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Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Inviting Vega to Join the Four Kings Gang?

The reason Su Hao smiled was that he sensed the presence of the two most powerful life forces in Linyuan City, which must be the sixth-level mutants as Rose had mentioned.

However, the so-called sixth-level mutants didn’t have blood strength as strong as his.

In other words, sixth-level mutants or even the highest seventh-level mutants weren’t as powerful as Su Hao had imagined.

They probably just had some special abilities that allowed sixth-level mutants to stand firmly above the fifth-level mutants.

For Su Hao, these people were not unbeatable.

As long as he could locate them, a single shot from his big gun might solve the problem.

Su Hao turned to Rose and asked, “Are you sure there are three sixth-level mutants in Linyuan City?”

Rose nodded and said, “I’m sure. They are Tiansha Gang’s Tianjun, Ji Le Gang’s Ji Jun, and the one and only Shi Jun.”

Su Hao seriously sensed once again, but there were still only two strong sixth-level mutant blood reactions. While others also had high blood strength, they didn’t reach the level of the sixth.

So, where was the missing sixth-level mutant?

Su Hao asked, “Are you sure it’s not just two?”

Rose weirdly nodded, “It’s three. Everyone knows that. Linyuan City has four major gangs: Tiansha Gang led by Tianjun, Ji Le Gang led by Ji Jun, the Four Kings Gang composed of four fifth-level mutants, and Shi Jun’s gang.”

Rose added, “Shi Jun hasn’t declared any gang to the outside world, ‘Original’ is what others call it. Shi Jun is very mysterious. Except for a few high-level mutants in the city, most people haven’t seen his true face. But everyone knows he exists.”

Su Hao asked, “Do you know Shi Jun’s abilities?”

Rose awkwardly said, “I don’t even know the abilities of fifth-level mutants, let alone sixth-level mutants. I just know that Shi Jun is a sixth-level mutant in the ‘Mimicry’ sequence. Our third team leader, ‘Metamorphic King1‘ Luo Wan, has been searching for Shi Jun in Linyuan City for nearly five years and hasn’t found him.”

After thinking for a while, Su Hao said to Yashan, “Yashan, let’s go into the city, and maybe find an inn to freshen up.”

Yashan replied, “Sure, Boss Wei!”

Rose, the ‘Shadow Demon,’ asked, “What about me?”

Su Hao said, “You stay here.”

Rose had a happy expression on her face but hesitated, “Are you two not worried that I’ll run away?”

Su Hao and Yashan exchanged glances and smiled. Yashan said, “Rose, don’t worry. You can’t run away.”

Rose smiled awkwardly, “I’m honored to follow both of you. Why would I want to run? Even if I leave here, I’ll go back to Temple Forest City. The people in Temple Forest City are nice; I like it there!”

Su Hao and Yashan paid no more attention to Rose and walked straight toward Linyuan City.

Rose stood there, feeling conflicted about whether to run or not.

She wanted to escape, but she was also afraid. Her previous experience of running away had shown her that these two leaders had surely placed a tracking device on her, and they could locate her at any time. She had no chance of escaping.

After a while, Rose gave up thinking, “Why run? It’s a great stroke of luck to stay here. Why would I want to run? Rose, you need to learn to be content!”

At this moment, people were constantly coming in and out of Linyuan City. Su Hao and Yashan blended into the crowd and slowly entered this massive city.

Compared to Temple Forest City, this city was incredibly lively. The construction of the buildings was more organized and grand, and people’s clothing and appearance were generally better. Men looked neat and tidy, and women were alluring and charming. Well, maybe that was the reason for the rapid population growth of Zhu Hua people—Zhu Hua women were exceptionally beautiful.

Everyone in Linyuan City had enthusiasm written on their faces as they bustled about for their lives, showing no signs of dissatisfaction with life.

As they watched the people coming and going, Yashan couldn’t help but ask, “Boss Wei, there’s a certain indescribable feeling about the people here.”

Su Hao looked around, continuously recording the pedestrians’ blood energies using his radar and marking those who were fourth-level mutants or higher. Fourth-level mutants could be seen quite frequently, and there were occasional sightings of fifth-level mutants, although not very common, and Su Hao just ignored them.

