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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: This Damn Drug Lord!

In Southern Yunnan,

Wang Yi was still enthusiastically promoting Ji Yan’s business of selling rock candy.

The seller who had provided him with genuine rock candy had already been scolded by him mercilessly.

Having calmed down his anger,

Wang Yi began to introduce Ji Yan’s product quality in those online groups.

He hadn’t even discussed these matters with Ji Yan.

The main emphasis was on the character “义” (Yi) in the name, which signified righteousness.

While Wang Yi was advertising for Ji Yan, he thought about Hu Daxi, who was far away in the bustling metropolis.

“I remember Xizi was talking about buying rock candy in the group a few days ago…”

Wang Yi quickly found Hu Daxi’s QQ number and asked if he had received the goods.

In this circle, they didn’t know each other’s real identities or names.

Even though Wang Yi and Hu Daxi had known each other for over a year,

Wang Yi only knew him by the nickname “Xizi.”

He knew nothing else.

Of course,

Wang Yi was not aware that Xizi had already been caught by the rapid drug enforcement team.

“Boss, someone sent a message to Hu Daxi’s QQ!”

Upon receiving this message, Liu Juan immediately shouted.

Li Jun, the head of the drug enforcement team in the bustling metropolis, rushed over.

“Who is it?”

Liu Juan went through Wang Yi and Hu Daxi’s conversation.

“I don’t know, the nickname is Brother Wang. They had occasional contact in the past, but not much.”

Hu Daxi was cautious.

He had already deleted most of his chat history with Wang Yi.

Only one or two conversations remained.

They were discussing the taste and quality of drugs.

“Keep chatting with him.”

“I suspect this person is the seller who supplied Hu Daxi!”

Li Jun frowned, staring at the computer screen.

At this time, the person messaging Hu Daxi could only be the seller.


Liu Juan nodded in understanding.

After thinking for two seconds, Liu Juan replied to Wang Yi’s message.

“I’ve received the goods, not bad.”

On the other side,

Wang Yi in Southern Yunnan also received a reply from “Hu Daxi.”

“Okay, as long as you’ve received the goods.”

“I was actually planning to introduce you to a new seller if you hadn’t received them.”

“This seller’s goods are exceptionally good! And reliable!”

“Better and more reliable than any other seller before!”

Wang Yi couldn’t hold back his praise for Ji Yan’s excellent products when talking to Hu Daxi.

The high purity of the crystal meth’s taste was still lingering in Wang Yi’s mind; he couldn’t forget it at all!

When the detectives in the bustling metropolis saw the several messages sent by Wang Yi, they became vigilant.

“A new seller?”

Li Jun furrowed his brow.

Years of experience as a detective told him that this could be a significant lead.

“Engage him in a conversation about this new seller.”

“Let’s see if we can catch this big fish!”

Li Jun was dead serious.


Liu Juan typed rapidly.

“What new seller?”

At the same time, Wang Yi received this message.

When it came to Ji Yan, Wang Yi became enthusiastic.

“This seller is my good buddy. I just bought two grams from him.”

“It hit me like a rush in just one hit!”

“You know me, I always say something is good if it’s really good!”

Liu Juan continued to interact with Wang Yi.

“Is this guy reliable? How’s the quality?”

Wang Yi replied quickly.

“Of course, he’s reliable. Didn’t I tell you I bought from him already?”

“And these days, I’ve been helping him advertise.”

Wang Yi spoke about promoting Ji Yan with a sense of pride, as if he were doing a good deed without seeking recognition.

He was quite pleased with himself.

Then, Wang Yi added,

“I heard he had completed around twenty to thirty deals in just one day!”

Wang Yi might not have realized the impact of his words.

Once he mentioned this, both Liu Juan and Li Jun were genuinely surprised.

“He completed that many deals in one day?”

“Is this drug dealer that capable?”

Liu Juan was extremely astonished.

The other detectives also gathered around, paying close attention to the conversation.

“In just one day, he closed twenty to thirty deals?!”

Seeing Wang Yi’s message, the other detectives were equally shocked.

Liu Juan continued to coax more information from Wang Yi.

“Are all these sellers you introduced to him?”

When chatting with Wang Yi, Liu Juan deliberately imitated Hu Daxi’s tone, so Wang Yi didn’t suspect anything. Moreover, Wang Yi was completely immersed in his pride at the moment.

