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Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Rune Domain

Since it’s possible to activate corresponding hidden abilities in the second stage of evolution, Su Hao needs to plan the evolution of his “Steel Armor King” ability carefully.

Originally, what caught Su Hao’s attention the most about the “Steel Armor King” sequence was its ability to maximize the use of runes. Essentially, his power source is primarily runes, and the path of genetic evolution simply elevates the convenient use of runes to another level.

However, after discovering that the “Steel Armor King” possesses the ability of “Blood Flesh Assimilation,” Su Hao becomes more focused on the evolution of the “Steel Armor King.”

What does “Blood Flesh Assimilation” mean?

For an ordinary “Steel Armor King,” it simply means having a free attack and defense domain. Strength can undergo a qualitative change and, to some extent, achieve invincibility, making it difficult for anyone to easily kill them.

But for Su Hao, it’s more than that. He envisions a “Rune Domain.”

Within his range of influence, he is the master. He can turn the entire domain into raging flames, a high-voltage electrical network, a strong light domain, a dark domain, a death spiral, or even a collapsing force field, making it impossible for enemies to stand steadily.

All of these can serve as offensive means, and they can also be used for healing. If allies within his domain are injured, he can remotely use “Heal” to treat them.

As long as his plan succeeds, he will dominate both the land and the sky. No one will be his match.

Perhaps even the so-called Level 7 Mutants will have to kneel when they enter his domain!

According to Yashan’s statement, the range of the domain depends on the strength of one’s blood and flesh. With Su Hao’s formidable blood and flesh, what range can he support?

Su Hao is eagerly waiting, and as he evolves the “Steel Armor King,” his blood and flesh strength will undoubtedly reach new heights.

“Not only that, as long as I assimilate steel, many of the ideas I had in mind can become reality. What I need to figure out now, in the second stage of evolution, is which abilities to activate.”

Su Hao already has a plan for this.

“According to Yashan, if the target of assimilation has too high hardness, assimilation will fail. The typical target for assimilation is soft soil. So…”

Su Hao quickly thought of a blind spot in the thinking of the people in this world.

First, can biological entities be assimilated?

Second, the omnipresent air, essentially a substance, can it be assimilated?

Third, can dissolved cells be recycled?

If these three points succeed, Su Hao will gain three new abilities: “Puppet Control,” “Air Conversion Steel,” and “Body Elementalization.”

After listing all the precautions, Su Hao arranged some trigger runes in his laboratory, then he decisively swallowed the flesh of the “Steel Armor King.”

He didn’t check the pinball ball space; instead, he patiently waited for his body to evolve automatically.

The pinball ball space would automatically record everything that happened to him. It would be no problem to check it later once the evolution was complete.

Soon, with a shivering sensation and drowsiness overwhelming him, Su Hao fell into a deep sleep.

As for why he needs to sleep every time he evolves, Su Hao has done some research on it.

Most organisms, when awake during the day, tend to cause DNA breakage or damage, and sleep can produce two proteins, RAD52 and Ku80, which repair damaged DNA.

Lack of sleep can lead to the inability of DNA to be repaired in a timely manner, accelerating aging and reducing cell lifespan.

This made Su Hao place greater importance on sleep. Eating and drinking well is not enough; he also needs to sleep well!

Buy the most luxurious bed, cover yourself with the softest blanket!

Have a super strong body!

More than an hour later, Su Hao woke up. The first thing he did was check his body’s condition.


His blood and energy consumption were a bit higher than before, but it wasn’t a big issue.

His body sent signals indicating a need for ravenous eating, as if he hadn’t eaten for several days.

His height had abruptly increased by nearly ten centimeters, reaching close to two meters in height. This was the tallest he had ever been, and the view from up there was truly different.

His physique had become more robust, with his chest, waist, and neck circumference increasing by a full circle.

“Let’s try transforming into the ‘Steel Armor King!’”

In the next moment, Su Hao rapidly expanded, his body inflating like a balloon. His surface darkened, thick steel-like armor began to form, completely covering him, leaving only three openings for his mouth, nose, and ears.

Then, the transformation continued, creating the contours of armor pieces, one after another, on his head, neck, chest, shoulders, arms…

A clear array of steel armor!

He looked like a small “Gundam”!

Su Hao’s transformed appearance was different from Yashan’s because during the transformation, Su Hao intentionally or unintentionally guided it according to his own ideas.

His goal was one word—handsome!

He aimed to leave the enemies awestruck the moment he appeared.

Yashan, on the other hand, transformed instinctively, and while his form couldn’t be called ugly, it lacked distinct features.

“Next, engrave the runes!”

Soon, beautiful patterns began to be engraved from his chest, gradually spreading all over his body.

“Harden!” he initiated.

His entire body armor slightly darkened, signaling a successful activation.

Then, Su Hao proceeded to try each of the “Bone Demon’s” abilities, using them all skillfully.

He even tried “Blood Flesh Assimilation.”

Su Hao didn’t need to crouch down; he simply stood still, and a large number of cells were dissolved and entered the ground.

Soon, a gray substance on the ground spread rapidly, akin to bacteria corrosion, covering the entire laboratory floor, which became as soft as if frozen, exceptionally elastic.

“Next, let’s try engraving runes on assimilated steel.”

Su Hao focused and controlled the assimilated steel in the distance, slowly molding it to create intricate patterns.

“Second-level – Strong Light!”

The moment Su Hao channeled his blood and energy into the rune, a strong light burst forth.

“The Rune Domain is complete!”

Excitement filled Su Hao’s eyes without restraint. Although it was far away, his control was significantly reduced, and he couldn’t generate it quickly. Through continuous practice, he could shorten the process of activating the domain rune.

A bright idea flashed in Su Hao’s eyes, “Moreover, I can delegate control of the domain to Little Light, allowing him to create the domain rune on my behalf, just like controlling the gene modification liquid!”

With Little Light’s help, he could practically do anything. Many complex operations could be easily achieved, making Little Light his best assistant, bar none.

For the next month, Su Hao would be in the second stage of evolution, during which he could attempt to activate other esper abilities.

“But no need to rush, first fill my stomach, I’m starving.”

Thinking of this, Su Hao immediately shouted, “Yashan!”

Yashan, who was practicing shaping a kitchen knife, was startled by Su Hao’s loud call.

He rushed to the lab, asking, “I’m here, Boss Wei. What can I do for you?”

Su Hao immediately said, “Hurry up and start cooking, the more, the better.”

Yashan immediately perked up, responding, “Understood, Boss Wei.”

This was something Yashan could take pride in; he had conquered Boss Wei’s stomach with his culinary skills.

Taini quickly ran out of the study, looking at Yashan expectantly, “Daddy, can I assist you?”

Yashan was about to agree but suddenly remembered something, and his expression turned stern, “No need, I can handle it by myself. You get back to your studies and no slacking off!”

Taini was taken aback. Wasn’t it different from before?

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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