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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Online Transactions, Offline Delivery – Industry Jargon!

Looking at the package.

At this moment.

The officer also realized what was in the package.

It was drug delivery.

This had never happened before.

It was the first time the local officer had encountered this.

The situation was urgent.

The officer immediately took Hu Daxi and the drug package back to the station.

In the interrogation room.

The spotlight shone on Hu Daxi.

With his messy beard and tangled hair, Hu Daxi sat in the interrogation room with a look of despair on his face.

“Officer, I’m innocent! I haven’t committed any crime!”

At this point, Hu Daxi was still trying to defend himself.

“Confession will be rewarded, resistance will be punished!”

“If you claim you’re innocent, then where did the drugs on your table come from?”

The officer interrogating Hu Daxi spoke sternly.

Just a moment ago, they had sent the powder in that bag for analysis.

It was indeed methamphetamine.

“Officer, that’s not my package. I was just collecting it for someone else…”

Hu Daxi looked nervously at the officer in front of him.


The officer slammed the table.

“Treasure the chance you still have to speak! Once the case is settled, no one will listen to you!”

“We’ve been observing you for a long time, and you’re a drug user!”

“Let me say it again, confess and you may be treated more leniently, resist and face severe consequences!”

As the officer said this, Hu Daxi finally realized the gravity of his situation.

He immediately lowered his head, no longer trying to argue.


“Hu Daxi.”

“How long have you been using drugs?”

“Over two years.”

After a standard interrogation to gather information, the officer picked up the delivery package that had been confiscated from Hu Daxi’s home.

“Is this package the one containing the drugs?”

Hu Daxi flinched and glanced at the officer.

He remained silent.

The officer slammed the table again.

“Speak up!”

Drug delivery.

This is a completely new way of transporting drugs.

They couldn’t help but raise their vigilance.

“Yes… yes!”

Hu Daxi was startled.

He lowered his head and admitted it.

“How did you meet the person who sent the shipment?”

The officer continued the interrogation.

Hu Daxi hesitated for a moment.

“We met online.”


The officer interrogating him was momentarily stunned.

In this era, the internet was just starting to become popular.

They had never encountered criminal activities conducted through the internet before.

Perhaps, this was an area they should tackle next as officers.

But that was a matter for the future.

Upon hearing Hu Daxi’s words, the officer interrogating him became more intense.

“Tell us exactly what happened.”

Hu Daxi kept his head down.

It seemed like he knew there was no way out of this place now.

If he cooperated with the investigation, he might get a reduced sentence.

So, Hu Daxi spilled everything he knew, just like beans pouring out of a bamboo tube.

“Because the internet is just developing, the officers haven’t paid attention to this area yet.”

“So, we contacted each other through QQ groups online.”

“All those QQ groups consist of drug users and dealers.”

After Hu Daxi finished talking, the officers understood the situation.

Online drug trafficking had already formed on a large scale. Drug dealers and addicts were conducting direct transactions online.

The interrogators were shocked.

They had never imagined such trades would happen in QQ groups.

Ultimately, it was due to the low internet penetration rate, which was why the officers had not been monitoring it.

“You are all so audacious!”

The officer interrogating Hu Daxi was furious.

“Officer, I deeply regret it now, very regretful…”

Hu Daxi sobbed uncontrollably.

The officer impatiently waved his hand.

They had seen enough of people shedding tears like Hu Daxi.

“Save these words for later.”

“Now, hand over your QQ number to us officers. This is your chance to make up for your crimes, understand?”

At first, Hu Daxi was reluctant.

But upon hearing that he could make up for his crimes, he immediately provided his QQ number and password to the officer.

With Hu Daxi’s QQ number in hand, the officer immediately logged into the QQ account on the station’s computer.

In an instant…

A flood of messages rushed in.

What came into view was a variety of group messages.

On the top were group names like “Shanghai Moms Exchange Group,” “Cooking Tips Exchange Group,” “Senior High School Class 9 Parents Group.”

The officers were seeing this situation for the first time.

They quickly opened these seemingly normal group chats.

A long string of chat records filled the officers’ eyes.

“I just added some rock candy, so amazing!”

“Yesterday, I added a dealer of rock candy; I wonder how good his stuff is!”

“Anyone up for late-night snacks? We have big meat, soft and hard!”

“Blue Smurfs are available now, anyone want to take some home to play?”

“Stock available? What’s the price?”

“1,900 yuan per gram, this tutor’s methods are really effective for improving grades!”

The messages in the group chat made the officers frown.

Some of the things they couldn’t understand at all.

But their instincts told them that something was off about these group chats.

To quickly understand the situation, the officers brought Hu Daxi over again.

“Hu Daxi, what do these people in the groups mean?”

Hu Daxi glanced at the group messages and quickly explained to the officers.

“It’s like this, officers! These groups consist only of drug dealers and drug users.”

“The group names and our conversations are all coded language to avoid detection, it’s industry jargon.”

“Late-night snacks refer to drug use, rock candy means methamphetamine, red wine means ecstasy, and when they say they are ‘captains,’ it means they have marijuana.”

“Then, ‘1,900 yuan’ means 1 gram for 1,900 yuan…”

Hu Daxi was eager to make up for his crimes.

So he disclosed all the secret codes he knew.

After finishing, he tried to please them with a smile.

The officers listened with a puzzled expression.

Their faces became serious.

They had encountered some of this coded language in Hu Daxi’s QQ group chats during their previous drug cases.

But they never expected that there would be so many industry jargon in this QQ group!

And it had gathered so many addicts and drug dealers.

The officers couldn’t help but think that they needed to keep up with the times.

Moreover, before this, they officers were completely unaware of these QQ groups.

Judging from the current situation of these QQ groups, drug trafficking had completely formed an online industrial chain!

“The situation is urgent, report it to the higher authorities immediately!”


The situation received high attention from the authorities in Shanghai.

Internet drug trafficking had become so blatant; it was not a matter to be taken lightly.

Soon, someone reported the incident of drug delivery to the higher authorities.

At the same time of reporting, Hu Daxi received a message on his QQ.

“Did you receive the goods?”


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Officer, I Didn’t Really Deal Dr*gs! I’m Selling Genuine Rock Candy

Officer, I Didn’t Really Deal Dr*gs! I’m Selling Genuine Rock Candy

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Ji Yan transmigrates and finds himself inheriting a candy shop left behind by his recently deceased parents in this world, along with a warehouse full of rock candy! To sell the rock candy, Ji Yan utilizes all his resources and skills. However, things take an unexpected turn when Ji Yan mistakenly enters a group of drug addicts… “How much does a gram of rock candy cost?” “30 cents per piece.” “I want one gram.” “…So little? Shipping is not included!” “…..” Just as Ji Yan is fervently selling rock candy in the drug addicts’ group, a team of armed police officers bursts in, forcibly pinning Ji Yan to the ground, proclaiming that they have apprehended Ji Yan, the infamous drug dealer. No other individuals are found at the scene! In a bewildered state, Ji Yan pleads, “Officer, I’m not dealing drugs, I’m selling genuine rock candy!”


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