“Of course! If it weren’t for me vouching for him, who would dare to buy from him?”

“You don’t know, but yesterday, this guy closed around twenty to thirty deals in just one day, and the number of people buying from him is increasing!”

“I’ve heard that he must have around fifty deals on hand now!”

“I swear, this news is spreading like wildfire in our circle, shocking everyone!”

Wang Yi enthusiastically narrated Ji Yan’s legendary achievements, all of which he had heard from others.

According to those who bought from Ji Yan, they were already queued up beyond number fifty. This news not only astonished the drug circle but also caught the attention of the authorities.

“Fif…fifty deals?!”

Liu Juan stared blankly at Wang Yi’s words on the screen.

Li Jun and others behind her were also stunned.

“This person completed over fifty deals in less than two days?”

“Oh my god, is he a major drug lord?”

“Is he still in China? How can he be so brazen here?”

“Shouldn’t he be executed for trafficking such large quantities of drugs?”

“We need to inform our superiors immediately!”

The detectives were all nervous.

They were not aware that Ji Yan had set a rule of selling only ten grams per customer.

Upon hearing Wang Yi’s claim of fifty deals, they directly thought of the total amount in kilograms.

“Quick, ask him for the QQ number of this seller!”

Li Jun urged Liu Juan promptly, his eyes becoming filled with fervor.

Wasn’t this a chance for a major accomplishment?

If they could capture this audacious drug dealer, they would all get promoted!


Liu Juan immediately typed, “Is he that incredible? Then give me his QQ number!”

The entire team of detectives began to wait anxiously.

“Oh, didn’t you just buy from him?” Wang Yi sent a message.

However, Wang Yi’s remark was just a casual complaint.

After sending the message, he started scrolling through his list, searching for Ji Yan’s QQ number.

Wang Yi’s casual comment, though, made his fellow detectives nervous, fearing that he might sense something amiss.

Liu Juan continued to engage in conversation with Wang Yi.

“Well, then you’ll have to wait until the next time to buy from him!”

At the same time, Wang Yi found Ji Yan’s QQ number.

He directly copied and pasted it, sending it to Hu Daxi.

“Just buy from him! His products are really good!”

Seeing that string of numbers, Liu Juan and the others couldn’t help but hold their breath.

“Add this person as a friend!”

Li Jun was also a little nervous.

The next step would be a test of how they could handle this major drug dealer!


Liu Juan entered the string of numbers into the search bar.

Immediately, a QQ number popped up.

Liu Juan took a deep breath and clicked on “add”!


The Chinese character “义” (Yi) has several meanings, and its interpretation can vary based on the context in which it is used. Some common meanings and interpretations of “义” include:

1. Righteousness: “义” is often associated with the concept of moral righteousness, doing what is just and morally right.

2. Justice: It can represent the idea of upholding fairness and justice in actions and decisions.

3. Loyalty: “义” can also be linked to loyalty, especially in terms of being loyal to one’s principles, family, or country.

4. Honor: It can signify a sense of honor and dignity in one’s actions and behavior.

5. Meaning: In some cases, “义” can simply refer to the meaning or significance of something.

In names and titles, the character “义” is often used to convey a sense of righteousness, virtue, and moral integrity. People with the character “义” in their names may be perceived as having a strong moral compass and being trustworthy individuals.


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Officer, I Didn’t Really Deal Dr*gs! I’m Selling Genuine Rock Candy

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Ji Yan transmigrates and finds himself inheriting a candy shop left behind by his recently deceased parents in this world, along with a warehouse full of rock candy! To sell the rock candy, Ji Yan utilizes all his resources and skills. However, things take an unexpected turn when Ji Yan mistakenly enters a group of drug addicts… “How much does a gram of rock candy cost?” “30 cents per piece.” “I want one gram.” “…So little? Shipping is not included!” “…..” Just as Ji Yan is fervently selling rock candy in the drug addicts’ group, a team of armed police officers bursts in, forcibly pinning Ji Yan to the ground, proclaiming that they have apprehended Ji Yan, the infamous drug dealer. No other individuals are found at the scene! In a bewildered state, Ji Yan pleads, “Officer, I’m not dealing drugs, I’m selling genuine rock candy!”


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