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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Rouge List caused a sensation. Can we rank a Beauty List of the Seven Kingdoms?

“Huh? Why did it stop? Continue, please continue!”

In the fourth-floor private room, Hong Liang jumped off her seat and anxiously paced around.

Who exactly was that person in white?

And why did he intervene to help?

That guy actually stopped at a critical moment, deliberately torturing people!

Only when the noises outside rang out did Hong Liang suddenly awaken.

She gritted her teeth, “This despicable guy, turns out he was trying to scam money!”

Sister Zi couldn’t help but chuckle, “Princess, that’s not right. He depends on this for a living. As the saying goes, if the story is well told, guests are willing to reward. This is a reasonable thing.”

Hong Liang stomped her foot, disgruntled, “But he can’t just suddenly stop, neither moving forward nor backward. This princess is really uncomfortable! It’s satisfying when it’s all done at once! Can’t he finish it and then ask for it?”

Sister Zi was shocked!

Princess, what kind of tricky words are these?

As the owner of the Hundred Flower Pavilion, although she hadn’t experienced it personally, hearing such words made her think of something inappropriate.

Hong Liang had already stomped to Han Fei’s side, extending her small hand and raising her eyebrows at him.

“What are you doing?”

Han Fei looked confusedly at his younger sister.

Hong Liang puffed out her cheeks, “Money, money, if he doesn’t want to continue, then quickly take it out!”

Han Fei pursed his lips and awkwardly took out a money pouch from his waist.

Just as he was about to reach in to retrieve the money, the impatient Hong Liang snatched the money bag away.

She ran to the window in a flash and threw the entire money bag out.

Shouting down to the street, she cried out, “The guest in Room A, continue quickly!”

Han Fei was immediately anxious, “That bag had at least twenty gold coins!”

In this era, gold was exceptionally valuable, with a gold coin worth ten thousand currency.

Twenty gold coins meant two hundred thousand currency!

It equals the profit of the entire brothel for a day!

Hong Liang turned around and casually clapped her hands, “Are you missing that bit of money? Anyway, I’m not short of it!”

Han Fei: “… ”

That’s my money, of course you’re not short of it!

Sister Zi and Nongyu were also stunned!

This Hong Liang princess really is rich!

Seeing the people at the Hundred Flowers Pavilion open their money bags instantly left Jing Ni dumbfounded!

No wonder Li Mo’s life is so prosperous.

This isn’t earning money, it’s clearly picking up money!

With just one “glance,” who’s the generous rich person? Gold coins are being tossed around! He immediately became excited and slammed his hand on the table, saying, “So this is the woman ranked number one on the Rouge List, Nangong Pu!”

Li Mo continued to talk confidently, and the audience in the private room listened with great excitement!

“The first beauty to save, won’t this be a romantic encounter?”

“I’ve heard of heroes saving beauties, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of a beautiful woman saving a hero. Interesting, interesting!”

Someone’s eyes lit up, “What is this Rouge List?”

“The number one beauty on the Rouge List? Is it ranking all the beauties in the world?”

“Haha, interesting, counting all the beauties in the world, interesting! It’s just a pity that we don’t have such a list in Han!”

Hong Liang blinked and pointed to her nose curiously, “The Rouge List? Brother Wang, if we had this list in Han, could I be on it?”

Everyone has a desire for beauty, and hearing about this Rouge List aroused Hong Liang’s competitive spirit. Sister Zi and Nongyu looked at each other, unable to hold back their laughter, “The princess is exceptional in appearance, if there was such a list, she would definitely be on it.”

Hong Liang’s eyes lit up with happiness, “Oh, I’m not as beautiful as my two sisters, if there really were such a list, my two sisters would definitely be on it!”

“If we had this list in Han, it would be great, and with the other six countries, I wonder who could top the list!”

Zhang Liang shrugged, “Curious? Just ask Mr. Li to make a list, that will do, right?”

Sister Zi looked at him and said, “Mr. Zhang’s words are troubling, Mr. Li is talented but blind, for a ranking of beauties, naturally he needs to see them with his own eyes, without seeing, how could he rank them?”

But Hong Liang was intrigued by Zhang Liang’s words. She didn’t care about so much, and shouted downstairs, “Hey hey hey, you there, if you can rank the beauties of the seven countries on a Rouge List, this lady… this lady will reward you with another twenty gold coins!”

Li Mo really regrets not having eyes, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to see clearly! Earning forty gold coins in one night, that’s enough to buy a big mansion in the bustling area of Xinzheng! The girl upstairs, does her family have a gold mine?

Sister Zi looked at the excited Hong Liang shaking her head. Letting a blind man rank the list of beauties, isn’t this hitting his sore spot! However, Hong Liang’s words resonated with the guests in the other private rooms.

They all expressed that as long as Li Mo could make the list, there would be no shortage of rewards!

In the Hundred Flowers Pavilion, Jing Ni couldn’t help but furrow her brows! These people, don’t they know that the husband can’t see? Furthermore, the seven countries are vast, and there are so many women. He has never heard of such a thing, never seen it. How would he rank them?

Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

Status: Ongoing Author: Native Language: Chinese
Others who transmigrate into Great Qin (Ancient China/Qin Dynasty) either become the Sons of the Ancestral Dragon or noble princes. But Li Mo, who traversed here, became a blind man who couldn't even find a wife, starting with a catastrophe! Fortunately, though, heaven closed one window for him but helped him lift the roof: awakening simplified talents and heavenly eyes in cultivation. Gaining inner strength: breathing! Strengthening the foundation: sleeping! Five Thunder Heart Palms: generating electricity through friction! Viewing the world with the heart, transcending all beings! To increase the population, the court mandates marriages, dragging those who don't marry into forced labor camps and providing partners for those without. And this is a good thing? Li Mo just went with a bamboo pole! Who cares if the wife is ugly? Anyway, he can't see, as long as the well water comes out! But unexpectedly, he ended up marrying a dollfish, which gurgled as soon as he dug the well. Seeking the Ancestral Dragon's military strategy? Let's understand "The Pulley Language". Not enough troops for the battle? One sulfur, two saltpeter, three charcoal, add some white sugar, and Big Ivan, let's understand it. Eight-year-old Xiaomeng wants to become a disciple? Let's cultivate an understanding! You say I'm blind? Have you ever seen a blind person massaged by the Moon Goddess, having his legs pressed by the Eastern Sovereign, and fed fruit by the Flame Princess?


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