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Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Tonight, We Kill Tianjun

Su Hao grabbed Yashan’s sleeve and whispered, “Don’t get involved. Let’s get out of here.”

Yashan nodded and quickly followed Su Hao out of this strange area.

Su Hao was relieved to find that the peculiar people didn’t chase after them when they left. Instead, they resumed their activities as if Su Hao and Yashan had never appeared.

The two of them soon arrived in the southern part of the city.

Upon arriving here, it felt like they had entered a bustling metropolis once again, full of liveliness.

However, the difference from the northern part was evident. The environment seemed dirtier and more chaotic, and people had a certain hostility in their expressions, as if they could start fighting at the slightest provocation. Some of the more timid individuals walked quickly along the street corners, avoiding any unnecessary stops.

The overall atmosphere was tense.

Su Hao and Yashan strolled through the streets, curiously observing it all. They were amazed at how different areas in a city could provide such contrasting experiences, which was quite intriguing.

Just then, a dirty little hand sneakily reached for Su Hao’s money pouch.

Without even looking, Su Hao reached out and grabbed the small hand, preventing it from escaping.

Su Hao then lowered his head to look.

A boy of about five or six years old stared at Su Hao with a stubborn expression, seemingly saying, “I got caught, do whatever you want, but don’t make a sound, or I’ll consider it a loss.”

Su Hao smiled; the kid had some decent pickpocketing skills. However, he had encountered a seasoned pro. Su Hao had done such things when he was three or four years old.

Su Hao lifted the boy with one hand and stared into his eyes, saying, “Do you want money?”

The boy didn’t respond but maintained a fierce expression, staring at Su Hao as if challenging him.

Su Hao took out a few Zhu Yuan coins and said, “Answer a few questions, and this money is yours.”

The boy’s expression shifted from fierce to puzzled and hesitant. After a moment of consideration, he nodded.

Su Hao continued, “Is this the territory of the Tiansha Gang?”

The boy nodded.

Su Hao asked, “Where do the Tiansha Gang members usually stay?”

The boy shook his head.

Su Hao looked at the boy and casually pointed in a direction, asking, “Is it over there?”

The boy hesitated for a moment and then nodded slightly.

Su Hao put the boy down and placed the Zhu Yuan coins into his hand.

The little boy clutched the money and immediately ran off. In the span of two breaths, he had disappeared around the corner.

Yashan stood nearby, watching. Every time he saw these homeless children, he thought of his daughter and the orphanage they had established in Temple Forest City.

He wanted to help these homeless children every time, but he always restrained himself from taking any action without Wei’s instructions.

In contrast to the northern part of the city managed by the Four Kings Gang, where the homeless children had a relatively better life, the situation in the south, where no one reached out to help them, was much more difficult.

Perhaps this was intentional on the part of the Tiansha Gang. By making these parentless children survive in challenging conditions, they could identify those who were the strongest and most resilient. These chosen individuals could become fresh recruits for the Tiansha Gang. When the time was right, they would have loyal and high-quality mutant members.

Su Hao continued forward and eventually arrived at a private estate. The estate covered a vast area, and the stone buildings inside resembled a noble palace, surrounded by high fences with guards stationed at various entrances to prevent outsiders from approaching.

The level-six mutant that Su Hao had detected was inside this estate, undoubtedly the leader of the Tiansha Gang, Tianjun.

Getting closer was no longer an option. So, what should he do next?

The simplest approach would be to create a “Level Two – Thousand Burst” bomb and throw it into the estate to obliterate everything. Su Hao was confident that whether they were level six or seven mutants, they would all be reduced to ashes.

However, based on his observations in Linyuan City today, he realized that the presence of gangs played a crucial role in maintaining stability in a city, regardless of their behavior.

If he were to blow up the Tiansha Gang, it would likely lead to chaos in the south, with various major gangs in the city fighting for control of the vacant territory. The city would become a battleground, with factions battling each other until a victor emerged.

“Rushing in is not the way. I need to plan things carefully before taking action,” Su Hao thought. With that in mind, he left the south.

