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Chapter 130

Chapter 130 – Air-to-Ground Artillery

An didn’t know how many times he had attacked Yashan, but Yashan simply ran ahead, seemingly treating An as if he didn’t exist.

Even the calmest An was having trouble controlling his emotions at this point. What exactly did the other side intend to do? Despite his relentless attacks, they didn’t retaliate at all and kept running.

Unbeknownst to An, high above him, a deadly hunter had locked onto his position.

An stared at his blunt-edged twin knives with red eyes, realizing he couldn’t completely break through Yashan’s defense.

It seemed impossible to save Fred and Yi now.

An tried to calm his inner turmoil, and reason gradually took over. “I can’t let this drag on. I need to go! I’m sorry, Fred, Yi! I did my best!”

Without hesitation, An abruptly changed direction and sprinted toward another route, getting farther away from Yashan.

Meanwhile, Su Hao had a slight smile on his face, reducing his altitude as he flew toward An. “It’s probably far enough from Temple Forest City now!”

As for Yashan, no worries; let him run some more! It’s time to work on fitness after all that cooking.

Su Hao was flying at full speed, already breaking the sound barrier. As he flew past, his sound gradually spread.

When Su Hao reduced his altitude and approached An, he activated “silent flight mode” from behind, quietly pursuing. If he could silently eliminate An, it would be a clean sweep.

An was still in stealth mode, invisible to the naked eye, but Su Hao’s radar accurately pinpointed his location. Visual perception didn’t affect Su Hao’s hunt.

However, An was extremely vigilant. When Su Hao approached, the unavoidable sound of wind alerted An.

An glanced back, and that glance sent shivers down his spine. A “Bone Demon” covered in bone armor was flying in mid-air, rapidly approaching. With a long bone knife in hand, a light swing would cut him in half.

“A flying ‘Bone Demon’?” An didn’t have time to think further and immediately changed direction, instantly leaving his original spot.


Su Hao’s long knife swept through the air, still missing its target.

Su Hao thought it was a pity; if An had reacted a bit slower earlier, the battle would have ended with that one swing. Now that he had been discovered, it was a bit more complicated.

Su Hao ascended again, flying above An.

An tried to escape in a straight line at high speed, but to his frustration, even with his speed, he couldn’t shake off his pursuer. He thought, “What’s going on with this ‘Bone Demon’? No, this isn’t the same ‘Bone Demon’ that captured Fred and Yi earlier; it’s a different one! There are two ‘Bone Demons’ in Temple Forest City! One ‘Night Demon’ and two ‘Bone Demons’?”

The next moment, An shook his head. “No, there are only two ‘Bone Demons’!”

The simultaneous existence of two fourth-level mutants from the same sequence in a small town was rare. Because for a third-level mutant to advance to the fourth level, the best way was to somehow hunt a fourth-level mutant. Fourth-level mutants wouldn’t just hand over their flesh and blood to a third-level mutant willingly.

“Moreover, the other side can see through my invisibility.”

An took a deep breath, his brain working rapidly to figure out a counterattack.

Su Hao lowered his altitude again, diving toward An with the bone knife hanging behind him.

This time, he didn’t plan to use a long knife swing, as it was easy for the agile An on the ground to dodge. He intended to use bone spurs for a wide-range, piercing attack, similar to a machine gun firing rapidly.

Getting closer, Su Hao extended his palm toward An, who was running on the ground.

In the next second, a large number of bone spurs shot out from Su Hao’s palm, covering An with a barrage of projectiles.

“Pew, pew, pew!”

A large number of bone spurs shot out at high speed, like bullets, raking the ground, causing grass and stones to scatter.

However, they still didn’t hit An. Most of the bone spurs were evaded by An, and any that couldn’t be dodged, he deflected with his knife, one by one.

This was An’s ability, “Dynamic Vision.” Flying weapons were useless in front of him because he could see everything clearly and keep up with the movements.

Su Hao ascended once again.

He knew that “Speed Demons” had some leaping abilities, so he didn’t fly very low, giving An no chance to retaliate.

He murmured, “Machine guns don’t work on him either? Then let’s try a grenade launcher!”

Su Hao was now making explosives without needing to cut and carve bones. With the help of his “Bone Patterning” ability, he could construct them directly. In just one minute, he could create a “Fifty Burst” explosive shell.

As for “One Hundred Burst” and “Five Hundred Burst,” they had greater power, but required more time for modifications and had larger volumes.

“Let’s try ‘Fifty Burst’ first.”

Su Hao rapidly ascended to a safe altitude. Once at a safe height, he glided forward at a constant speed, focusing all his attention on his hands.

“First, create the core detonation device.”

“Bone Patterning!”

In Su Hao’s palm, a structure similar to an alarm clock appeared.

“Next, start constructing the first layer of ‘burst’ runes.”

A thin bone sphere enveloped the alarm clock, covered in intricate, hollow patterns.

“Then the second layer of ‘burst’ runes.”

In this way, one layer of sphere enveloped another layer, rapidly crafted by Su Hao.

In no time, it had turned into a round ball slightly larger than a fist, sparkling with a beautiful, pure white luster.

Su Hao looked at his creation with satisfaction and couldn’t help but laugh. “Ever seen a hand-rolled grenade?”

But it wasn’t over. Su Hao grabbed the “Fifty Burst” shell with his left hand, extended his right hand into a fist, and thick bone growth quickly extended outward, transforming into a black hole-like barrel that was two meters long, including his arm, all in the time of two breaths.

“At the bottom of the barrel, carve the ‘Fivefold Eruption’ rune. This way, it won’t backfire, and it will provide enough initial velocity for the shell.”


Su Hao inserted the shell into the barrel, stopping it partway.

Then, he applied the “Sturdy” rune effect to both the barrel and the shell, and just to be safe, he added a “Barrier” rune to the barrel.

Ensuring it wouldn’t backfire.

Su Hao thought for a moment; it should be okay.

He wasn’t sure about the recoil, but given the power of the “Fivefold Eruption,” it shouldn’t be a problem.

With everything set, Su Hao flew above An and began a steep dive.

An also noticed Su Hao’s dive and became highly alert.

As long as he was quick enough to dodge, the attack wouldn’t hit him. With his confidence as someone who possessed “Super Speed” and “Dynamic Vision,” he knew that.

When Su Hao approached within two hundred meters, he raised the dark barrel, aiming it at An.

An saw the dark tube but didn’t understand what it was. However, he increased his vigilance and thought, “What’s this? Probably some sort of projectile. Be ready to dodge!”

Su Hao started slowly infusing blood energy into the barrel and the shell. Meanwhile, he instructed Little Light, “Little Light, record the shell’s trajectory and analyze the impact point.”

Su Hao’s goal was to create a projectile prediction system through extensive impact point data, in simple terms, an automatic aiming system. When the time came, he would only need to place a circle around his target, then activate it. It was straightforward and user-friendly, suitable for lazy people like Su Hao.

Then came the time for the delayed activation of the “Fifty Burst” shell.

The “Fivefold Explosion” activated!


The barrel roared, and the powerful recoil caused Su Hao to veer off course.

The shell was ejected from the barrel at an incredibly high speed and was almost instantaneously in front of An.

“So fast!” In the instant the barrel vibrated, An began to dodge, but the shell was too fast. He barely managed to avoid a direct impact when the shell was right next to him.

As the shell flew past him, An breathed a sigh of relief, thinking, “Luckily I dodged it!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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