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Chapter 136

Jill Ber’s barrack was the grandest and most magnificent in this encampment. As he passed through the entrance adorned with armor and family crests and entered, Ivan casually took his seat.

“You can have a seat right there.” (Jill Ber)

“Mm.” (Ivan)

Ignoring Jill Ber’s disdainful gesture, Ivan sat down, resting his legs on the tea table. Jill Ber’s eyebrows twitched.

“The armor.” (Jill Ber)

“Yes, My Lord!”

The servant approached to begin removing his armor. As the buckles of the thick armor loosened with a clink, he tilted his head slightly.

“A little more slowly.” (Jill Ber)

“…Yes? Oh, yes, My Lord!”

The armor was slowly removed at a turtle’s pace. Oscar broke into a cold sweat. It was a ridiculously tense situation. It was both impolite to act this way in front of a guest and not very noble.

He cautiously observed Ivan. Surprisingly, Ivan’s expression remained calm.

From his pocket, Ivan withdrew a small piece of metal, upon closer inspection, revealing it to be a comb. He began combing his beard with remarkable leisure, as if he were in his own drawing-room, tapping his foot on the table.

As the bizarre tension finally subsided, Jill Ber grumbled while still observing Ivan combing.

“You wretched fellow…” (Jill Ber)

“Is it over?” (Ivan)

“Yes!” (Jill Ber)

“Good. Let’s talk business.” (Ivan)

Ivan folded the comb, delicately wrapped it in a silk handkerchief, and securely tucked it into his pocket.

Damn. Why did he bring that along?

Isabelle clenched her forehead.

“A guy who hasn’t sent a letter in his life, what business does he have to discuss?” (Jill Ber)

“A letter… adolescence, was it? I didn’t know.”

“Do you know that the Homeland Guard has the authority to execute any human in this country? That’s the ‘real’ power of nobility, not just something tossed by a princess.” (Jill Ber)

“You speak like a teenager. It’s nice to see you’re aging in reverse. You look really youthful.” (Ivan)

“Is it possible that you two don’t get along well?” (Isabelle)

Both men simultaneously turned to look at her, nodding their heads.

Wow, they really seem friendly. Having a friend with the gentlemen. Hmm.

Isabelle shook her head and took her seat. As everyone gathered around the table, Ivan lowered his legs and meticulously wiped the dirt off his shoes.

“I’m not particularly fond of that fellow… Bella. You look healthy, which is truly pleasing to see. How’s your studies? There weren’t any decent ones among the Krassilov lot, so your uncle was quite worried.” (Jill Ber)

“Oh… um… thanks to My Lord’s concern.” (Isabelle)

“My Lord!! Call me as before!” (Jill Ber)

“That… um. It was when I was ten years old…” (Isabelle)

“Quickly!!” (Jill Ber)

“Jill Ber uncle…” (Isabelle)

“Lieutenant!! Lieutenant!!! Fetch my safe!! How much pocket money do these kids need these days?!” (Jill Ber)

Watching them gossip forgetfully, it truly seemed like they wasted their years. Ivan clicked his tongue. Generally, members of Hero Party were all a bit foolish.

Veolgrin, Einar, and Enrique were equally frivolous for their age. Isn’t maturing with age a basic principle for all living beings? As an observer of the party, it was indeed a difficult time.

As Ivan finished his remarks, Jill Ber warmly greeted various aspects of the party.

It was a noble gesture. Welcoming guests was a nobleman’s pride.

“Ah, Elpheira. It’s been a while. I’m glad you don’t resemble your father.” (Jill Ber)

“Yes…?” (Elpheira)

“Honestly, wouldn’t you be better than Veolgrin?” (Jill Ber)

“Oh… haha!”

Saying the same thing.

“Ecdysis!! Oh… Einar’s offspring has matured significantly… Your mother, my (younger) sister-in-law, must have been quite attractive.”

“(Younger) sister-in-law? Einar’s scarcely older than you,”

“Anyone unmarried at his age lacks the privilege to partake in this discourse.”

“Valid observation.”

(TN: In Korean, there’s a rule for calling a younger friend’s wife with the suffix -sshi, or just jeshu. Whereas for an older friend’s wife, you would use the suffix -unnie.)

