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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: What? Is all of this really happening?

When Lu Cheng’an returned to reality, he found it truly harsh. Before crossing over, he was a corporate slave, and now, he was about to become a government slave. The difference was that before, he worked for a company, and now, he was trying his best to work for the court. Both were just laborers, and who knows, he might even become a tool for others in the future.

A penny can stump a hero, which was perfectly reflected at this moment. As soon as it got bright, the innkeeper came over and asked if Lu Cheng’an wanted to eat something and if he wanted to stay another day. How ruthless people’s hearts are nowadays. Can’t you see how savvy these ancient people were? They ask if you want to eat, but don’t you need money to eat? If you eat something from their place, don’t you still have to pay? This is a typical bundled transaction.

Lu Cheng’an inwardly cursed a thousand times. He handed over the meager silver in his hand to the innkeeper and said, “Thank you, there’s no need for the inn to go through the trouble. I’ve been staying in the capital for a long time, and it’s time to go home and report my safety.”

He was still a person who cared about his dignity.

Just as he walked out of the gate, he saw several people wearing red robes with black lines in the middle, holding waist knives and asking around.

“Do you know a scholar named Lu Cheng’an who came to the capital to take the exam?”

The vendor who was caught nearby, seeing the clothes of the other party, knew that these people were from the Imperial Guards. He hurriedly shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

As soon as Lu Cheng’an stepped out, he saw this scene. He thought about it. He had no relatives or connections in the capital, and he came alone just to take an exam. He couldn’t possibly be the one they were looking for.

At this moment, one of the people looked at the portrait in his hand and then at Lu Cheng’an. He walked over and said, “Does the person in this portrait look like you?”

Lu Cheng’an took a glance. The portrait did resemble him somewhat. These people were indeed looking for him.

There was no way to run. With his weak physique, he couldn’t run away even if he wanted to. Who knows, running might only lead to a faster death. So Lu Cheng’an asked, “The portrait is indeed well drawn. It seems that the person in the painting is indeed me. I just wanted to ask, who is looking for me?”

The person hesitated for a moment. When the Princess Jin asked him to find someone, he didn’t say who the person was, only requesting him to bring the person over. Seeing how polite and courteous the other party was, he also bowed and said, “Follow the arrangements of Princess Jin’s mansion.”

Lu Cheng’an was dumbfounded.

Yes, he was dumbfounded.

The words “Princess Jin” were both distant and familiar to him. What was familiar was the game in his mind. As a staunch supporter of the Han Prince, he had clashed with Princess Jin and Princess Qin countless times.

From details to the big picture, from the Six Ministries to local officials, from the imperial examination to grand ceremonies, from various schools of thought to commercial activities.

The person he loved to trick the most was Princess Jin.

Mainly because Princess Qin’s mind was very agile, and sometimes he couldn’t deceive her. Plus, if she fell for a trick once, she wouldn’t fall for it the second time.

In Lu Cheng’an’s eyes, Princess Jin was a silly little angel, Princess Qin’s divine-level teammate, giving money, food, and talent. Half of the members of the Han Princess faction had jumped back and forth between Princess Jin’s faction repeatedly.

After pondering for a moment, Lu Cheng’an’s back suddenly broke out in cold sweat because in his memory, this year was indeed Zhengying’s reign, the reign of Emperor Zhengying.

When he first started playing the game in his mind, he didn’t think deeply because no matter which dynasty he crossed into, regardless of whether the history was altered or not, he had never witnessed a scene where a princess seized the throne.

He couldn’t have crossed into the beta version of “Empress Development Plan,” could he?

Lu Cheng’an was momentarily stunned, and the several embroidered guards looked at his expression. Was this guy trying to escape? Princess Jin had repeatedly instructed them to bring this person to her and not let him escape. To avoid any accidents, one person quietly gestured behind his back.

Another person swiftly bound Lu Cheng’an’s hands.

“My apologies,” the person said.

Lu Cheng’an hurriedly said, “I’ll go with you. I’ll definitely go with you. Don’t tie me up. It’s embarrassing. What if others mistake me for a criminal? I have my pride too.”

“Hmph, rest assured, when it comes to saving face, we can handle it for you. If anyone asks, we’ll just say we’re here to pick up husbands from the list,” the embroidered guard said arrogantly.


