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Chapter 129

Ivan stared silently at the club room blackboard with a blank expression.

Eugene finished writing on the board and turned around. He had neatly transcribed the words displayed in the quest window.

[??? Grade Quest, Shadow looming over Tylesse.]

“Tylesse, huh.”

Ivan let out a short sigh. It was something that had happened within the expected range and something he had secretly hoped wouldn’t happen.

All the nations of the United Kingdoms harbored the risk of civil war.

That was Ivan’s tentative inference. Perhaps it was inevitable. With the demons no longer able to create any kind of ‘threat’ solely with their power.

About half of the Demon King and Seven Dragon Generals had died in the war, and the remaining Dragon Generals barely managed to regain their control and withdrew beyond the border.

Perhaps until the advent of the crisis necessitating the formation of a ‘Hero Party’ again in this era, they would not attempt to seek dominance until the warrior party disappeared into the annals of time. Even those who called themselves gods had learned that they could die.

So in this era, the Dragon Generals had to be cautious not only of the heroes but also of each other. Since it had been revealed that the Dragon Generals were not immortal, they were beings too greedy to simply join hands quietly.

Therefore, if another crisis requiring a ‘Hero Party’ were to arise in this era, it would not be enough with just demons.

‘Krasilov and Drovian also faced the threat of civil war.’

Although it felt like it ended too quickly, the Drovian rebels had attempted to kidnap Ecdysis. If they had succeeded, war would have broken out between Einar and Krasilov.

In the meantime, if the Huscals of Drovian attempted a large-scale rebellion, Krasilov would have surely attempted to ally with them. Einar was too threatening an opponent to be left alone.

After Einar’s death, Drovian would split again. The current Drovian is a unified kingdom tied together solely by Einar’s strong charisma. There is no future for the next generation.

‘In the Northern Front of Krasilov, the dwarves would have revolted with the necromancers.’

If all situations had unfolded according to a series of scenarios, Krasilov would have collapsed within ten years. Just like Drovian.

In that case, is it really speculative to assume that such events are happening simultaneously around the world? Probably not.

‘Just before graduating from the academy, it’s common sense to prevent world destruction.’

Unfortunately, based on the common sense of academy-themed stories, protagonists can never graduate completely unscathed. Until the academy established itself as a genre after Harry Potter’s graduation year dropout, the probability of the protagonist graduating was less than 5%.

“You have detected a conspiracy circulating among the nobility of Tylesse. The seeds of a long-standing feud, stemming from the Eastern Front, are now beginning to ignite.” (Ivan)

“The Eastern Front. While I have not directly participated in that theater, historically, it was a frontal clash of medium infantry, including orcs and taurs.” (Ivan)

“Even Tylesse’s cavalry, which was considered superior in mobility and impact than any other army, could not easily repel the advance of the demon army during that time.” (Ivan)

“At least, it’s highly probable that a scenario where some of the demon army at that time, as well as factions of nobles plotting treason, have joined hands. Just like in this country.” (Ivan)

“Well done.” (Ivan)

Ivan stood up from his seat and spoke briefly.

“Not only did you assess the situation, but you also confirmed its severity and grasped a more profound scenario, not simply stopping at ‘demon spy’.” (Ivan)

It’s all thanks to this guy’s competence. Ivan looked at Eugene with renewed eyes.

Indeed, the status window is more useful than expected.

“If this is the scenario progression as you said, shouldn’t we take the protagonists with us?” (Eugene)

“Indeed.” (Ivan)

“All of them as they are?” (Eugene)

“There’s no need for that.” (Ivan)

Taking the entire hero party along would be too much, too difficult to manage, and meaningless.

Lucia’s growth rate far exceeds that of other party members. She has been training under Enrique’s direct disciple. Therefore, Lucia is excluded.

While she is the most reliable in missions where the two of them must go out, on the contrary, Ivan could handle everything Lucia could do in this type of group battle more proficiently.

It’s what they call overlapping positions. It’s unavoidable since they both learned from Enrique.

And Rundis is a dwarf. If it were Krasilov, it might be different, but dwarves are still part of the demon army in countries other than theirs. To take Rundis on an expedition to other countries, national-level support is needed.