Shortly after, Su Hao and Yashan returned to the northern territory of the Four Kings Gang. Su Hao found Gaili, whom he had met earlier today.

As soon as Gaili saw Su Hao, he jumped up with excitement and said, “Wei! Did you agree to join our Four Kings Gang? Once you join us, you’ll become the 355th member of the Four Kings Gang!”

Xiaotong, upon hearing this, immediately jumped behind Gaili and pinched his soft flesh, twisting it viciously. “Ah~ Ouch, Xiaotong, let go! I’m busy with important matters!” Gaili nearly spun around, screaming in pain.

Su Hao was speechless and said, “I’m not here to join you; I’m here to discuss cooperation.”

“Cooperation?” The other three level-five mutants of the Four Kings Gang stared at Su Hao and Yashan, evaluating them continuously. Their meaning was clear: You want to talk about cooperation with us?

However, Gaili’s eyes lit up immediately, and he said, “Sure! I represent the Four Kings Gang in agreeing to cooperate with you!”

“Ah!” Xiaotong and Kas both burst into laughter. Their partner, Gaili, was something else. He didn’t even listen to what the other person was suggesting; he just agreed?

Su Hao also found it rather perplexing. Was it really a good idea to cooperate with this person?

Xiaotong, dissatisfied, said, “Hey! Gaili, be reasonable! Don’t casually use the name of the Four Kings Gang for agreements.”

Gaili waved his hand and flashed a big smile at Xiaotong. “Don’t worry, Xiaotong. I know what I’m doing.”

Xiaotong had no choice and turned to the calm Asi, saying, “Asi, please manage Gaili and don’t let him do anything reckless.”

Asi, however, calmly responded, “I’ll follow Gaili’s lead.”

Xiaotong felt like she was going to explode, and she spat out a mouthful of old blood.

Kas patted Xiaotong’s back repeatedly and said, “Miss Xiaotong, please calm down!”

At this point, Gaili put away his cheerful expression and became exceptionally serious, looking at Su Hao and asking, “So, Wei, tell us your cooperation proposal.”

Su Hao declared, “Tonight, I’m going to kill the leader of the Tiansha Gang, Tianjun Stan.”

“Pfft!” This single statement made the members of the Four Kings Gang burst into laughter. Even the usually composed Asi couldn’t escape it.


Xiaotong and Kas laughed so hard that they were out of breath, clutching their stomachs. Xiaotong exclaimed, “You little rascal, what kind of joke are you telling? Hahaha, I can’t hold it in! Let me laugh some more!”

Gaili awkwardly scratched his head and, catching a glimpse of Su Hao’s expressionless face, discreetly asked, “Wei, are you serious?”

Su Hao nodded, saying, “Of course.”

Gaili also became serious and asked, “Wei, are you serious?”

Su Hao nodded once again, confirming, “Of course.”

Gaili stared deeply into Su Hao’s eyes, while Xiaotong and Kas, who sensed the change in the atmosphere, stopped laughing and looked at Gaili, waiting for his decision.

Within the Four Kings Gang, Gaili appeared the most unreliable in minor matters, but when it came to significant issues, all three of them would follow Gaili’s lead. This was because Gaili might be confused about trivial matters, but he would never hesitate in crucial situations.

Gaili asked, “What do you need us to do?”

Su Hao replied, “It’s straightforward. After I kill Tianjun Stan, you, the Four Kings Gang, should immediately take control of the southern part of the city to prevent it from falling into chaos. Can you do that?”

Gaili wore a confident smile and said, “As long as you can do it, we can do it.”

Su Hao wore a satisfied smile and said, “Then, let’s have a pleasant cooperation.”

Gaili responded, “Pleasant cooperation.”

Amid the incredulous gazes of Xiaotong and her companions, Su Hao and Gaili clasped hands and shook hands three times vigorously.

Gaili thought to himself, “This person is incredibly strong.”

And Su Hao thought, “DNA collection successful.”

Each had their gains.


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My Divine Diary

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