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Chapter 137

Chapter 137: The Burrowing Mole

As Su Hao followed the “Night Demon,” he simultaneously constructed new ‘earth thorn’ runes within the pinball space. What Su Hao didn’t know was that the “Night Demon,” underground, was being driven mad by his constant presence.

Lin En, the “Night Demon,” found himself in a situation similar to An’s—unable to escape or overpower Su Hao. “Why can this Bone Demon determine my location?”

No matter how many times the Night Demon changed direction, he still sensed that Su Hao hadn’t left, staying right above him through his ‘subsonic wave’ positioning and ‘life detection’ skills.

He must be figuring out how to eliminate me.

At the thought, the Night Demon’s heart was in turmoil.

He pondered, just like An, that Su Hao must have attached something on him for tracking. So, he stripped off his clothes, changed direction again, and burrowed underground in an attempt to escape.

But what left him in despair was that the Bone Demon continued to follow him relentlessly, like a leisurely walk in the park. “What should I do?”

Soon enough, the Night Demon didn’t need to ponder this question anymore because Su Hao had finished crafting his new runes, entering the testing phase, with the Night Demon underground as the obvious test subject.

Su Hao spread his palm, and a bone drill, about the size of a cup, began to form. It was conical in shape, with spiraling threads around its surface. He then engraved two runes on this bone drill, one for ‘rotation,’ providing powerful spinning force, and the other for ‘earth thorn.’

Su Hao’s plan was simple: let the drill automatically burrow and, when it reached a certain depth, activate ‘earth thorn’ to attack the enemy. A perfect means of attack.

He named the crafted drill ‘Burrowing Mole.’

Su Hao slowly infused it with his blood essence, activating the Burrowing Mole in his hand. It immediately started spinning rapidly, emitting a buzzing sound, and he tossed it towards the ground.

If he were to shout, “Go, Burrowing Mole!” at this moment, it would feel like something out of a manga.

Su Hao wore a satisfied smile, still sensing the indifferent presence of the Night Demon underground.

The drill hit the ground and quickly ‘whooshed’ into the earth, disappearing from sight, leaving behind a hole in the soil. The Burrowing Mole carried Su Hao’s vitality, allowing him to track its location. As the Burrowing Mole delved deeper, it deviated from its original path due to encountering some stones along the way, and the direction became uncontrollable.

Finally, at a position about twenty meters away from the intended destination, the Burrowing Mole activated.

And the range of the ‘earth thorn’ rune activation happened to be a circle with a radius of about twenty meters.


A muffled sound came from underground, causing the Night Demon’s heart to race. He had just stopped to carefully listen when, “Pup!”

Two thick soil thorns shot out right in front of him, narrowly missing him by two centimeters.

If he had taken one more step forward, his fate would be obvious.

This one incident thoroughly scared the Night Demon.

His bare body trembled uncontrollably.


The Night Demon turned and tried to run, only to realize he couldn’t escape.

“I need to burrow deeper!” He felt uneasy, so he activated his powerful burrowing ability and began to sink further.

Su Hao sensed the Night Demon diving once more and murmured disappointedly, “As I thought, this distance is too far. I need to improve the controllability of the Burrowing Mole.”

Then, Su Hao recalled the killer, Jin Damo, he had slain in the previous life at the academy. His core beast mark was ‘control.’

The operation of this ‘control’ beast mark was quite complex. To activate the control rune, it required two components: a control port and a control subject. Both of these components required different runes to be drawn, making it very intricate. For Su Hao, it wasn’t very useful.

The principle of this ‘control’ rune was similar to that of a remote control and a drone. The control port acted as the remote control, and the control subject was like the drone.

So, Su Hao entered the pinball space once again and began designing a new controllable Burrowing Mole.

After a while, he spread his palm and created another drill. This drill bore three runes: ‘control,’ ‘rotation,’ and ‘earth thorn.’

But he wasn’t done yet. Su Hao created another bone card, on which he drew the port rune for the ‘control’ rune to control the drill.

