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Chapter 143

Chapter 143: ‘Secondary Level – Hundred Explosions’

As for the battle between the two Night Demons, it was purely a display of ‘technique.’

From a visual perspective, it looked like two assassins engaging in a duel, striking and immediately retreating, searching for the next opportunity to attack.


Suddenly, a claw-like hand extended from behind a raised stone, aiming for Meng Chuan’s spine.

If this claw caught him, it would break his spine, rendering him powerless and vulnerable.

Meng Chuan seemed to anticipate the sneak attack from Night Demon Tai and swiftly evaded it, thrusting his sharp dagger into the stone.

Night Demon Tai immediately jumped out from the stone, rapidly submerged into the ground, and then emerged from another raised stone, slashing towards Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan shifted his body backward, concealing himself within the stones behind him. In the next moment, he appeared behind Night Demon Tai, launching an attack.

This continued back and forth, with both of them navigating through the scattered rocks, attacking each other and yet knowing each other’s locations.

The battle process was rather uneventful.

Initially, Meng Chuan felt a bit awkward, as Night Demon Tai repeatedly caught him off guard. However, he gradually became more skilled, emulating Night Demon Tai’s attacking style. His ability ‘Stone Leap’ became more and more adept.

This was what people referred to as learning and growing during combat.

Night Demon Tai was getting increasingly frustrated. Initially, he took advantage of Meng Chuan’s inexperience and landed multiple successful surprise attacks. However, he couldn’t seem to break through something in Meng Chuan’s defense.

It was simply unreasonable.

In a fit of frustration, Night Demon Tai flew into the air, spread his flesh wings, and challenged Meng Chuan to fight in the sky. “If you dare, come to the sky, and we’ll settle this in the air!”

Meng Chuan also revealed his flesh wings and flew up to approach Night Demon Tai.

Silently, he activated ‘Secondary Level – Lightning.’


A thick, dazzling lightning bolt streaked across the sky.

Night Demon Tai fell directly to the ground.

To his surprise, after falling to the ground, Night Demon Tai quickly regained consciousness, burrowed into the earth, and emerged from another raised stone, ready to strike back.

Meng Chuan was using a Bone Plate with ‘Secondary Level – Lightning’ engraved on it. This version was somewhat weaker compared to the one Su Hao used or the one directly inscribed on Yashan’s body.

Meng Chuan revealed a smile and quietly retrieved another Bone Plate from his pocket, holding it in his hand. “Burrow into the ground? That’s exactly what I was hoping for! I’ve had my fun; it’s time to end this!”

Recalling the scene where he had seen Boss Wei kill a Night Demon using ‘Earth Spikes,’ Meng Chuan couldn’t help but get excited. He was determined to learn from his leader!

Meng Chuan dove into the earth, swiftly heading toward Night Demon Tai.

At the same time, both Night Demons sensed each other’s positions, closing in on each other.

Clearly, Night Demon Tai planned to deliver a fatal blow to Meng Chuan underground after his previous sneak attacks.

Meng Chuan identified Night Demon Tai’s location and immediately activated the Bone Plate with the ‘Earth Spikes’ rune.

“Thud, thud, thud!”

Muffled sounds echoed from underground as countless earth spikes suddenly emerged, crisscrossing the space around Night Demon Tai.

One of the spikes even pierced through Night Demon Tai’s mouth, carrying traces of blood.

Moments later, Night Demon Tai lay motionless, devoid of breath.

This battle was truly inexplicable for Night Demon Tai, and his death equally baffling.

Meng Chuan carefully collected his precious Bone Plates, praising, “I’m truly amazing! No, it’s not me, it’s the greatness of our Boss Wei! Haha…”

Su Hao flew in mid-air, and after sensing that both Yashan and Meng Chuan had successfully dealt with their respective enemies, he was determined to take down the Steel Armor King, Abi.

The Steel Armor King had already displayed his abilities, and it was time to end the battle.

Su Hao rapidly generated small bone spheres, each the size of an egg, which he had developed in the past few days, known as ‘Thunder Beads.’ In a short span, he had more than twenty of them.

