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Chapter 153

Chapter 153: The Way of Cooperation, Everyone Does Their Own Thing

Six people arrived at a private room in a restaurant, ordered some tea, and sat around, introducing themselves briefly.

Xiaotong, representing the Four Kings Gang, spoke first: “Since we’ve confirmed our cooperation, we need to get to know each other better to plan and ensure the feasibility of our operation.”

Kas nodded in agreement: “That’s right.”

Suddenly, Su Hao chuckled: “I think you’ve misunderstood the meaning of cooperation that I mentioned.”

“Hmm?” Xiaotong looked at Su Hao with confusion.

Su Hao continued, “I’m responsible for killing Stan, the ‘Tianjun.’ You don’t need to worry about that. Just wait for it. After I’ve taken care of Stan, you’ll be in charge of the South City area. Don’t create chaos, and I won’t interfere with your actions. In other words, we each mind our own business.”

Xiaotong asked, “What about the follow-up? What benefits do you want to gain in South City?”

Su Hao replied, “I don’t need anything! After South City, you can do whatever you want. It has nothing to do with me.”

The members of the Four Kings Gang exchanged glances, clearly perplexed. Xiaotong asked, “So, what is your ultimate goal?”

Su Hao said nonchalantly, “We come from Temple Forest City, and the Tiansha Gang demanded a substantial protection fee from us. Since we couldn’t pay, we decided to take down the Tiansha Gang. If we can’t resolve the core issue, we’ll deal with the people who brought it up.”

The Four Kings Gang members were left speechless, thinking, “Is that it?” Moreover, they found it absurd that someone from a small provincial town would dare to come to Linyuan City and boldly claim to kill one of the city’s major figures.

They couldn’t find it in themselves to laugh at the situation. Xiaotong even felt like they were being played.

The Four Kings Gang collected protection fees from smaller cities every year, almost as a routine. Otherwise, how would they support so many people? If they collected fees from these smaller cities and the residents revolted, how would their gang operate?

Su Hao paid no attention to their puzzled gazes and continued, “So, my goal is straightforward: whoever threatens Temple Forest City, I’ll take them out. Or anyone who might threaten Temple Forest City – I might take them out too.”

With an evaluating look, he gazed at the four people in front of him.

Kas sneered, “Kid, do you even know what the words ‘Tianjun’ mean?”

Su Hao replied, “I don’t know, but for me, it’s all the same.”

They had seen arrogant people before, but they had never seen someone so audacious.

Suddenly, Su Hao said, “A while back, a guy called ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi, along with two others, came to Temple Forest City to collect protection fees, and I killed him.”

The four men were speechless, and they couldn’t believe their ears. Kas’s eyes bulged, and he rasped, “You killed ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi?”

Su Hao nodded, “If that bearded strongman was ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi, then yes.”

The members of the Four Kings Gang fell into silence. They knew Abi better than anyone, and none of the Four Kings present could confidently claim they could defeat Abi, let alone kill him.

If the guy named ‘Wei’ in front of them was telling the truth, then who was this ‘Wei’? A Level 6 mutant?

They began to believe Su Hao’s words, as they hadn’t seen the tyrannical ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi in nearly two months – a stark deviation from Abi’s character.

In an instant, they felt a twinge of relief.

Previously, it was the Four Kings Gang, who were contending with the Tiansha Gang for control of Temple Forest City. They even had violent clashes over it.

In the end, it was decided to relinquish the protection fee for Temple Forest City. Initially, they didn’t understand why they would give up control of such a lucrative territory.

Now in hindsight, if Temple Forest City had ended up under the control of the Four Kings Gang, they would have undoubtedly dispatched a Level 5 mutant to collect protection fees, and it wouldn’t have been ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi who met his end.

At this point, Gaili spoke, “Wei, are you confident you can take him down? ‘Tianjun’ is a Level 6 mutant, nearly invincible within the territory of Linyuan City. It’s not difficult to defeat him, but killing him is the challenge.”

Su Hao responded, “I haven’t fought him yet, but I don’t foresee any major problems.”

