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Chapter 122

Ivan stood at the lectern, scanning the countless pupils’ eyes staring at him with a free gaze.

The attendance overlapped with the demon ecology lecture, quite a significant number. It was clear that they had decided to spend the semester comfortably with this 5-credit elective course.

The important thing is not the students’ thoughts, plans, or will. The educational curriculum of the 21st century pursues “ordinary education.” It means providing an equal education system to everyone, regardless of the quality of the students.

Even in this primitive world, there is a need to spread the beautiful culture of modern civilization. It is something that must be done as representatives of the Earth.

“In this class, you will learn survival skills.”

He glanced at some of the trembling students (participants in the summer camp) and continued speaking.

“The most important concept of survival is choice and focus. In other words, it can be called ‘sacrifice.’ You must choose what is essential for survival and sacrifice everything else.”

Ivan turned to the board and began writing.

– Resources, body, comrades.

“When exposed to a hostile environment, individuals must sacrifice the following things in order: resources, the possessions they currently have. They leave behind essential items to sustain life and gradually give up unnecessary ones while seeking a safe area.”

“Body. It is the last personal asset that can be sacrificed only after all resources have been depleted. It can be considered the things that must be sacrificed last in practice.”

“Comrades. In survival, individuals with physical impairments are more advantageous than those with intact limbs. Assuming survival as a task, all tasks can maximize efficiency through role allocation.”

Ivan turned back to the board and looked at the students again. The students’ expressions were somewhat weary.

Words like ‘survival skills’ and ‘comrades’ may not be easily understood in a peaceful world. However, it is a necessary lesson to consider the future.

Ivan nodded briefly and said,

“In the previous war, the average survival time of soldiers who entered the demon realm was 17 minutes. Through this class, you will learn how to turn those 17 minutes into 17 days. Any questions?”

The audience remained silent, their thoughts mostly uniform.

Do I really have to take this class?

But it’s worth 5 credits… It’s an elective… The pass/fail credit system is so tempting, though…

“If there are no questions, I’ll conclude the lecture with this. Please wear attire suitable for activities next week.”

Before leaving, Ivan calmly scanned the students’ faces one last time.

“The attendance overlapping with the first lecture is 47.”


[Body Structure and Mana]

After finishing his notes, Ivan addressed the students.

“As there are magicians, knights, and priests here, I won’t elaborate on mana. Those who cannot use mana should not take this class.”

Ivan looked at the students from the visual and performing arts department. Of course, most of them were nobles, and mana manipulation was just basic knowledge for nobles, so there was no resistance from the students.

He nodded satisfactorily and continued speaking.

“The human body consists of bones, muscles, tendons connecting muscles to bones, nerves, and blood vessels. And with sufficient training, you can channel different types of mana into each of these components.”

He quickly drew a schematic forearm on the board.

“Depending on how you use it, mana can replace all these types of components. Even if muscles are torn, bones are destroyed, or nerves malfunction, mana regulation can maintain bodily functions.”

The students’ expressions became grim. It couldn’t be helped. In this primitive pre-modern society, the concept of anatomy was almost primitive. (No, it wasn’t.)

“In this class, you will learn how to replace and utilize each part of the body with mana. From fractures to nerve damage, and eventually, until self-rescue is possible even in a state of cardiac arrest.”


One student sighed blankly.

“In this class, theory is only supplemented by embodiment through practical exercises. It’s more helpful to feel the body structure rather than just seeing it. After the five months of this class, you’ll be able to continue fighting even if your arms and legs are broken.”

The students’ murmurs grew louder. Is this guy insane?

Ivan paid no attention to such trivial noise. He was a rational person. It would be good if those who didn’t want to attend dropped out. Teaching time was always scarce.

And reducing the number of “doubters” would help with this operation.

“Any questions?”

“Um… How are the practical exercises… conducted?”

“A good question.”

Ivan silently nodded and looked at the student raising her hand. She was a petite female student, trembling as she looked at Ivan.

“We control specific areas’ sensations through verified drugs and train them to function again through mana. A saint will be present for all procedures, and only drugs that leave no aftereffects will be used.”