The reason of picking up husbands from the list was truly impeccable. People wouldn’t even dare to come over and ask what you were here for. One sentence would block all possible retreats for others.

“Bad habits are unacceptable,” Lu Cheng’an sighed. It seemed that he had no choice but to go to Princess Jin’s mansion.

Just then, a cold voice came from the side of the group.

They saw a person riding a white horse, calmly saying, “Wait a moment.”

The embroidered guards were also puzzled. Working for Princess Jin’s mansion, they hadn’t encountered much resistance before, after all, Princess Jin was the beloved princess of the emperor.

As they turned around, they saw a person wearing a black robe with a few strands of gold thread mixed in.

Lu Cheng’an looked up from the robe to see a person with delicate features and fair skin, her eyes shining, her nose and teeth exquisite, with a noble air in her eyebrows. She was riding a white horse, exuding an unmatched aura of majesty.

In the capital, only high-ranking dignitaries and members of the royal family could ride horses. And with the person wearing the dragon robe, her noble status was self-evident.

She walked down calmly.

“This person, I want him,” she said, her tone carrying unquestionable authority.

The embroidered guards immediately recognized the person riding the white horse as the eldest princess, known as the Princess Han. However, the Princess Han had always been low-key. She didn’t have the pervasive influence of Princess Qin or the domineering presence of Princess Jin.

But, seeing the Princess Han for the first time in public, the embroidered guards were indeed somewhat surprised, but they still answered with the authority of the Princess Han, “Following the arrangements of Princess Jin…”

Before they could finish speaking, the Princess Han fiercely whipped the person’s face with her riding crop.

“Princess Jin is a princess, am I, the Han Prince, not a princess?”

The embroidered guards’ faces turned pale immediately.

They couldn’t afford to offend Princess Jin, and Princess Jin’s temperament was unpredictable. If they didn’t fulfill what she instructed, they wouldn’t be able to walk away unscathed.

Compared to Princess Jin, the Han Princess’s actions were low-key, and it was said that he was known for his gentle temperament. Offending the Han Princess was definitely safer than offending Princess Jin.

But who would have thought that today’s Princess Han was extraordinary? Just one sentence made them sweat and bow their heads.

Princess Jin is a princess, and Princess Han is also a princess.

This point, they couldn’t question, nor dared to question.

At this moment.

Lu Cheng’an was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this Princess Han riding the white horse the object of her intense favorability and intimacy in the game? And I even made the Princess Han have a child for me, always seeking comfort, hugs, and kisses from the Princess Han just to keep the happiness value at an extremely high level, thereby keeping the character in a healthy state.

This is awkward.

Wait a minute.

What does playing games in the game have to do with reality?

She’s not even connected to me.

Thinking of this, Lu Cheng’an breathed a sigh of relief.

Next time he starts a new game save, he’ll continue to pursue Princess Han. With this character design and appearance, one child is not enough; he should have at least ten.




Is it Abnormal to Want to Marry an Empress?

Is it Abnormal to Want to Marry an Empress?

想娶女帝不正常吗?/ Raw from ciweimao
Status: Ongoing Author: Native Language: Chinese
Lu Cheng'an wakes up to find himself transported into a different world where he is compelled to participate in a game called "The Empress Raising Plan". In this virtual realm, he assumes the role of a scholar wrongly accused of cheating in the imperial examinations. Despite returning home, he realizes the game persists within his mind. Frustrated by being coerced into playing, Lu Cheng'an questions, "What? You're really telling me to play the game even though I've been isekai-ed?" Nevertheless, he reluctantly decides to proceed, selecting the most captivating character, the Princess Han, to embody. At the same time, Su Yuzhou, the Han Princess, stared blankly at a suddenly appearing game interface, and started to navigate the simulated operation with the help of novice guidance. As Lu Cheng'an advances through the game, he achieves numerous milestones such as "The Princess of Han Ascends the Throne," "Enlightenment at Dragon's Field," and "Prime Minister in Brocade Clothes." He nears completion of the ultimate objective: marrying off the Princess of Han. However, just as he anticipates completing the game and advancing with his "waifu," he is abducted by the residents of the Jin Palace. Confounded, Lu Cheng'an exclaims, "Wait, is this game actually real?"
(Tn: If you enjoyed "I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!", you might also like this novel.)


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