Upon hearing Yashan’s question, he smiled and said, “Do you feel like the people here are all happy and content? It’s completely different from what we’ve seen in Temple Forest City, right?”

Yashan nodded, “Yes, it’s making me quite puzzled.”

Su Hao shook his head, “Let’s go! I can’t explain too much to you right now. Walk around, observe, and you’ll gradually understand. I can only say that there is no such thing as happiness or contentment without a reason. Behind happiness, someone has certainly silently borne it all. For example, in our Temple Forest City, if it weren’t for the members of the ‘Temple Forest Society’ persistently taking action, could ordinary people in Temple Forest City have a relatively peaceful life?”

Yashan took a deep breath and followed Su Hao into the crowd, disappearing among the people.

In contrast to Temple Forest City, Linyuan City exuded a sense of superiority in every aspect. Su Hao and Yashan compared everything they saw in Linyuan City to Temple Forest City, and to Yashan’s dismay, he couldn’t find any superiority in Temple Forest City from what he saw in Linyuan City.

The people here were much wealthier than those in Temple Forest City!

Everywhere they looked was bustling with activity. Amid the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets, there was a unique, silent commotion characteristic of a big city, which left Yashan greatly amazed.

Following behind Su Hao, he observed every detail with great care.

It was precisely because of this that he could recognize the differences.

Not to mention the women dressed in colorful silk gowns, the buildings and houses were all orderly, and the streets were paved with square stones, clean and neat, with many potted plants on the sides to decorate. The shops on both sides had wide-open doors, warmly welcoming customers with smiles.

These were things that they had never experienced in Temple Forest City.

This made Yashan hesitate. Was the happiness he had longed for in Temple Forest City really what others needed?

Su Hao walked along and suddenly bought a large bag of hot food, heading to a street corner.

As Yashan contemplated, he suddenly woke up and looked in the direction where Boss Wei was heading. He saw a narrow alley, crowded with several children of varying sizes, looking at the food in Boss Wei’s hand with dirty and pitiful faces.

These children had bright eyes and didn’t show any signs of discontent due to the hardships of life. They were just exploring the world with innocence, searching for a way to survive.

After handing over the food in his hand, Su Hao couldn’t help but sigh.

Ten years ago, when he had just been reborn, he was no different from these children. He had also struggled to survive in such a passionate yet indifferent city.

He had a mature mind and a way to gain power, but these innocent children had nothing. They could only hope for the kindness of good-hearted people who might share a meal with them or find leftover food from others.

To grow up successfully, one needed enough courage and luck.

“Hey, kid! I’m called Gail. What’s your name?”

Suddenly, a clear and bright voice rang out.

Su Hao subconsciously turned to look. Was this voice calling him?

In his field of vision, there was a tall young man with a somewhat punkish hairstyle. At a glance, he exuded a very sunny and positive aura, with a smiling face and clear eyes looking at Su Hao with a cheerful expression.

Although this person seemed like an ordinary young man, Su Hao knew that he was not. In his radar perception, this person was a fifth-level mutant, but his blood energy intensity among fifth-level mutants was exceptionally low and unremarkable.

Su Hao had noticed him earlier but had ignored him.

Su Hao raised his hand, pointing at himself, and asked, “Are you calling me?”

Gail, with a cheerful smile, said, “Exactly! I’m Gail. What’s your name?”

Su Hao looked left and right but couldn’t find anything special about himself. He answered, “I’m Wei. What do you want with me?”

Gail immediately approached and said, “Wei! I think you’re pretty good! How about joining our Four Kings Gang?”

Su Hao: “???”

Yashan: “???”

(End of this chapter)

(TN: 变态王 can be translated as pervert/hentai, deviant, or abnormal. But I found another one from Baidu.

The term “变态狂” in medical jargon is referred to as “metamorphic,” which denotes individuals whose behavior or language, in specific or general circumstances, deviates from mainstream social values. These individuals exhibit extreme personality traits, lack self-control, and often cause harm to others or themselves.)


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My Divine Diary

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