Completely safe and even beneficial. Ivan felt proud as a civilized person. In the 21st century, considering students’ safety when designing the curriculum was common sense.

The students in the fantasy world couldn’t help but admire the systematic educational process of Earth.

“Is he really crazy?”

“What should we do about this class? Just drop it?”

“But still, it’s worth 5 credits if you just attend…”

“What about the priests? Aren’t they supposed to do something about that guy?”

As Ivan heard the murmurs, he quietly nodded.

“If there are no further questions, class dismissed for today. See you next week. Prepare attire that allows easy movement starting from the right arm. Eugene Nobikov Karamzin. Follow me to the professor’s office.”

“Yes, yes, sir… Oh, no. Professor?!”

As Ivan left the classroom, confusion erupted among the students.


Since the incident with the “Kalion Airship” incident, Ivan had memorized all the enrollment information of Jan’s University students.

Therefore, attendance verification was unnecessary. By examining the personal information of those who enrolled in each class and those who attended, it was not difficult to deduce the absentees.

“The common attendance among the three classes is around 23.”

As Ivan scanned the list of enrollees, he was lost in thought.

The reason for opening three subjects was this. To produce “doubters” within a specific group, at least three classification indicators were needed.

In the classes of academy protagonists, there were always infiltrations of demons or demon proxies.

It’s such common sense. The reason why the protagonists’ classes are always involved in terrorism is not otherwise. There were spies sitting in the classroom from the beginning.

Preparing three classes with 5 credits each was nothing more than a modest effort compared to the reward.

Think of it as the instructor version of what Hermione has been doing since elementary school. However, unfortunately in this world, without a Time-Turner, Ivan had to use a more realistic approach.

Minimizing leisure time (including sleep time) to the extreme. This, too, I would say, is the basic principle of survival. If you maximize “choice and focus,” it’s not a difficult task.

So as a result, Ivan was finally able to gather all the protagonists in one place and design a perfect trap.

“Isabelle, Oscar, Elpheira, Ecdysis.”

He succeeded in putting these students in all three subjects.

The reason for structuring the content of the classes the same as the last summer training camp was precisely for that purpose. It was to make Ivan’s classes attractive enough to these students.

If a class that is already easy because they have experienced it before, and moreover, consists of a total of 15 credits, first-year university students like Kim Sun-woo would never make another choice.


“Eugene, Oswald, Yuri.”

Putting these three together in the same class was no problem at all. This side was just a matter of command. (Individual consent didn’t matter. It was such a useful opportunity to take a class for free.)

Now, protagonists from different departments have gathered in one place. With this condition, demon proxies can’t help but infiltrate.

Such opportunities won’t come again.

Such classes are three subjects. It’s generally possible for overlap between two subjects, but individuals simultaneously enrolled in three unrelated elective courses are inevitably suspicious.

To minimize the nonsense, he gave some fear during orientation,

But at the same time, he prepared a lecture schedule to ensure that all students attending the class are at a “useful training level.”

To be able to respond whenever war or special situations arise, to navigate through “academy common sense events” with minimal manpower loss.

Trained agents don’t devise operations for just one goal at a time. That’s the truth.


“That guy?” (Ivan)

“He’s human, sir!” (Eugene)


On this side, there’s a race detection cheat key, a status window.

Eugene chuckled slyly while wiping his palms.

“So, does that mean I’ll be excluded from the practice?” (Eugene)

“Did we make such a promise?” (Ivan)

“Ugh.” (Eugene)

Author’s Note: Muggle-born Wizard’s Credit Management Technique.

— There are traitors among the academy undergraduates and staff.

— The academy always harbors supporters of demons or demons themselves.

Episode 3. There will always be a terrorist attack on the academy entrance train. (1)

— Ivan remembers the personal information of a total of 2429 individuals, including undergraduates, staff, dignitaries from various countries associated with the university, and each student’s family.

Episode 6. The status window opened on the first day of school. (3)

—The status window shows the information Eugene can access at the moment.

— Eugene was born for espionage.

— Eugene is specialized in spy detection limited to the school.

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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