“You should come too.” (Ivan)

“…Me?” (Eugene)

“Because we’ll need the status window.” (Ivan)

In the current hero party, there is no priest. Although Eugene may not have many blessings to offer, the presence of the status window surpasses all those shortcomings and remains.

So, the party members are decided as Isabelle, Elpheira, Oscar, Ecdysis, Eugene, and Rundis.

“Yuri can be replaced by Oscar, and Oswald is a direct substitute for Elpheira, but Oscar is essential for this mission.” (Ivan)

Having roughly finished his design, Ivan tidied up his place and stood up.

“Gather the personnel and prepare for departure.” (Ivan)

“And you, Big Brother?” (Eugene)

“I’ll be right there.” (Ivan)

This scenario goes beyond his jurisdiction. Even Tylesse, a potential ally, was a problematic country for him to operate freely in.

It’s a situation where serious diplomatic issues could arise. Even if it’s a eradication unit, in such situations, it was necessary to obtain prior authorization.

Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Just as much as he trusts Elizaveta, she trusts him as well.

After reading the report to the end, Elizaveta buried herself deeply in her chair and let out a sigh. After pressing her temples for a moment, she finally spoke in a soft voice.

“I will not condone it.” (Elizaveta)

“Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“I’m not asking you to condone it. Vanca. I will not condone it.”

She concluded firmly, opening her eyes. Her usually sharp gaze seemed even more piercing today.

“I will discard this report. Do not resubmit it.”

“Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Are you still your lord’s servant?” (Elizaveta)

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“In the future?” (Elizaveta)

“I will forever be so, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Then follow.” (Elizaveta)

As if to signal that no further debate would be entertained, Elizaveta responded sharply.

Despite Ivan bowing in front of her, he still hadn’t stood up. As always.

He is a man who will surely fulfill his intentions and obey commands once given. That’s how he has lived, and he knows no other way.

She loved such a man. In this ever-changing world, in this cold country, he was the only one who had always remained in his place, just like at the beginning.

So, Elizaveta couldn’t reject him. Even if he misunderstood her intentions and carried out operations on his own, she didn’t blame him. Ultimately, from his perspective, it was a task done solely for her.

Only loyalty, only duty, only the country.

Having lived such a life, even if only death remained at the end, he would walk that path. In fact, he never even protested against orders to fight and die. He simply marched forward.

Therefore, in this world, no one could hate him as much as she did. She couldn’t dismiss him, couldn’t belittle him. Because this country owed him a debt greater than victory.

But how could she convince this stubborn man? If she just let him go, he would surely take matters into his own hands again.

“Ivan. Look up.” (Elizaveta)


Finally, in a tired voice, Ivan raised his head quietly. Against the backdrop of the sunset flowing outside the window in the splendid interior of the chief’s office, Elizaveta looked down at him with a weary face.

“It’s too risky.” (Elizaveta)

“I have never not done so.” (Ivan)

“But back then, you didn’t go alone.” (Elizaveta)

Rebels from foreign countries and the unrest of demons. Why should Krasilov handle that? Don’t they have people in that country? Armies? Even if it’s Tylesse, isn’t it a powerful country with two members of the hero party?

There’s no need to say such things. Elizaveta never says something like ‘Isn’t the weather nice today?’ There’s no need to share obvious facts. Ivan has already addressed all the doubts she had, and he must be ready to refute them.

This cannot be persuaded by such means.

“You… I… All I wished for from you was one thing. To stay by my side. That’s all.” (Elizaveta)

“Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Enough. Listen to me.” (Elizaveta)

She skips the honorifics. No need for formality.

Elizaveta quietly walks up and stands in front of Ivan. In the dimly lit room, her silver hair flowed into ash-gray. Subtly, like the remains of a fire that has burned out.

She stood still and looked down at Ivan.

“When your will aligned with mine, I was happy, and when it didn’t, I was pleased. Although your actions may have been frustrating, your resolve was never in doubt. That’s who you are to me.” (Elizaveta)

“Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“So, even when you opposed my will, I smiled. No, I was rather glad. For the only authority must inevitably corrupt. Knowing that there was still someone in this country who didn’t do as I wished, I could be relieved.”

Her hair cascaded down onto Ivan’s head.

