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Chapter 116

Chapter 116: The Big Stone

“Yashan! Well done.”

Su Hao walked over, raised his hand, and heavily patted Yashan’s shoulder, making a “bang bang” sound as the metal armor and Yashan’s shell collided.

Yashan panted heavily, his bewildered eyes looking at Su Hao, “Boss Wei, I… I killed the Bone Demon? I avenged myself.”

Su Hao immediately said: “Of course! That strike just now was extremely handsome, it showed the style of your boss.”

Yashan hesitated and said: “That stone just now..”

Su Hao interrupted: “That… you personally split off his head! If it weren’t for you, Bone Demon wouldn’t have died even if a meteor fell from the sky.”

Yashan nodded nervously.

After waiting two years for revenge, his heart felt empty, and he felt like he had nowhere to exert his strength.

If possible, he would exchange his strength for the return of his wife and child.

And at that time, he would cherish every day spent with his wife and son.

Now, he really wanted to hear his wife’s deafening snoring again…

But it was gone!

Yashan was on the verge of tears, but he held back.

After a moment of silence, Yashan suddenly roared towards the sky: “Ah–”

This roar with complex emotions spread in the night.

After a while, Su Hao reminded him: “Yashan, let’s go.”

Yashan regained his senses, then suddenly knelt down, tears streaming down his face, and said to Su Hao, “Boss Wei, thank you, thank you! I don’t know how to express it, I just know that if it weren’t for you..”

Su Hao sighed and said, “Let’s talk about this later when we get back! Let’s go, Yashan.”

Su Hao felt that they had disturbed others tonight!

Yashan stood up and said, “Yes, Boss Wei”

Su Hao kicked the body of the Bone Demon with his foot and said, “Bring this bone frame back. I want to study it. I’m really curious about its body.”

“Yes, Boss Wei”

While walking, Su Hao said, “Since we have the flesh and blood of the Bone Demon, you can try to advance to the fourth level in the next few days.”

His voice became more and more distant, slowly dissipating in the air.

As for whether Yashan would develop any rebellious thoughts after evolving into a Bone Demon, was it important to Su Hao?

Not really.

If he dared to make a move against him or showed strong hostility, he would simply be killed.

After Yashan finished listening, his eyes gradually lit up.

He hated this small city to the core.

Many mutants took advantage of their powerful strength and attacked ordinary people without any scruples, causing the death of his wife and child.

But this small city was where he grew up.

The more he hated, the more he loved it.

After tonight, he would be the second most powerful mutant in this city.

Perhaps, he could use his strength to change this small city. Upon thinking about this, Yashan immediately said to Su Hao, “Boss Wei, I want to manage this city well and restore its former peace. I don’t care about the mutants and their antics, but I won’t allow harm to come to ordinary people. What do you think?”

Su Hao nodded, “Great.”

Yashan instantly found a new direction.

He tightly clenched his fist and silently thought, “Definitely, I must give Taini a stable home! Give all those who enjoy a peaceful life a stable home.”

The next day, as Su Hao collected data throughout, Yashan successfully evolved into a level four mutant, the Bone Demon.

Yashan’s evolution had surpassed the majority of people and reached a near-top position.

The power of a level four mutant in this small city made Yashan nearly invincible.

Su Hao also planned to study the genetic sequence of the Bone Demon and then choose a member of the Shell People to evolve.

Then, he would fully unveil the mysteries of genetic evolution.

But before that, there were some things to be done.

The city of Temple Forest City was still too chaotic for him to focus on his research.

So, he intended to expose all the mutants hiding in the city’s temples and teach them the rules of survival in this city.

Otherwise, they would all be wiped out.

That night, Su Hao and Yashan appeared arrogantly on the seemingly quiet streets of the small city.

Su Hao maximized his perception, covering a range of 3,500 meters which almost encompassed the entire Temple Forest City.

He had complete control over the actions of most mutants.

Since the deaths of the Silk Demon and Bone Demon, the low-level mutants in the city had become restless once again.

They desired energy growth and evolutionary flesh.

They did not realize the gravity of the situation.

Su Hao straightforwardly said to Yashan, “Tonight, you don’t need to take action
Just follow behind me. I’ll knock someone out, and you take them away.”

Yashan subconsciously replied, “Alright, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao said, “Let’s go, let’s resolve this quickly.”

With his radar activated, Su Hao locked onto the nearest mutant.

“Now, let’s get to work. And we’ll start with you.”

Su Hao surveyed the surroundings and picked up a large stone.

The mutant that Su Hao targeted was a level two Rampager from the Lightfoot sequence, floating and appearing and disappearing at will.

During movement, it would even leave an afterimage behind.

It was quite peculiar.

This Rampager was a female mutant from the Zhu Hua sequence.

She wore a tight-fitting black night suit which accentuated her fantastic figure.

Even the face mask couldn’t hide her charming appearance.

This Rampager was joyfully enjoying her carefree night, searching for flesh and blood that might be a gift from heaven, when suddenly, she saw a young boy appear before her, smiling.

“When did..”

However, before the Rampager could finish expressing her doubts, a massive stone came crashing towards her.


The Rampager’s eyes rolled back, and she fell to the ground.

There was no longer any sense of freedom.

Su Hao was quite satisfied with his masterpiece.

“A fantastic start! Observing the bloodstains on the stone, I thought to myself that I exerted too much force and broke the skin.”

“Yashan, bring her along! Next one.”


Yashan responded, lifting up the Rampager miss and following behind Su Hao. “Hmm~ here’s a Level 2 mutant ‘Tracker’ in the Nightwalker sequence. It moves like a bat, skillfully hiding itself. We wouldn’t have noticed it without the radar.”

The ‘Tracker’ was trailing a Level 2 mutant ‘Lone Rampager’ girl, who was mistaken for a prey hunter by those who didn’t know better.

Just as the ‘Tracker’ found an opportunity to strike the ‘Lone Rampager’ girl, a large stone suddenly appeared from the side.

Caught off guard, he collided with the stone. “Bang.”

The ‘Tracker’ fell to the ground, feeling a buzzing sensation in his head.

He didn’t understand what had just happened and stumbled as he tried to get back up. “That was a bit too light this time.”

Su Hao silently adjusted the angle and strength of his strike to knock out the mutant.

He gave the ‘Tracker’ another hit.


Before the ‘Tracker’ could get up, he was hit again and fell unconscious.

The ‘Lone Rampager’ girl, realizing she was under attack, trembled.

Suddenly, a large amount of yellow gas and some dark liquid sprayed out of her entire body.

When she turned to see what had happened, she saw a stone continuously getting bigger before her eyes.


However, Su Hao couldn’t feel happy after incapacitating the ‘Lone Rampager’ girl.

He had managed to avoid the dark liquid, but accidentally inhaled a mouthful of the yellow gas.

He smelled a nauseating odor that almost made him vomit everything he had eaten today.

At this moment, Yashan walked over to carry the person away, but he immediately smelled a strange odor and had to step back, unable to help but curse, “What the hell is this smell…ugh.”

Su Hao had already distanced himself and used a rune to numb his nerves, controlling the urge to vomit.

Seeing Yashan also continuously vomiting, he felt slightly relieved.

With a smile on his face, he applied a nerve paralysis rune on Yashan to stop his dry heaving.

Su Hao smiled at Yashan and said, “Bring her along”

Yashan, with lingering fear, looked at the ‘Lone Rampager’ lying on the ground and nodded slowly.

(End of this chapter)

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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