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Chapter 141

All the eyes of Tylesse’s were now gazing at the Bernini Mountains at this moment, including the royalty, the nobility, and even the Three Counts.

When a high-ranking noble with a powerful military force marches out, it’s natural for attention to be drawn, whether it’s for military provocation against foreign lands or for a campaign against rebels. When it came to mobilizing large military forces, the easiest excuse was always ‘hunting’.

Therefore, even foreign spies were keeping an eye on Jill Ber de Etarique’s campaign. In other words, the wildfire covering the Bernini Mountains at this moment had been captured by all kinds of intelligence organizations.

At this moment, all the rulers of Tylesse’s were feeling the tremors of shifting perceptions. A massive earthquake was hitting the solid power dynamics that had endured since the last war.

The epicenter known as Bernini would soon become a tidal wave that would engulf the entire country. Because true power was born in chaos.

In the earthquake where three people shook the country, laughter erupted.

“Ha, hahaha, hahahaha!!”

In the closest dominion to the Bernini Mountains, Fervonia, ruled by the Count of Vermontpor, Jean Beltoir burst into laughter upon hearing the urgent report brought by the messenger.

“It seems those bastards have their moments!”

“What should we do?”

“We’ll just sit back and watch. Let Guillaume and Étienne stir up the military. When those fellows intend to march towards Saint Mathilde, they will inevitably pass nearby.”

A wise man never stains his hands with blood. Leave the rough work to the commoners, and as long as the nobles receive their share of the grain, that’s enough.

Is there any reason to offend the royal family? Especially when there are so many to do it on their behalf.

Jean Beltoir sipped his wine and reclined on the sofa.


The Count of Narbong, Étienne de Granmarteau, rode down to inspect the encampment on a white horse. Countless soldiers held torches aloft, watching him ascend.

It was a spectacle that would thrill any man. The heraldic griffin entwined with roses of the Granmarteau family was watching him from the red glow of the torches.

The three greatest noble houses of Tylesse’s had gathered. The three counts had joined hands for this moment alone.

The last remaining house would no longer be called a count’s house. The royal family. The Tylesse’s royal family would fall, and the era of the Granmarteau dynasty would dawn.

He was confident in this. Holding the most military power, occupying the most stable supply routes, and holding the most seats in the Saint Mathilde nobility.

“My Lord. The signal fires of Bernini have been lit.”

“What of Autreange and Vermontpor?”

“Autreange, even if they march with all their might, will be delayed by at least three days, and Vermontpor dares not march until Saint Mathilde is surrounded.”


Étienne laughed coldly, turning his head.

“Do they forget that Saint Mathilde will never attempt to defend itself? The garrison consists of barely three thousand, and the nobility will gladly open the gates for us.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“Tell the soldiers. The hunting season is over; now is the time for harvest.”

The deer hunt is over. The deer that once challenged the dragon have fallen gloriously, leaving only the easier task of gathering the fallen ears of corn.

“And what of Krasilov and Kalion’s response?”

“Kalion will switch sides as it suits their interests, so it doesn’t matter.”

“And Krasilov has no legion to send to this land.”

Krasilov is already consuming two legions just by maintaining the Northern Front, and the Royal Guards are busy suppressing the aftermath of the large-scale rebellion that occurred just a few months ago.

Even if Krasilov were to march, Tylesse’s fate is sealed. Along with the death of Lord of Homeland Knight.

For a country that has lost its guardians, who will truly wield the spear for it, he wondered.

Under the command of Granmarteau, there were 7,500 infantry and 850 cavalry, among which were 300 knights.

The infantry of Viscount Blancmont numbered 3,700, with 300 cavalry, including fifty-two knights.

Viscount Lamongne’s infantry totaled 3,200, with 200 cavalry, including forty knights.

Baron Contier’s infantry amounted to 750, with thirty cavalry, including five knights.

Fluvil, Montneu, Furiñon, and Brû… the combined forces of all the vassals under the Granmarteau Count’s banner.

Total forces: 9,900 infantry, 2,700 cavalry, and around five hundred knights.

The total strength of the Eastern Legion was approximately thirty thousand. Excluding conscripts and tenant farmers, there was essentially only one legion formed under the name of Granmarteau.

Considering the strained mobilization capabilities since the last war, nearly half of Tylesse’s potential war mobilization capability now lay in the hands of this man.

There is no possibility of defeat. Neither domestically nor internationally.

Within a few days, the name of the country would change.

“My Lord, urgent news has arrived that the Count of Granmarteau has begun his march.”

“Good. That wild boar will charge straight to Saint Mathilde, won’t he?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“Then let us do our part.”

Guillaume chuckled and jabbed at the map.

“How foolish. While one might lay claim to the throne if the capital falls, ultimately, it’s about how much loyalty one can secure over how many territories.”

“Indeed, My Lord.”

“After securing oaths of allegiance across the entire western region with Bernini Mountains as the pivot, let’s bring it to an end on the day that Étienne holds his coronation, shall we?”

Divide Tylesse’s territory around the Bernini Mountains. Abandon all the rough mountains in the east.

Once the dragons of Bernini have killed Jill Ber, the land beyond is nothing but a land of death. The Eastern Front cannot hold back the demons.

