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Chapter 13:  Uncle Feng, He has taken a liking to this sword!

“Seventh Junior Brother, I heard you got injured?”

The next morning, Yue Lingshan ran to Yang Huan’s room to ask about his well-being.

“I got a minor injury, nothing serious. Thank you for your concern, Senior Sister,” replied Yang Huan politely.

“That’s good to hear.” Seeing that Yang Huan was indeed alright, Yue Lingshan felt relieved and said, “I never expected someone to sneak into our Huashan School. They must have a lot of courage. If I ever meet them, I’ll make sure to avenge you, Junior Brother!”

Yang Huan just smiled and didn’t say anything, thinking to himself, “With your mediocre skills, it’s better if you don’t get involved!”

“Your martial arts skills wouldn’t even be able to harm that person’s hair if you met them,” a majestic voice was heard from outside the door.

The next moment, the Huashan School Leader, Yue Buqun, stepped into the room.

Seeing Yue Buqun, Yue Lingshan immediately turned into a well-behaved girl and coquettishly said, “Father, how could you say that about your daughter?”

“That thief couldn’t even beat Junior Brother Yang, so of course your daughter can easily defeat him!” Yue Buqun didn’t give Yue Lingshan any face and struck her down, “Junior Brother Yang is an intermediate-level martial artist, but can you handle the enemies he can handle?”

“What?” Yue Lingshan’s expression suddenly became lively.

She turned to look at Yang Huan and realized that his aura was indeed somewhat different, but she had never noticed it before.

Before, she could easily see through his level of cultivation, but now it was impossible.

However, Yue Buqun said that Yang Huan had an intermediate-level cultivation, but Yue Lingshan couldn’t accept that.

After all, Yang Huan was just a third-rate martial artist not too long ago.

Yue Buqun sneered, “Go and take a look at the fight marks in the yard. Do they look like the fight marks left by two third-rate martial artists?”

It was only then that Yue Lingshan noticed.

The floor, walls, and even the ground and walls outside the room were full of small and large pits and sword marks.

The traces of the fight were obviously not left by third-rate martial artists.

“Disciple greets Master.”

Yang Huan stood up and saluted Yue Buqun.

Yue Buqun immediately helped Yang Huan up and said, “You are injured, there is no need for formalities.”

“But Huan’er, your martial arts…”

He had a deep understanding of Yang Huan’s martial arts.

He believed that this kid must have had some adventures, just like Linghu Chong!

If this kid spoke up, it would be fine.

But if he was like Linghu Chong and refused to talk, then there would be no way.

He could just expel this kid from the sect, cut off their illicit affair, and then deal with him when he had fully mastered the swordsmanship of the Bi Xie Manual.

However, Yang Huan obviously guessed Yue Buqun’s plan.

He was now considering whether to pretend to be a snake or to expose Yue Buqun’s true colors directly.

After much consideration, Yang Huan decided to bide his time.

After all, the Five Mountains Martial Arts Competition was just around the corner, and that was the stage where he should show off.

At that time, everyone would be held accountable!

He didn’t have to be in such a hurry to deal with Yue Buqun.

“The martial arts I learned are from an old senior named Feng Qingyang. He said he was an elder of the Huashan Sword Sect. I learned his martial arts, which do not belong to any other sect. That’s how I learned it.”

Yang Huan directly blamed Feng Qingyang.

Anyway, Feng Qingyang wouldn’t show up, and Yue Buqun wouldn’t be able to find anyone to confront.

Moreover, Feng Qingyang’s martial arts path was completely different from that of the Huashan Sword Sect.

Yue Buqun, a junior, although he knew Feng Qingyang, didn’t know much about him.

Yang Huan’s words made it impossible for him to argue for or against their truth.

Yue Buqun was half-believing of Yang Huan’s words.

However, on the surface, he didn’t pursue the matter any further and only said, “I never expected that Senior Feng was still alive. You’re really lucky to have been taught martial arts by him.”

Although on the surface Yue Buqun behaved extremely generously, he was actually very jealous.

In his heart, he thought, why didn’t Senior Feng teach me such powerful martial arts? If I had such powerful martial arts, why would I need to scheme and struggle to find the Bi Xie Swordsmanship? If it weren’t for the Bi Xie Swordsmanship, how could I have resorted to castrating myself with a sword?

Now that my wife has been taken away by this kid Yang Huan, who take advantage in my castration, how can I accept it?

For a moment, Yue Buqun hated Yang Huan to the core. He hated that Yang Huan had taken away his wife and his opportunity!

If what Yang Huan said was true, Yue Buqun believed that if it weren’t for Yang Huan, Senior Feng would have taught him the martial arts. In his opinion, since Senior Feng was willing to teach Yang Huan, he must not want his peerless martial arts to be lost.

If it weren’t for Yang Huan, Senior Feng would probably have taught him instead!

It made sense that Yang Huan had taken away his opportunity.

But now it was too late, the situation had already reached this point, and there was nothing he could do about it.

“That sword…was it also given to you by Senior Feng?” Yue Buqun pointed to the Changhong Sword on the bed and asked.

His eyes were filled with greed.

Obviously, he was eyeing that sword!

He couldn’t obtain the martial arts, but he could still get that sword!

Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

Being Yue Buqun’s Disciple, My Master’s Wife is Teasing Me!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
Yang Huan crossed over to [The Smiling, Proud Wanderer] world to become Yue Buqun’s disciple, only to be seduced by the master’s beautiful wife at the beginning! At that time, he activated the ‘Evil Deeds System’, which allowed him to earn rewards for doing evil! [Ding! The host has cheated on the master’s wife, earning a reward: Long Rainbow Sword Technique!] [Ding! The host has killed a fellow disciple and humiliated a senior sister, receiving a reward: Red Fire Divine Skill!] [Ding! The host has deceived his master and killed an ancestor, receive the reward: Demon Heart Crossing!] [Ding! Betrayed the sect and became an imperial dog, receive the reward: Demon Sword with a Thousand Blades!] [Ding! You have conspired to usurp the throne, assassinate the sovereign and destabilize the palace.]


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