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Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Labor Reform

A month quickly passed, and the second stage of evolution also came to an end.

Su Hao, through continuous attempts and training, activated one of the three abilities he had envisioned, “Air Conversion Steel.”

The other two abilities had been tried many times without success or achieving the desired effects, making them impractical.

For instance, assimilating with living organisms led to the biological energy counteracting Su Hao’s blood qi attached to cells, and his foreign cells invading someone else’s body triggered a furious immune system response. In short, it was impractical.

The idea of “Elementalization” was also not feasible because although cells could be retrieved after decomposition, a substantial loss of cells occurred each time, making it not worth the effort.

In other words, it was impractical.

However, the success of “Air Conversion Steel” surprised Su Hao greatly.

After dispersing the cells into the air, they would combine with the air and condense into a gray substance, floating in the air.

Su Hao called it “Gold Sand.”

Its functionality could be considered vast, mainly depending on how it was used.

However, this skill, “Gold Sand,” didn’t significantly increase Su Hao’s combat power; it only added more means to deal with various situations!

Compared to these mutant abilities, Su Hao had more confidence in his runes and long knife.

The existence of mutant abilities allowed him to amplify the power of runes infinitely, and that was it.

During this time, Su Hao had been wondering about one thing: why had the “Steel Armor King” been missing for so long, and the Tiansha Gang hadn’t sent anyone to investigate the situation in Temple Forest City?

According to what he heard from Rose, the gang leader was the sixth-level mutant of the “Night Walker” sequence, “Tianjun.” Below “Tianjun,” there were three fifth-level mutants, namely “Steel Armor King” Abi, “Speed Man” sequence fifth-level mutant “Ejection King” Tangdi, and “Mimic” sequence fifth-level mutant “Aberration King” Luowan.

After “Steel Armor King” Abi went missing, the Tiansha Gang would undoubtedly send another fifth-level mutant to investigate.

Logically, “Steel Armor King” Abi should not fail.

In everyone’s perception, there were no fifth-level mutants in small cities; the highest level was the fourth level. Because the fifth-level mutants’ desire for evolution hidden in their flesh and blood did not allow them to stay silently in a small place, and that was it.

Only those fourth-level mutants who had lost confidence in evolution would hide in small cities and small places because they were timid and sneaked away from big cities, where they no longer had the opportunity to advance to fifth-level mutants.

In other words, mutants who stayed in small places were all complete failures who had lost the courage to return to big cities and the qualifications to evolve into fifth-level mutants.

And these people had a collective term – “stray dogs.”

Like the “Speed Demon” Flywheel, “Bone Demon” Deli, and “Silk Demon” Sik, they all fled from big cities after escaping from bloody battles and hid in Temple Forest City as stray dogs.

People who were determined to evolve to the end of their lives would never leave big cities.

Because everything they needed was in big cities! Big cities were their dreamland. Fourth-level mutants could find their fifth-level goals, search for hunting opportunities, and fifth-level mutants would also have their sixth-level goals…

Even if they were always fighting, always at risk of losing their lives, even if they were clearly weaker… as Yashan said, what if one day a piece of flesh suddenly fell in front of their eyes?

The death rate among mutants was very high; no matter how many levels they were, once they were locked on carelessly, there was a high probability that they would be targeted by their natural enemies and then assassinated.

For them, this was the result they wanted because a high death rate meant that as long as they hid well and weren’t discovered, thus becoming a hunting target, they would eventually obtain a piece of flesh and evolve smoothly.

And the desire hidden in the flesh could not be concealed from them.

Evolution was the meaning of their lives!

In general, the Tiansha Gang has not dispatched anyone yet, perhaps because they believe that “Steel Armor King” Abi won’t encounter danger, or he might be involved in something that’s causing a delay, or perhaps there are other reasons.

However, as time passes without any action from their side, Su Hao’s thoughts begin to stir. He plans to go to Linyuan City in person to resolve the matter.

“First, make a sniper rifle for Yashan. If it’s ready and they still haven’t come, we’ll take the initiative to visit.”

With his decision made, Su Hao stops thinking about it and finds Yashan. “Yashan, how are the captives’ transformations coming along?”

As soon as this topic is brought up, Yashan becomes quite proud. “Very well, Boss Wei! The rune handcuffs and shackles you specially designed are incredibly effective. As long as the prisoners misbehave or try to escape or resist, the guards activate the bone cards in their hands, triggering a strong electric current in the shackles, rendering the prisoners powerless.”

“During this time, even the most stubborn ones have memorized our “Code of Conduct for mutants” inside out. I believe that in another year or two, they’ll become dedicated supporters of our Temple Forest Association.”

“Moreover, your proposed labor reform law has significantly improved the transformation of our city’s appearance in Temple Forest City. The mutants are now working very diligently, and construction is progressing rapidly. Your words are right, extraordinary power should be used for building a beautiful city. By the way, I’ll have a banner made for this and hang it all over the streets and alleys!”

Su Hao nods in approval. “Well done, Yashan! The city you aspire to is slowly taking shape because of your efforts. In the future, you should guard your city well. If you have the opportunity, you can share this beauty with cities all over the world.”

Yashan’s face lights up with anticipation. “Can this beauty really be shared with the whole world?”

Su Hao affirms, “Of course! Whether you can succeed or not depends on the power you hold. In this world, the strongest have the authority. As long as you have the strongest power, everyone will listen to you.”

“Of course, being powerful is not enough. To make this simple beauty last a long time, there’s a prerequisite: you must be right, you must genuinely bring a better life to people, and everyone will support you.”

Then, to simplify the point, Su Hao gives him examples. “Like Meng Chuan, Nana, and Souban, they identify with the Temple Forest Association’s ideology. As long as you remain unwavering in your path, they will continue to support you until you realize your dreams.”

“But having just them is not enough. You need more people to embrace the Temple Forest Association’s ideology and lead them to collectively build an ideal homeland.”

“Do you understand, Yashan?”

Yashan quickly grasps the concept and responds firmly, “I understand, Boss Wei! First, I’ll make myself very strong, and then I’ll use that strength to make everyone listen to me when I explain the Temple Forest Association’s ideology. I’ll find those who share the same beliefs and eliminate those who don’t.”

Su Hao smiles and pats Yashan’s shoulder. “That’s right! Work hard, and you’ll surely succeed.”

At this moment, Su Hao can even see the fiery determination in Yashan’s eyes.

Su Hao changes the subject, saying, “Yashan, take me to the best blacksmith in the city. It’s time to craft a weapon for you.”

Yashan isn’t certain. “Is it the sniper rifle you mentioned last time?”

Su Hao nods. “Exactly! Let’s go.”

(End of this chapter)

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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