Even if the demons trample and rush into Tylesse’s territory, as long as the Bernini Mountains stands strong. Dragons are inherently arrogant and greedy creatures. Even if they are demons, they cannot be controlled.


“Throw prey to the dragons and make them our new Eastern Front Legion, wouldn’t that complete a natural barrier?”

“Truly wise, My Lord!”

Tylesse’s territory may decrease by about 30%, but beyond that, the east is nothing but barren land with meager yields. The core of Tylesse’s strength lies in the densely populated western agricultural region, and Tylesse’s financial power comes from trade.

In other words, whoever controls the trading ports and the agricultural regions will become the next dynasty of this land.

“It was pitiful that my sister was cast out like a dog and left to wander the land, but she has a head on her shoulders.”

“Hehe, indeed, My Lord. However, even a prince driven out of her own country would find your generosity incomparable, wouldn’t he?”

“That’s right! Hahaha!!”

Count Guillaume II tidied up his laughter and, with a solemn expression, glanced at a corner of the map.

“What about that Demonic fellow, Barugadal?”

“He is moving according to plan, My Lord.”

“Good. Let us prepare as well.”

“Yes, My Lord!”

When a group of Demon warlords ‘coincidentally’ breaks through the Eastern Front and tramples Tylesse’s territories, the ‘timely’ arrival of the army led by Count Autreange will rescue the endangered territories.

While Count Autreange dedicates himself to the country, Étienne, who dares to set Saint Mathilde ablaze for his ambition, will become a traitor in history.

Jean Beltoir, that timid fellow, will surely capitulate to the prevailing trend.

Therefore, now, this country’s name will become Tylesse’s under the Autreange Count Family. There is no need to falsely claim the royal family. By simply seating one of the royal lineage and ruling the country as a regent, all the power of this country will submit to him.

This is how politics is done. Just raising an army cannot engulf a country. It’s different from the foolish Étienne and the clumsy Jean Beltoir.

This is the quality of a ruler. Guillaume stood up with a smile.

The Rebellion of the Three Counts has begun.

“Urgent news!! Count Étienne de Granmarteau has commenced his march from Narbong!”

“Urgent news! Count Jean Beltoir de Vermontpor has blocked all trade routes leading to Saint Mathilde!”

“Urgent news!! Taurus warlords confirmed in the eastern Rocher region! Estimated at about seven hundred and fifty!”

“This is urgent!! The Bernini Mountains is engulfed in flames! The survival of Jill Ber Etarique is uncertain!”

Pavel received the almost simultaneous arrival of the new urgent reports, falling into silence.

Tap, tap, tap. The hand that was tapping on the unfolded operation map on the table stopped at the final urgent report.

Under the dim white magical lights, Pavel’s body stiffened.


“All information deployed in that direction is being blocked. From visual observation, it’s reported that the entire mountain range is engulfed in flames… Dragons… At least forty have been observed flying in the sky.”

“Dragons… Dragons…”

Pavel murmured bitterly, touching his belt gently.

“I told you I should’ve been the one to go, you foolish junior.”

It is the nature of the world that the old should die first. Pavel suddenly realized. Now, only I remain as the Royal Guard of the late King.

The magical lights flickered weakly. Uncontrolled magical energy scattered from Pavel’s body, stirring up a breeze around him.

Amidst the thick scent of iron, Pavel gritted his teeth and said:

“We are returning home.”

“Yes? But, Deputy Commander…”

“The External Intelligence Bureau will withdraw from Tylesse’s territory as of today. Consider it an order. From today onwards, Tylesse is no longer an ally.”

Pavel spat out to the agents looking at him as he put on his coat.

“Tylesse will surely perish. There is only one thing left for us to do now.”

Punishment for the traitors who defied the alliance.

Revenge for those who drove the commander to be the prey of dragons.

For the two sins committed by the nobles of this country, there is only one answer that Krasilov will give.

“When we return to Saint Mathilde, our name will be that of invaders.”

Pavel turned around. Behind him, all the agents of the External Intelligence Bureau walked out together.

Soon, the magical energy began to flicker and ignite the corridors of Saint Mathilde.

Feeling the flames spreading behind him, Pavel chuckled bitterly.

It felt like the beacon of a doomed nation.

“How can I ever explain this to our liege…”

*Author’s Note (Afterword) – The Rebellion of the Three Counts*

An uprising plotted by three grand Counts who received information about dragons sleeping in the Bernini Mountains.

When Jill Ber and the capital defense army were lost in the Bernini Mountains, each grand Count began their operations from their respective positions.

Count Jean Beltoir de Vermontpor: Isolating Saint Mathilde and controlling trade routes while waiting.
Count Étienne de Granmarteau: Mobilizing all the legions of his vassals and marching to Saint Mathilde.
Count Guillaume de Autreange II: Attempting to subdue the ‘unknown Demon’ who invaded the territories of the local lords loyal to the royal family while receiving their oaths of allegiance.

In the event of a successful rebellion in Tylesse’s case: Loss of all territories in the eastern direction centered around the Bernini Mountains. Loss of the Eastern Front garrison legion, loss of the capital defense army.

Think of it as a typical episode from the Duel Academy series!

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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