The indoor light cast long shadows.

“You show that you’re not driven by personal gain, you’re loyal to our country, and you haven’t pursued power just for yourself. That’s what you mean to me. Even if we disagree or you go against my wishes, you’ll always be my loyal subject.” (Elizaveta)

Her white fingers descended along Ivan’s cheek, pausing at his chin.

“So, this time, follow my words. It’s dangerous. Now, everything happening in this country is under my control, so I can take responsibility and cover up whatever you do. If you head to war, I can support you with all the power granted to me by the gods. But if you leave this country, you’re just another soldier.”

“Your Highness, I don’t overestimate my abilities.” (Ivan)

“But you are confident. I also trust in your abilities. I know what you can do, how far you can go. That’s why I’m more worried.” (Elizaveta)

As much as she believes in him, he believes in himself to the point of pushing himself to the limits of his abilities.

What remains after ruthlessly executing a successful operation? Who will be able to help him? In this country, Elizaveta can mobilize three legions using all her political assets, but not in Tylesse.

There’s no way to retrieve the fallen Ivan and send him back to the homeland. Even though it’s obvious he could get caught up in such an event.

If it had been an ordinary matter, something Tylesse could handle on its own, Ivan wouldn’t have planned his intervention against her will.

Therefore, as she understands Ivan so well, she cannot let him go.

If this man, still an active member of the hero party in a country where he is essential, judges the battlefield as “dangerous without me,” how perilous would it be?

“Get up.” (Elizaveta)


Ivan rose without a word. Elizaveta’s gaze slowly rose. He was slightly taller than her. His broad shoulders, firm muscles, and sturdy silhouette cast a shadow that seemed to envelop her.

His azure pupils stared straight down at her.

“Remove your upper garment.” (Elizaveta)


He still didn’t answer. He had received an order, so he obeyed. His demeanor only revealed such emotions. Swiftly, his coat and shirt fell as he undressed.

There was no sexual tension. He was a man who treated his own body as nothing but a part of his military equipment, and it was a lord commanding him to show his body.

A torso with no trace of fat, just solid muscles and veins, and arteries clearly visible beneath the skin.

“The scars seem to have increased.” (Elizaveta)

“I got them from the last operation.” (Ivan)

His body resembled a canvas covered in countless scars. Like a child’s random scribbles, densely packed. Worn, faint, but deep scars were densely clustered, like gold on a cracked window.

Wounds, punctures, lacerations, burns, bruises, abrasions, contusions. All kinds of traces a person can experience on their body.

They were a history of struggle, the decorations of past military service. Among them, a few distorted scars were of a type even she had never seen before.

A deep burn in the shape of a hand on his chest.

“Did you get hit in the heart?” (Elizaveta)

“I lost, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Was that battle absolutely necessary?” (Elizaveta)

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Didn’t it hurt?” (Elizaveta)

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Weren’t you in agony, sad, or afraid?”

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

Elizaveta placed her hand on his chest and smiled sadly.

“I’m sad. I’m in agony, I’m afraid, and I’m hurt. Ivan… your body is human. It can break, shatter, and scatter when worn out. It’s human.” (Elizaveta)

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Even though you know, you still have to do it?” (Elizaveta)

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

The answer was always the same. Yes, Your Highness.

But within all those answers, Elizaveta understood the unspoken will of this silent man.

It’s human.

I know I will die someday.

But there are things I must do even though I know.

So, Your Highness, please permit it.

Within all those answers, there was no intention of returning safely. As always.

“Ivan.” (Elizaveta)

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Call me as you used to in the old days. Like back then.”

Ivan closed his mouth without replying. Elizaveta glanced up at his eyes for a moment, then lowered her head again.

Soon, a low voice reached her ear.

“Elizhe. Trust me.” (Ivan)

“Ivan Petrovich…” (Elizaveta)

She buried her head in Ivan’s chest for a moment and trembled. After a few seconds of silence, she pushed Ivan away with trembling hands and turned around.

“I will permit your request.” (Elizaveta)

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

“Go. And come back.” (Elizaveta)

“Yes, Your Highness.” (Ivan)

Ivan silently dressed and deeply bowed before leaving.

The moisture that had been on his chest quickly dried. As always.

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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