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Chapter 119

Chapter 119: A Beautiful Day

Through this incident, Su Hao realized that the Zhu Hua people in this world didn’t seem very intelligent. Despite their tall and muscular appearances, their memory for words and problem-solving seemed sluggish.

These Zhu Hua people, obsessed with eating, indeed didn’t seem too bright.

So, Su Hao had no choice but to teach Yashan to memorize these five sentences slowly. He then instructed Yashan to supervise the mutant people present until they memorized these five sentences.

Su Hao’s purpose was straightforward: to clarify the guiding principles for their actions, brainwash them repeatedly, and make these sentences their shared consensus, something they would follow subconsciously. Although some might continue to misbehave for a while, Su Hao would patrol and deal with them, teaching them a lesson.

After a few days, everyone became obedient. To conduct his genetic research in peace, Su Hao was willing to do whatever it took.

If his plan succeeded, he would control this city. Even if advanced mutant individuals from other cities ended up in Temple Forest City in the future, they would have to follow his rules obediently.

Su Hao knew that rapidly and thoroughly changing the city wasn’t realistic. Changing habits and perceptions would take time. However, he had Yashan as a powerful assistant.

Whenever there was something to be done, he could instruct Yashan. That way, he could establish a laboratory and focus on his genetic research without interruptions.

When dawn was approaching, all the mutant people had passed this test, and Su Hao allowed them to leave for the time being.

By this time, Yashan was mentally and physically exhausted. He was slightly uncomfortable, and there was a constant buzzing of “two core principles, three fundamental rules” in his ears.

He followed Su Hao and said, “Boss Wei, is this enough?”

Su Hao smiled and replied, “Of course not; this is just the beginning. Next, you need to take action!”

Yashan asked, “Alright, Boss Wei, but I’m not very skilled in this… What should I do?”

Su Hao explained, “The next tasks are not difficult. First, select a few second-level or higher helpers among the mutant individuals, preferably third-level. Choose one representative from each sequence. I assume you’ve communicated with these mutant people tonight, so select those who memorized the ‘Mutant Behavior Guidelines’ best.”

Yashan replied, “Alright, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao continued, “Second, provide training to the selected helpers. Explain why we need to do this, analyze the benefits of such actions, the disadvantages of not following, and provide methods for dealing with emergencies. Don’t worry about this; today, I’ll write a manual for you to follow.”

Yashan acknowledged, “Alright, Boss Wei!”

“Third, after the training is complete, every evening, take them to handle the problems that arise in Temple Forest City. When they all meet the requirements, you can let them take over.”

Yashan already had a blind admiration for Su Hao; he believed whatever Su Hao said. In his perception, Su Hao seemed to be capable of everything.

Su Hao added, “Of course, you can’t just have them help without rewards. Later on, you’ll need to classify them into different levels, like first-level employees, second-level employees, third-level employees, and so on. Set up an upgrade system. The higher the level of the employee, the better the benefits. When they meet certain conditions, they can even achieve evolution, and you can teach them to use rune weapons…”

Su Hao continued talking at length, using terminology that Yashan couldn’t understand at all. Yashan just followed along, trying hard to listen and understand. Although he didn’t grasp much, it didn’t stop him from feeling immense respect for Su Hao.

Two months later, the atmosphere in Temple Forest City began to improve. Su Hao added some simple rules under each core and guideline. For example, things like “Don’t enter rooms at night,” “Don’t climb onto rooftops at night,” or “No outdoor activities before midnight.” He explained these fundamental details.

The atmosphere in Temple Forest City improved, but for most mutants, it was nothing short of torture. If they accidentally stepped on a rooftop, they would immediately be caught by the new organization, the ‘Temple Forest Association,’ and get a good beating. Not only that, but they’d also have to memorize the ‘two cores and three basic principles,’ which was a bitter experience.

However, under the rule of Su Hao, the Boss of Temple Forest City, and Yashan, the boss of Bone Demons, they had no choice but to comply.

Things gradually improved for Su Hao. He could freely obtain the mutant genes, materials, and resources he needed. Yashan was quick to find solutions for him. They even set up a quiet area, isolated from the rest, as an exclusive experimental site, marked ‘No entry for civilians.’

For Su Hao, things couldn’t have been better. He could finally return to his peaceful life of genetic research. He was also ready to evolve into a mutant at any time. But before that, he needed to organize his research results from these past two years.

When Su Hao returned to the small courtyard of his research base, he saw Yashan playing with a miserable little round mouse. It was clear that this little creature had suffered inhuman torture. It seemed to want to escape but couldn’t. Its tail was attached to a long rope, the end of which was held by a gigantic demon. This huge demon had a sinister smile on its face and a terrifying laugh, and the little round mouse was petrified. What the demon held wasn’t a rope but its unfortunate fate.

Seeing Su Hao’s return, Taini immediately pulled on the rope and dragged the little round mouse to Su Hao. She happily exclaimed, “Uncle Wei, you’re back! Look, Taini helped take care of your little White, and now it has gained weight.”

Then, with a smug expression, Su Hao said, “How about that, Taini is amazing, right? Should we leave Wu Uncle’s little round rat to Taini to take care of in the future?”

Su Hao glanced at the clearly thinner little round rat and immediately refused, saying, “No, first, take care of your own. We can discuss this topic when it can have a litter of round rat babies.”

Taini was puzzled and asked, “How can it have a litter of round rat babies?”

Su Hao nodded in Yashan’s direction and joked, “Ask your daddy, he’s experienced!”

Yashan was left speechless.

Taini immediately ran over to Yashan and asked, “Daddy, how can my little White have round rat babies?”

Yashan suddenly looked awkward. This was truly a major problem. How could he explain it? Su Hao sighed and said, “Another beautiful day!”

Su Hao returned to his laboratory and looked at the neatly arranged blood samples, wearing a satisfied smile. He muttered to himself, “So far, the city’s situation has stabilized. Next, I’ll focus on organizing genetic sequences and cracking the genetic code.”

After years of research, Su Hao had discovered the secret of the Zhu Huo people’s gene-devouring evolution. The principle behind their ability to consume genes and achieve evolution was quite simple. However, before uncovering this secret, Su Hao had never guessed that it would lead to this result.

So what exactly was it?

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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