Gaili said, “Alright, I understand. Give the Four Kings Gang some time. After tomorrow evening, we’ll be prepared, and we can take over the entire South City area at any time.”

Su Hao nodded.

At this moment, Xiaotong furrowed her brow, full of skepticism, and said, “Since you have the ability to kill ‘Tianjun’ Stan, why do you need to cooperate with us?”

Before Su Hao could reply, Gaili explained, “Xiaotong, don’t you understand? Wei is worried that after killing ‘Tianjun’ Stan, South City will fall into chaos. That’s why he approached us. He can approach us or even approach the Bliss Gang. It doesn’t matter to Wei as long as someone smoothly takes over.”

Xiaotong, furious, couldn’t believe that this guy was undermining her in front of outsiders and speaking for them. She said, “The Ji Le Gang is only interested in women, not in South City.”

Gaili turned to Xiaotong and said earnestly, “Xiaotong, trust me.”

At this point, Xiaotong hesitated for a moment, surprisingly fell silent, and sat there without speaking.

Su Hao then spoke up, “Since your questions are over, I have a few questions.”

Gaili flashed a big smile and said, “Wei, feel free to ask. As long as we know, there’s nothing we can’t say.”

Su Hao immediately asked, “I have a doubt. ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi was killed by me over a month ago, but the Tiansha Gang hasn’t sent anyone to investigate the situation in Temple Forest City. Do you know what’s going on?”

Gaili laughed, “That’s normal. Although ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi is managed by ‘Tianjun’ Stan, he had a lot of autonomy. It’s not unusual for a month or even half a year to pass without anyone caring. Who knows, maybe he ran off to some small city along the way. Also, ‘Tianjun’ Stan himself isn’t necessarily confident in defeating ‘Steel Armor King’ Abi, so what could go wrong?”

Su Hao nodded, “I see.”

He then asked, “I heard that Linyuan City has four major gangs, and three of them are led by Level 6 mutants, namely ‘Tianjun’ Stan, ‘Ji Jun’ Kana, and ‘Shi Jun’ Yuan. But after entering the city, I only found two Level 6 mutants. Is it possible that the third one isn’t in the city?”

Gaili’s eyes sparkled, and he burst into laughter, “You must be talking about that guy ‘Shi Jun’ Yuan! He’s a weird one. He doesn’t provoke others, and we don’t dare to provoke him either. Haha, we’re even somewhat afraid of him.”

Su Hao showed a hint of curiosity and asked, “What are ‘Shi Jun’ Yuan’s abilities?”

Gaili said, “Yuan, ‘Shi Jun,’ is a Level 6 mutant in the ‘Mimic’ sequence. I don’t know the specifics, but I do know one thing – nobody can find his true form, or maybe he doesn’t have one. If you encounter someone claiming to be ‘Shi Jun,’ it’s mostly a clone.”

Su Hao suddenly recalled the peculiar people he had seen today and asked, “Is there a place in the city where people act strangely and lifeless, like ‘Shi Jun’ perhaps?”

Gaili nodded, “That’s right, that’s ‘Shi Jun’! A very strange person, isn’t he? Haha, I can’t figure him out either.”

Su Hao took note and decided not to ask further about ‘Shi Jun.’ Instead, he asked his final question, “What are ‘Tianjun’ Stan’s abilities?”

Gaili scratched his head and said, “We interact more with ‘Tianjun.’ I know some details. He can fly freely in the sky at high speeds and move underground at will. When he burrows underground, he disappears entirely. He also has precise perception of our locations, like a slippery eel. It’s nearly impossible to catch him. The most crucial part is that he can grant the objects he touches the same attributes as him. For instance, if he touches a table, it can fly or burrow underground, essentially, ‘Tianjun’ Stan is quite formidable.”

Su Hao nodded in understanding.

Then he asked his last question, “Is there a way to make ‘Tianjun’ Stan leave his castle?”

(End of this chapter)


Tianjun= Heavenly Lord
Ji Jun= Bliss Lord
Shi Jun= Origin Lord


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My Divine Diary

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