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Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Mutant Code of Conduct

As Charlotte’s vital energy depleted significantly, she transformed into a night owl and attempted to fly away.

Su Hao stepped forward.


The earth exploded, and he appeared behind the night owl in an instant, grabbing her by the neck and squeezing fiercely from above.


The ground trembled. Seeing the night owl still struggling, Su Hao lifted her head, ready to slam her back to the ground.


Blood covered the night owl’s face, as if she had accepted her fate, going limp and quiet.

Su Hao turned her strange bird face towards him and repeated the words he had spoken to the man earlier.

The night owl remained silent.

Su Hao raised his hand as if to strike her back to the ground.

The night owl immediately spoke in a sharp voice, “I understand!”

Su Hao released his grip and smiled, saying, “Good, thanks for cooperating.”

On the other side, Yashan woke up Charlie, the Silk Spitter.

When Charlie woke up, she roared in madness, “Where’s Charlotte? Charlotte!!”

This prompted Yashan to mercilessly beat her. However, Yashan didn’t anticipate that Charlie would become even more insane, with bloodshot eyes, seeking to harm anyone in her path.

Especially when she saw Charlotte sitting calmly on the side, she became even more frenzied, unleashing cutting and piercing threads towards Charlotte. Of course, Yashan and Su Hao weren’t spared either.

“Ring of Fire!”

Flames swept through, burning all the threads to ashes. Yashan grabbed Charlie by the collar and slapped her face, mimicking Su Hao, but facing a crazed person, slaps couldn’t wake her.

Charlie’s threads continued to attack everything indiscriminately.


Su Hao drew a long knife and approached.



Charlie’s head flew off. Everything around fell silent, including the dozen or so people who had awakened.

Charlotte’s pupils dilated to their maximum, trembling all over, and then going limp, collapsing like a lifeless body.

Su Hao said calmly, “Yashan, there are some people you can’t communicate with. It’s better not to communicate with them to avoid harm. Think carefully about your goals, and you’ll have a clear path of action.”

Yashan, with some blood splattered on him, nodded earnestly, saying, “Understood, Boss Wei.”

The following events proceeded very smoothly. Su Hao educated and incorporated the captured anomalies into their group, while Yashan supervised these lifeless captives.

Of course, some attempted to escape. However, Yashan quickly recaptured them, breaking their arms. Some were persistent in trying to escape, but in the end, they met the same fate and turned into lifeless bodies.

Yashan thought, “Boss Wei is right. Once you understand your goals, dealing with matters becomes simple and efficient, saving everyone’s time.”

The simple and honest Yashan was led astray by Su Hao.

More and more people followed behind the group. These mutants of various shapes and sizes didn’t know each other and lacked the determination to unite against Su Hao and Yashan.

After all the people were brought outside the city, Su Hao turned to Yashan and said, “Yashan, didn’t you want to take care of this city properly? Watch over it!”

Yashan nodded and said, “Of course, Boss Wei!”

Taking a deep breath, Su Hao addressed the mutants of the Temple Forest City and the Bosss of various factions, saying, “Good evening, everyone!”

No applause, just a hushed silence.

Su Hao smiled and introduced himself, “First, let me introduce myself. I’m Wei, an ordinary person, and from now on, I’m the Boss of all the mutants in this city! Anyone in favor, or anyone against?”

Still, there was silence.

Su Hao nodded, pointing to his own face, and said, “Open your eyes wide and look at my face. From now on, all the mutants in Temple Forest City, when they see me, must address me as Boss Wei! Then, walk around me, don’t hang around and cause trouble, or it won’t end well for you.”

“Whether you heard it or not, one thing is clear: from now on, if you can’t get it done, I’ll beat you every time I see you until you remember! Of course, if one day you can beat me, forget what I just said, I’ll even call you the boss instead!”

Su Hao pointed at Yashan next to him and continued, “This person by my side is my assistant. In the future, what he says is what I say. If you disagree, you can challenge him one-on-one. From now on, we’ll live peacefully in the city, fight peacefully, and eat meat peacefully!”

“Let’s get to the point. Tonight, I’ve gathered you mutant people to discuss the rules of Temple Forest City’s future. Over the past two years, Deli from the Bone Demons and Sik from the Silk Demons have been causing havoc, wrecking everything, and everyone in Temple Forest City has suffered greatly. I’m sure you’ve all seen it and felt it.”

“To prevent such tragic incidents in the future, all the mutant people in Temple Forest City need to share a common goal, which is to protect Temple Forest City and avoid further harm to this city.”

When Su Hao reached this point, there was a slight commotion in the crowd. Many mutant individuals suddenly felt confused. “Is that all? Did they capture everyone for this? They even killed over a dozen people…”

They were filled with a sense of absurdity. And it was indeed pitiful for the mutant individuals who were killed just because they resisted, not for their powers, but for some inexplicable reason.

However, Su Hao didn’t care about how these mutant individuals felt. Even if he knew, he would dismiss it. Those who didn’t obey would undoubtedly become disruptive elements in the future. Eliminating them early was a way to keep the city safe. Who would listen to him if they didn’t strike fear into the hearts of the troublemakers?

“Alright, listen carefully. I’ll only say it once. Those who remember can leave, and those who don’t can stay until they remember. You have to remember it before daybreak, or the consequences are your own.”

After a brief pause, Su Hao spoke louder, “Two core principles and three fundamental rules of ‘Mutant Behavior Guidelines.’ Firstly, the two core principles are: one, the core principle is the harmonious development of Temple Forest City, and two, the core principle is the well-being and happiness of ordinary people in Temple Forest City.”

After waiting for a moment, Su Hao continued, “Now, the three fundamental rules: one, the principle of not damaging city structures and roads; two, the principle of caring for ordinary homeless children; three, the principle of creating value through diligent work.”

After waiting for a while, Su Hao asked, “Did you all remember?”

However, what Su Hao saw were a group of despairing faces. Many people started complaining, “It’s too long and too hard to remember!”

“Can anyone even remember this? Are they trying to make things difficult for us?”

“Remembering this thing is worse than dying…”

Su Hao fell silent and turned to Yashan. He asked slowly, “Yashan, did you remember?”

Yashan, sweating profusely, had a drop of sweat on his forehead.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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