Su Hao infused it with his blood essence, calculated the Night Demon’s depth, made some adjustments, and then tossed the rapidly spinning Burrowing Mole into the ground.


Rocks and soil flew as the Burrowing Mole disappeared underground.

Using the bone card in his hand, Su Hao continuously adjusted the drill’s position to ensure the general direction remained unchanged.

Soon, the Burrowing Mole reached the Night Demon’s vicinity.

The Night Demon only heard something rapidly burrowing towards him, scaring him out of his wits. He dived once more, desperately trying to escape.

He didn’t know what this was, but he sensed the danger and just wanted to get away quickly.

He had never encountered an opponent with no solution like this. He had burrowed so deep underground, and yet they could still chase him. If it were another Night Demon, he might not have said anything, but the key issue was that it turned out to be a Bone Demon. A Bone Demon that could fly and burrow underground. Can you believe it?

At this moment, the Night Demon was already doubting his life. He had never felt so desperate. In his perception, the thing burrowing towards him gradually came to a stop, emitting a soft sound, followed by a tremor underground.


Countless earth thorns emerged, crisscrossing underground.


Three thick earth thorns instantly pierced through the Night Demon’s body.

The Night Demon, deep underground, widened his eyes in shock. He paid no attention to the pain of dust entering his eyes but was in disbelief, “How can this be…”

Blood gushed from his mouth, staining the surrounding soil. In a dazed expression, he slowly lost his vitality.

Until the end, he never understood how he died. Based on his understanding of various sequence mutants, there shouldn’t have been a chance for things to go wrong. But why?

Su Hao sensed that the Night Demon had lost his life and slowly retracted the bone card in his hand.

“This Burrowing Mole is effective!”

Su Hao had just filled in another gap, making his mood exceptionally pleasant. In the future, when encountering enemies that could hide underground, there would be no need to worry. Just one Burrowing Mole could clear away all troubles, and if one wasn’t enough, use two. If that still didn’t work, send out a hundred Burrowing Moles together and turn the entire underground into a world of earth thorns. No matter how agile their movements, it would be useless.

This was the sense of security brought about by firepower saturation.

Su Hao waited in place for the arrival of Yashan and the others. Soon, Yashan arrived at Su Hao’s side and asked, “Boss Wei, we’ve already subdued those three mutants. Are you okay?”

Su Hao replied, “I’m fine. I’ve taken care of the enemy on my end.”

The group looked around, but where were the enemies? There wasn’t even a trace of a battle!

However, they didn’t dare to question Su Hao’s words in the slightest.

In their eyes, this Boss Wei was at least a Level 6 mutant, and they practically treated him like a deity. When they passed by the deep pit created by the explosion earlier, the shock it gave them was unimaginable.

They could only ask, “Who could create such a massive pit?”

Not even a Level 5 mutant from the ‘Strength Man’ sequence, the ‘Destruction King,’ could do this!

Su Hao pointed to the ground and said to ‘Hiding Beast’ Meng Chuan, “Meng Chuan, the Night Demon is right beneath you, and you already have the flesh of the Underground Demon in your evolution. Go and pull him up!”

Meng Chuan was first startled and then joyfully answered loudly, “Yes, Boss Wei!”

With a dive as if he were diving into water, he swiftly burrowed underground.

Following this, Su Hao said to Yashan, “Yashan, wake one of them up at random. We’ll interrogate them thoroughly.”

After agreeing with a grunt, Yashan approached the big-nosed mutant and gave him a hard slap.


The big-nosed mutant slowly regained consciousness.

As soon as he saw the group of enemies around him, he was about to beg for mercy.

Yashan immediately slapped him several times, only stopping after a while. Then, Yashan asked, “Are you willing to talk?”

Internally, the big-nosed mutant was in despair. He had wanted to talk nicely from the beginning!

Tears and snot began to flow together, “Please, sirs, spare me…”

Yashan raised his hand again, and he immediately changed his tune, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk about everything!”

(End of this chapter)

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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