Such conversations continued. When the hospitality with the hero party members concluded, Oscar quietly raised his hand, sweating coldly.

“Father? I’m here too. It’s been six months since I returned…”

“Did you fare well?”

“Yes… thanks to you.”

“Then it’s settled.”

Oscar nodded and lowered his hand. It’s hard to tell who the child is. Jill Ber, after persistently offering a purse full of coins to the reluctant Isabelle, finally turned away with a satisfied smile.

“So, did you come to introduce these children? Getting ready for the next generation already?”

“It’s still early.”

“What, they’ve grown up splendidly.”

Jill Ber scanned the group with warm eyes. Impressive, he thought.

Their retirement wasn’t that long ago, but they still proudly served. Nonetheless.

Seeing the next generation grow up like this was truly satisfying. Especially as an old nobleman who couldn’t continue his lineage.

The status of the Homeland Guard comes with rank and title. It’s not an inherited obligation. The Homeland Guard is originally a knight who defends the country. It’s something to be achieved through ability, not status.

Of course, as he is of royal blood, his son will inherit the ducal title, but what meaning does it hold for a lawfully nobleman without land or position to bear the title of duke?

Seeing the state of his son, one might say he has grown remarkably. Then it’s settled. It wasn’t very pleasing to send him to study abroad, but if Ivan had been at that school, it would’ve been different.

He may not be skilled at teaching people, but at least he’s trustworthy.


Ivan said, tapping the table.

“Everyone leave. I have something to discuss with Duke Etarique.”


Jill Ber nodded to his attendant, who was subtly prompting him. After a while, after the attendant and the group had left the military tent, Ivan finally met his gaze.

“What are you doing?”

“Hunting dragons.”

“Why is it taking so long?”

“Well, they can fly. And they’re nocturnal, annoyingly. Will you join me tonight?”

“Lady Etualle asked for it. She said you’re not very skilled, so she asked for help.”

Ivan looked at Jill Ber with cold eyes. In those icy eyes, however, worry and doubt were scattered like grains of sand.

“What are they aiming for?”

“What do you mean by ‘they’…?”

“No, stop with the flimsy words. This troop is excessive for catching just one dragon. I saw the supplies were cut off on the way here. It must cost a lot to maintain this troop. Originally, the Eastern Knights alone would have been sufficient.”

The exact number of troops needed to face a dragon remains a matter of precise calculation in general.

When deploying trained professional troops, typically around three to four thousand soldiers were needed.

Dragons can wield magic, breathe fire hot enough to melt fortress walls, and fly through the skies. Their scales naturally deflect swords, and when combined with magic, they can even withstand artillery fire.

In a way, they’re akin to bombers. Without anti-aircraft guns, bombers are the nightmare of infantry. So assuming adequate preparation, when ready to face flying dragons, with three to four thousand troops, it could be possible.

However, that’s a civilian perspective. If it’s Jill Ber and the Eastern Knights he leads, calculations need to be different.

Jill Ber alone is capable of hunting dragons, and if his Eastern Knights join, they can eliminate even ten dragons without casualties.

So, it’s an excessive use of force. Due to the unnecessary deployment of such a large force, supply lines have weakened. Just the opportunity for high-ranking nobles to exploit this has been enough to cause damage.

Jill Ber knows the importance of supplies. During his time, the soldiers’ greatest enemy was always the lack of supplies.


The smile vanished from Jill Ber’s lips. He sighed briefly with a stern face.

“Ivan, this could be seen as interference in state affairs. You should just leisurely tour around and return.”

“I can’t do that.”

“This isn’t for my sake. If you get involved in this, you’ll witness dirty things. Your retirement, which you hoped for while attending funerals, will become impossible.”

“I don’t care.”

Ivan firmly shook his head. He looked Jill Ber straight in the eye as he spoke.

“Count Autreange, Count Granmarteau, Count Vermontpor. They’re all aiming for you. Wasn’t this situation strange from the beginning? A dragon appears at such a convenient moment and sends you out of the capital.”

“Yes, it must be intentional. A move to get rid of me. Of course. I don’t know where or how they got the dragon, but they must have been preparing for a long time.”

Jill Ber shrugged.

“They leisurely hunted, spent time, and depleted their troops. They won’t hide their ambitions anymore without me. I know.”