At the same time, he quickly created a ‘Secondary Level – Two Hundred Explosions’ bomb. This ‘Secondary Level – Two Hundred Explosions’ was far more powerful than the previous ‘Two Hundred Explosions,’ at least equivalent to the previous ‘Six Hundred Explosions’ in terms of potency.

With preparations complete, Su Hao started to descend and then released the Thunder Beads towards the Steel Armor King. Two seconds later, he activated the ‘Secondary Level – Two Hundred Explosions’ and released it.

He swiftly turned around, ascended rapidly, and distanced himself from the area.

Su Hao’s strategy was straightforward. He first intended to use the Thunder Beads to limit the Steel Armor King Abi’s movements slightly, preventing him from evading. Then he would use the ‘Secondary Level – Two Hundred Explosions’ bomb. If it killed Abi, that would be good, but if his steel armor defense was too thick to be defeated, Su Hao would descend and finish the job by beheading him directly.

However, according to Su Hao’s estimate, the Steel Armor King Abi probably wouldn’t die. First, it was due to the opponent’s formidable defensive capabilities, and second, even if he were severely injured and on the brink of death, Abi’s almost “indestructible” regenerative ability would allow him to recover quickly.

As for why Su Hao didn’t create a ‘Secondary Level – Five Hundred Explosions’ bomb to ensure a kill, the reason was that he still needed Abi’s flesh and blood; he didn’t want to obliterate him completely.

Steel Armor King Abi squinted as he watched the small bone spheres rain down. He looked puzzled, not understanding what Su Hao intended to do. However, after their earlier battle, he had come to realize that fighting this opponent couldn’t be judged using common sense. Otherwise, he would undoubtedly suffer significant losses.

His response was simple: to counter whatever Su Hao intended to do and not let him succeed.

As the small spheres fell, Abi boosted his defense and used his “Gold Spears” to shoot them out of the air, sending them scattering to the side. Several of the spheres were directly hit and shattered, losing their effect.

Then, Abi looked up at a larger bone sphere falling from the sky. He raised his hand, ready to use his “Gold Spears” to knock it away as soon as it reached a certain height.

However, at the moment when Abi was about to fire his “Gold Spears,” the twenty or so scattered Thunder Beads simultaneously emitted blinding electrical arcs.


The Thunder Beads formed a chain reaction, with the electrical arcs connecting and creating a massive electric web around Abi, entrapping him within.


Several electric arcs hit Abi’s body, causing him to lose control of his body. He went numb all over, as if a drill had burrowed into him and was running rampant inside.

At this moment, when he looked at the much larger bone sphere above him, Abi’s eyes widened in alarm. “This is bad!”

He didn’t know what it was, but once it got close, it would undoubtedly have a much larger effect than these smaller spheres.

However, the Steel Armor King Abi could only helplessly watch as the massive bone sphere fell in front of him. By this time, he had regained some strength and was about to launch his “Gold Spears” to knock it away. But could he make it in time?


A powerful explosion made everything fall silent.

A massive amount of energy was instantly released, and intense light radiated outward, blinding anyone who happened to be looking at it.

The earth at the center of the explosion seemed to evaporate in an instant, vanishing without a trace.

Following this, a powerful shockwave spread outward, blowing away rocks, plants, and even the hair of Meng Chuan, who had just emerged from underground, unaware of what was happening. His long curls were instantly blown straight.

Startled, he immediately burrowed back into the ground.

Soon after, the deafening sound rang out.


People in the vicinity lost their hearing for a moment.

Yashan shielded his eyes with his hand, gazing at the explosion in the distance. He murmured, “Boss’s ultimate ability! It’s always so impressive! How does he do it?”

Since the last time he witnessed an explosion, Yashan had developed faith in these moments. To him, this was true power! The bones and bone spurs on his body were nothing in comparison.

Soon, everyone in the city of Temple Forest began to hear the explosion.

One by one, they came out of their houses and shops to investigate what had happened.

When everything returned to normal, Su Hao descended slowly. His radar sensed the location of Steel Armor King Abi, and he couldn’t believe it. “Is he really dead? This can’t be! The Steel Armor King can’t be this weak!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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