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Chapter 138

Chapter 138: The Fifth Generation Rune Disk Formation

When Meng Chuan infiltrated the underground and arrived at the Night Demon’s side, he was astonished by what he perceived.

He had a ‘earth thorn’ rune card as well, a reward from Boss Yashan for tracking a group of people before. However, he had never imagined that the ‘earth thorn’ rune could exhibit such a powerful effect. Even hiding so deep underground, they couldn’t escape the fate of being pierced by earth thorns.

“How strong is Boss Wei really?” Meng Chuan couldn’t help but speculate about Boss Wei’s strength, but no matter how he imagined it, he couldn’t figure out where Su Hao’s limits lay.

It seemed that anyone targeted by Boss Wei had no chance of escape, no matter where they hid or how fast they were.

At this moment, Su Hao’s mysterious image once again grew taller.

With a collected mind, Meng Chuan cleared away the earth thorns and then returned to the surface with the Night Demon’s body.

As for secretly taking a bite of the flesh… although he wanted to, he didn’t dare.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Su Hao quickly learned the information he desired.

What left him speechless was that these daring individuals turned out to be fraudsters. They pretended to be from the Tiansha Gang of Linyuan City, collected money in the name of protection, and then ran to Temple Forest City.

However, these people were decent actors. If it weren’t for Su Hao’s backup, directly killing them and letting Yashan handle it, they would probably have been fooled out of everything.

Under Su Hao’s watchful eye, Yashan, in a fit of anger, gave the big-nosed man a good beating. From now on, people who lied to others were placed on his list of must-be-beaten individuals. He would give them a beating every time he saw them.

Meng Chuan and the others were also dumbfounded by being fooled by Night Demon Lin En. Each of them lowered their heads in shame and despised the fraudsters.

But it wasn’t all good news. What Night Demon Lin En said was true, that Linyuan City was indeed planning to collect a substantial protection fee from Temple Forest City.

Currently, several major factions in Linyuan City were using force to ‘negotiate’ the ownership of Temple Forest City. In the eyes of these factions, based on Temple Forest City’s recent development trends, there was bound to be a significant profit. They were all eager, and they didn’t want to let go easily.

These daring folks from Night Demon Lin En’s group took advantage of this situation to make a profit. Indeed, anyone who could become a Level 4 mutant had a bit of cunning.

After understanding the situation, Su Hao directly handed over the follow-up to Yashan, took a small piece of Night Demon’s flesh, and flew back to Temple Forest City.

However, the matter of Linyuan City demanding protection fees hung heavily on his mind, preventing him from truly relaxing. If the people from Linyuan City were to come and collect the protection fee tomorrow, he could simply block them outside the city and kill them all. But the problem was not knowing when they would come. This kind of waiting was very tormenting, even Su Hao couldn’t avoid it.

Waiting for others to make a move against oneself is something even a normal person can’t bear!

According to Su Hao’s thinking, it would be best to directly charge into Linyuan City, defeat that so-called ‘gang’ in one go, tell them to stop fighting for Temple Forest City, and then come back to focus on research, which would be very comfortable.

However, the problem now is that he lacks knowledge about the high-level mutants within Linyuan City. These mutants possess various strange skills, and one wrong step could lead to disaster.

“I need to be cautious!”

After thinking for a while, Su Hao decided to keep his perception at full power during this time and patiently wait for the people from Linyuan City to arrive. With a radar range of 6,000 meters in radius, he could cover not only the entire Temple Forest City but also a distance of over 2,000 meters outside the city, which would be enough for Su Hao to react promptly.

As long as any Level 4 or above mutants intended to enter the city, Yashan would intercept them.

During this time, Su Hao would temporarily set aside his research on genes and focus on developing the functions of the Bone Demon and runes, achieving stronger and more diverse attack methods. This would ensure that he could swiftly find countermeasures in any situation.

Su Hao entered the pinball space, created a workspace, and recorded his body’s information. He listed the runes and skills he currently possessed, as well as the strength of his blood qi. He analyzed his combat advantages and deficiencies.

“The development of runes has not reached its limit. The runes I currently use are merely a derivative from the beast patterns of the previous world. In essence, the strength of the skills I can unleash is not high, and their scope is limited, which is insufficient to gain a decisive advantage in increasingly high-end battles.”

“So… in the time to come, I will update the rune array to the fifth generation rune disk.”

After deciding what to do, Su Hao locked himself in the laboratory and started his research day and night. The efficiency of the current research was over a hundred times better than his previous world’s research using nematodes. He could model the runes he desired and then generate them from bones. That’s why the Human Category mutant, the Shell People, was the most suitable mutant sequence for Su Hao.

Yashan gathered Meng Chuan, Nana, and Souban.

He paced back and forth in front of the three of them and said, “You three have done very well over these past three years. We wouldn’t have reached our current status in Temple Forest City without your diligent efforts.”

The three of them seemed to understand something, and their expressions varied.

Meng Chuan, who was of short stature, was excited. His face turned red, and his body trembled irregularly. His eyes were filled with excited bloodshot veins, as if he had been staying up for several days.

Nana and Souban, on the other hand, looked at Meng Chuan with envy, hoping to have such a day in their future.

Yashan didn’t keep them in suspense and directly said, “So, take advantage of this opportunity today and receive the rewards that belong to you.”

Nana and Souban’s faces were filled with surprise. They hadn’t expected to receive corresponding rewards.

Yashan looked at Nana and said, “Nana, your reward is the ‘Glare’ and ‘Barrier’ rune bone cards.”

Nana’s eyes immediately lit up, and she cheerfully said, “Thank you, Boss Yashan.”

Yashan then turned to Souban and said, “Souban, your reward is the ‘Sturdy’ and ‘Fire Ring’ rune bone cards.”

Souban’s eyes brightened. These were the two rune skills he had been longing for. He immediately expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, Boss Yashan!”

Yashan turned to Meng Chuan, a smile on his face, and said, “Meng Chuan, you’re lucky. As an Earth Burrower, your reward is to evolve the Night Demon.”

Meng Chuan knelt down on the ground, deeply bowing his head, and said, “Thanks for the cultivation from Boss Yashan and Boss Wei. I’m willing to offer my life to Boss Yashan from now on. Whenever there’s a task, Meng Chuan won’t hesitate to complete it, even if it means dying!”

Yashan displayed a satisfied smile and said, “Meng Chuan, I hope you can remember the principles of our ‘Temple Forest Society’ and what we stand for. What we do, at any time, even if it means losing our lives, we must never do anything that goes against our principles.”

Meng Chuan nodded again, choking back his emotions, “Meng Chuan understands, Boss Yashan, don’t worry.”

Yashan took a deep breath and continued, “Alright, now go and gather all the official members of our ‘Temple Forest Society’ here, assemble them, and in front of everyone, announce your glory and reward you. Go!”

“Yes, Boss Yashan!”

Once everyone had left, Yashan muttered to himself with a smile, “Wei Boss’s strategy of winning hearts and minds is indeed effective.”

He was firmly attached to Wei Boss’s leadership!

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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