“If that’s the case, why…?”

“It’s about legitimacy, Ivan. For nobles, that’s the most important thing, and it’s the only value they have.”

Having power doesn’t mean you can simply lead the military to execute nobles. That’s not the duty of the Homeland Guard, and even if it were the king of this country, it would be impossible.

Power doesn’t guarantee a system. A society must be built on reason and legality. A society where power is the sole basis for action is ultimately no different from the demons.

Look at the demons. They scattered upon the death of the Demon King. Without a focal point, the remnants of demon warlords willingly stabbed and devoured their former comrades for a few remaining scraps of power.

Are humans any different? If the ruler’s strength alone becomes the reason for power, then it cannot be called a nation.

The Homeland Guard is a title bestowed to protect the country.

It’s the greatest authority given to the strongest, and the greatest obligation. It’s a grand honor, but also a heavy burden.

For the descendants of the hereditary nobility, their rights end within their own domains, regardless of any power they may wield, even those of the royal family.

Despite these constraints, Jill Ber willingly relinquished all other rights he was entitled to. For the sake of the kingdom.

And protecting the nation doesn’t just mean repelling external threats. It also entails safeguarding the core of the state, its system, laws, and all the people who believe in and live by them.

It shouldn’t be a given for the strong to plunder the weak. All interactions between people should be based on reason.

That was Jill Ber’s duty. He doesn’t directly execute the parasitic nobles who prey on this nation. He just waits for them to act.

Like a lion silently stalking its prey before the hunt. Quietly.

So the foolish prey can frolic in peace.

When that moment comes, this nation will become his hunting ground.

“…Well, you must have thoughts on this too.”

Ivan leaned back in his chair, nodding. In retrospect, he was the one among the warrior party who understood politics the best.

Except for Veolgrin, that is. Generally, elves are considered political creatures just by being alive.

In response to Ivan’s words, Jill Ber chuckled softly.

“Oh, right. Do you know where the dragon’s lair is?”

“I heard it’s in the Bernina Mountains.”

“It’s the largest and most rugged mountain range in the northeast. But…?”

Jill Ber chuckled softly, speaking in a casual tone.

“We found something strange near the dragon’s lair.”

“Strange thing?”

“We searched every possible hiding place near the lair, and in one cave, something unusual was found.”

He tapped a corner of the map.

“It’s traces of underground architecture not recorded in history. Have you seen anything like this before?”


“Yeah. Reminds you of the old days, doesn’t it?”


Considering the accumulation criteria, the points Jill Ber marked on the map were located quite a distance away.

If all those points were part of a single structure, it could potentially encompass much of the underground of the mountain range.

Like a dwarven city. A dungeon of this size isn’t recorded in history.

Building structures in the underground of mountain ranges is an impossible task for ordinary individuals. It was akin to a massive project requiring the labor force of a nation.

The fact that such things are buried beneath the earth without being recorded signifies one thing. Ivan already knew about such types of ruins.

They are remnants of the ancient era when gods roamed the earth, from the time when today’s religions were treated as mere sects.

It’s an ancient vault where immense treasures are buried. And according to the academy’s common knowledge, this is likely a leveling-up event.

“A linked quest, perhaps…?”

Ivan found himself smiling unknowingly at Jill Ber’s grin.

Yes, it’s a gesture of concession for the youngsters of this generation. Quite the presumptuous lad.

“For now, hunting comes first. Lady Etualle wishes for your return home now. Lady Etarique wishes the same.” (Ivan)

“Well, I’ve delayed enough. Cutting off the supply lines should make those bastards start moving soon.”

“So let’s finish this quickly.” (Ivan)

As of yet, it’s impossible to know what the major nobles are preparing. It was even impossible to anticipate.

There’s no way in this country to kill Jill Ber, the leader of the Eastern Knights, on the battlefield.

Therefore, Ivan had to accompany Jill Ber at least until the end of this operation.

Even if there were designs to kill Jill Ber, they wouldn’t be included in the enemies’ plans.

During the time when there was a credible pretense, the warrior party even broke through the defenses of the King of the Seven Dragons without casualties.

According to the tactics doctrine of Krasilov, when you have enough power, it’s actually best to voluntarily walk into the enemy’s trap. They’ve prepared their best, so you can directly confront them.

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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