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Chapter 158

Chapter 158: The Birth of the King of the Round Rat

Two days later, while flipping through the chaotic reports from subordinates, a voice suddenly rang out from the side, “Hey, hey, hey! Yashan, can you hear me, Yashan?”

Yashan was startled. The voice sounded somewhat like Boss Wei’s, but it wasn’t quite right, giving an overall sense of strangeness.

Yashan looked left and right, but couldn’t spot Boss Wei.

In a puzzled tone, he asked, “Boss Wei?”

Once again, a voice resembling Boss Wei came from the ground in front of him, “Can you hear me, Yashan? Reply loudly.”

Yashan immediately replied loudly, “I can hear you, Boss Wei!”

He pushed back his chair and leaned in to take a closer look. He saw two hand-sized areas on the ground had turned into a metallic sheen. He couldn’t help but wonder, wasn’t this Assimilation Steel? It should be Boss Wei’s Assimilation Steel.

At this moment, Yashan truly heard Boss Wei’s voice coming from that piece of Assimilation Steel, “Can you hear me? So it worked!”

Yashan was filled with amazement. Assimilation Steel could do this? Why didn’t his have this capability? He asked, “Boss Wei, what is this?”

Boss Wei’s voice continued to explain, “This is a voice transmitter. It allows for talking over longer distances. In the future, if you need to discuss something with someone, you won’t have to run around.”

Yashan, puzzled, asked, “A voice transmitter? Boss Wei, where are you now?”

“I’m in my laboratory! No need to ask, explaining the details of this thing won’t make sense to you, and you don’t need to think about it. Your Assimilation Steel can’t do it,” Boss Wei replied.

Yashan scratched his head in embarrassment and a bit of disappointment, “Is that so? Even though we’re both ‘Steel Armor Kings,’ why is there such a difference?”

Su Hao’s voice continued, “Yashan, I have two things to explain to you, and you need to remember them seriously.”

“First, I’ve completed the collection of the flesh and blood brought back from Linyuan City. It’s now stored in the laboratory. Your next task is to gather the official members of the ‘Temple Forest Society’ and hold an annual meeting. According to the rules we’ve established, select those who are deeply committed to the ideals of the ‘Temple Forest Society’ and have made contributions, and reward them with evolutionary benefits.”

“Second, if you want to make Temple Forest City better and stronger, you need to start developing the organizational framework of the ‘Temple Forest Society.’ Rewards and punishments, gradually transition from being managed by people to being managed by rules, and continually recruit new members to spread your ideology.”

“Have you remembered all of this?”

Yashan quickly took notes and then replied, “Boss Wei, can you slow down a bit? I can’t remember that quickly…”

After spending a considerable amount of time with Su Hao, Yashan had developed a habit of taking notes on important matters, and he had even introduced this habit to every member of the Temple Forest Society. He demanded that everyone take notes on important events and even check them. Those who couldn’t read or write had to learn, or they could draw simple pictures to remember.

The results were very positive!

After finishing his notes, Yashan asked, “Boss Wei, how do I go about establishing the organizational framework?”

Boss Wei’s voice came through again, “Don’t rush with that. First, you need to do one thing. From top to bottom, have in-depth private conversations with all the members of the ‘Temple Forest Society.’ Through casual conversation, clarify three questions: first, whether they truly understand the essence of the Temple Forest Society’s ideals; second, what their life goals are; and third, whether they like the Temple Forest Society.”

“These three points are very important and directly relate to your future development direction. You have plenty of time, so don’t rush it. You can even take a year to slowly understand what they want. Understand?”

Yashan dared not answer. He simply said, “I’ve noted it, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao added, “Well, that’s it for now. Once you’ve had these conversations with everyone, you can start building the organizational structure. So for now, that’s all!”

After that, the two pieces of Assimilation Steel on the ground slowly faded away.

After a while, Yashan scratched his bewildered head. He picked up his notes, and the more he read, the more profound it seemed. He muttered, “Boss Wei is truly something else. He casually said something that goes beyond my comprehension! Maybe I should consult with Taini later. After all, Taini has been studying more, and she has some knowledge…”

Su Hao’s big speaker could be considered a successful test. As long as he was within the field of his “blood and flesh assimilation,” he could transmit his voice and even collect the other person’s voice and relay it, achieving communication over short to medium distances. From now on, Su Hao didn’t need to step out of Temple Forest City to convey his intentions to every corner of the city.

Yes, Su Hao had conducted tests, and with his Assimilation Steel, if he only generated a long line, it could reach any corner of Temple Forest City.

He hadn’t tested full coverage because he was concerned about causing panic among the residents.

However, he estimated that, without considering control factors, it could cover at least half of Temple Forest City’s area.

What a terrifying existence!

But Su Hao wasn’t very interested in showcasing his powers to the outside world. Instead, he was more interested in how to control the ability to modify genes at will.

Without the need for rest, after organizing his affairs, Su Hao once again immersed himself in genetic research and experiments with the little round rats.

His genetic research had reached a critical point. If he could make another breakthrough, he would truly grasp the method of modifying biological genes.

The current challenge was how to ensure that the little round rats, after gene modification, could still survive. As long as the genetically modified round rats could survive, Su Hao could obtain more useful information from them.

Regarding this, Su Hao had a clear plan even before he went to Linyuan City.

That plan involved the “Gene Simulated Transcription System” that had been previously established and could simulate the feasibility of gene expression. Now, this system required more data.

The source of this data was none other than the round rats that Taini had carefully nurtured.

Finally, the moment of glory arrived for the little round rats – they were about to sacrifice themselves for the cause of genetic science.

They were all excited, jumping around vigorously when Su Hao brought them out. Su Hao was very happy about this. These little fellows were full of energy, which would increase their chances of survival.

As Su Hao’s proficiency in creating genetic modification fluids increased with the number of times he produced them, after a day’s work, he could produce enough genetic modification fluids for the experiments on three little round rats. His work efficiency significantly improved.

Two months later, during a crucial moment when most of the little round rats had perished, a hero was finally born among the little round rats.

It managed to survive, against all odds!

And it was precisely its survival that allowed Su Hao to identify the key to the round rats’ survival after gene modification and adjust the “Gene Simulated Transcription System.” It could be anticipated that in the future, the survival rate of round rats after gene modification would greatly increase.

In other words, this brave little round rat had made an indelible contribution to its species. Its companions would probably call it the King of the Round Rats.

This little round rat had shed most of its fur, and its body was covered in densely packed scales, resembling an armadillo. It looked extremely peculiar.

At this moment, it lay on the experimental table, barely breathing, with lifeless eyes.

But Su Hao knew that with proper nourishment, it would quickly recover its vitality, although he wasn’t sure if this had any effect on its lifespan.

Su Hao picked up this scale-armored round rat and found Taini, saying, “Taini, I’ve brought you a special round rat. You’re going to like it for sure.”

During this time, Taini had been heartbroken because most of her round rats had perished. She was in mourning when she heard Uncle Wei wanted to give her a round rat, which was very unusual!

Uncle Wei rarely even asked her for round rats, but now he was sending one to her?

She scrutinized it for a moment and then asked, “Uncle Wei, are you sure this ugly thing is a round rat?”

Su Hao nodded and said, “Of course, I have a task for you – take good care of it, and I’ll give you a bone token!”

Taini’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

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