercepted, it wouldn’t be strange for them to prepare for containment from the military’s perspective.

Ivan shifted his steps, mindful of the weighty presence of the gun in his arms.


Separated from the group, Elpheira sat with a furrowed brow. Although it was the same university they were returning to after a long time, the annoying fellows seemed to have doubled.

“Oh, Miss Graykencos. Are you preparing well for finals?”

“I’ve done as well as Miss Rustfitz’s’ engagement.”

“Um, am I doing well?!”

“I meant what I said.”

She managed to peel off one annoying girl and sank back into her troubles. Unlike last semester, where she filled all her grades with A+, this time she wasn’t confident at all.

Sure, she knew the material for the exams, but still, she had barely enough time to prepare.

“But what’s important is…”

Ivan Petrovich Yermov.

How to get that madman back to Kalion.

During the vacation, she must return home. She doesn’t worry about Ecdysis, but about Isabelle… and..

“Elizaveta Kirillovna Krasilov.”

The ominous figure who will stay by Ivan’s side in her absence.

“What’s their relationship…?”

Elpheira chewed on her fingernails, lost in thought. What in the world could be the matter with the princess getting involved with a soldier? Even if he was from the Royal Guards, his tenure was short-lived, and during that time, Ivan belonged to the frontline strike force directly under the former king’s command.

At that time, the princess was barely in her late teens. There was no way she could have been in contact with the frontline strike force…

“Wait a moment.”

Come to think of it, last summer, the princess held a marriage duel.

The reason Yermov participated wasn’t because he wanted to get married, but…


Yermov is a soldier, and the military authority of this country now belongs entirely to the princess. If the princess had been targeting Yermov since then… (which is true.)

“I must absolutely, unequivocally take him with me during winter break.”

She would monopolize Yermov for three months, away from other thieves. If she could teach him about the beautiful city of Kalion, its stunning scenery, delicious food, and splendid culture…

It was certain that he would finally decide to defect from this cold, lonely, dark human nation. As conditions for defection, there would be an extension of lifespan and marriage to a noble of Kalion’s clandestine bureau.


Elpheira, swallowing back her saliva while making inappropriate sounds for a young elf woman, suddenly glanced out the window and chuckled.

Outside the window, she saw a group of students chasing after Yeremov. That couldn’t be happening.

After blinking her eyes a few times, rubbing her eyes firmly, checking her mana level for a moment…

“Did I use magic? But no, I came without casting any spells today.”

She didn’t use [Graykencos-type illusion spell]…?

Why can’t I see his beard?


Professor Ivan Petrovich Yermov had many nicknames. Beard Ogre, Torture Technician, Phantom…

Due to his extremely intense first appearance and his disappearance like the wind, rumors about him had gradually swelled like snowballs. In fact, during the winter in Krasilov, there was nothing else to talk about.

Opening three lectures, torturing students evenly, and then disappearing as if he was going to teach something, but then he vanished. Of course, there was no dissatisfaction among the students.

Enrique, who came in as an associate professor, was already a popular professor, and it was also a great opportunity as his class worth 15 credits would be passed with just attendance.


So that day, the students remembered.


The fear of being tortured by Professor Ivan.

“Everyone, quiet.”

From a familiar voice, with chilling eyes. However, it came from a completely different person who appeared.

Before fear, a question arose.

What the hell with his appearance? A very logical question.

“Focus. I will summarize the contents of the exam for next week.”

The classroom fell silent. Ivan didn’t need to tell them to be quiet. The rumor of his return was already known, but for a different reason.

The students were staring blankly at the man standing on the platform.

“Assuming that all of you have completed Professor Enrique’s course, I will set the exam within that scope. The exam will consist of 30% written and 70% practical—.”

No one had ever asked why there was a final exam in a P/F evaluation class. Simply because they never even thought of such a question.

Isabelle listened absently to Ivan’s words and nodded her head.

“This class is interesting….”

Why is it interesting? Just being here makes it interesting. It’s amazing… she thought.

I should go home quickly and make some kimchi. She made up her mind.


“Eshi!! Eshi!! Did you see? Did you see the man?!”

“Shh, quiet down, Isabelle!”

Exiting the command and written exams, Ecdysis hurriedly covered Isabelle’s mouth. Even with her mouth firmly shut, Isabelle was still giggling.

Is she finally losing it? Poor thing.

How burdensome must the exams have been for her. She wasn’t someone who studied so hard.

“What’s going on?”

“You have to see it for yourself. It’s really crazy!”

“What, what is it?”

“Big Brother shaved.”

“Hey! No spoilers!”

Isabelle patted Eugene’s back loudly. Eugene just shrugged.

“Well, anyway, the news spread all over the knight department. It was so loud that even the theology department heard about it.”

“Sh-Shaved? Why?”

“I wanted to ask about that. Are you free tonight? We decided to gather at my place for dinner and a small party. The old man even said to bring everyone!”

“Even if you’re not free, this is something you should make time for!”

Ecdysis regretted, hitting the ground. Ah, I should have skipped that class. After all, it’s just a P/F course, and I skipped it for the final rehearsal. Why now?

She grumbled while stroking her coat made of northern fox fur.


And finally, at dinner, with Isabelle’s full effort-made dinner in front of them.

After maintaining silence, Ivan glanced over the aspects of the party and spoke up.

“Within a year, the United Kingdom will definitely fall.”

The party spilled their kimchi stew they were eating.

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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