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Chapter 107

I can read the future. To put it accurately, I sense dangers within 5 seconds.

Therefore, at this moment, Eignak could fight like a seasoned superhuman with accelerated reflexes. Because he could anticipate and respond to even the fastest attacks before they hit.

So, with the rising dark magic, his body gradually speeds up. It’s becoming more refined.

Dodging the sharp sword strikes aimed at his neck.

Deflecting the sword thrust aimed at his chest.

Avoiding the fire magic aimed at his head.

Redirecting the powerful axe swing aimed at his back with his shoulder armor.

-Clang! Clangclangclang!!

Even facing four opponents, he wasn’t being pushed back. On the contrary, he was overwhelming them. With even stronger strength, with even more intense magic. The little ones in front of him weren’t a match from the start, and they were even injured.

All four of them were gasping, torn to shreds. Like a candle on the verge of extinguishing, seeming to flicker at any moment, they exerted their full strength with every moment.

But a candle is brightest just before it goes out.


The first direct hit landed. He was aware, but it was an axe blade falling from an angle he couldn’t dodge.

Eignak swung his staff, trying to suppress the rising panic.


However, he was blocked. Isabelle and Oscar, two warriors fueled by anger, intercepted the powerful blow of the orc warrior. They skillfully parried the attacks aimed at Ecdysis.

And then, the next strike landed.

-Fwrrrrk— Bam!

A fireball aimed at Eignak’s head. He tried to turn his head, but it was impossible in this position with the staff wedged in. Even though he anticipated it beforehand, he couldn’t move any further.

“Krrrrk—!! You bastards—!!”

Foam spewed from Eignak’s mouth. Anger surged, making his vision blurry.

The more he fought, the more he understood. Seeing the future enabled him to comprehend it more clearly.

These guys were becoming more refined over time. They bit down on it tightly, even with bodies that seemed like they would crumble at any moment, and endured the pain that permeated their whole being.

Throwing themselves to protect their comrades, pushing their bodies forward to assist those who went ahead.


As the others ahead fully absorbed Eignak’s strength, another person delivered a strike. At an angle impossible to evade and with a speed difficult to react to even when known.

Thus, their ‘nerve acceleration’ was becoming faster and sharper.

Suddenly, Isabelle’s limit was reached. Her overloaded nerves felt as if they would snap at any moment. Yet, she didn’t stop. One more step forward, one more strike.

Today, no one will die before me. It will never happen.

Isabelle’s blue eyes sparkled like stars. Even pain couldn’t cloud her cognition. The blade finally grazed deeply past Eignak’s side.


Blood splattered into the air. With everyone’s time highly accelerated, it seemed like a surging wave. It soared into the night sky, reflecting off the bonfire.

Bewildered, Eignak’s stance crumbled. Is it now? No, not yet. His strength hadn’t been entirely depleted.


Foaming at the mouth with rage, Eignak swung his arm towards Isabelle.

Normally, comparing the physical performance of orcs and humans would be unfair, so despite receiving dozens of blows, it was difficult to kill Eignak. Yet, with just one strike, Eignak could end their lives.

So, as Isabelle’s stance crumbled after the attack, she looked up at Eignak’s approaching massive fist and smiled faintly.

“I… protected you!”

She kept her promise. The promise that no one would die before her. She protected her comrades. By breaking his stance with this blow and enduring his attack, her comrades would finish him off.

But if there was regret, it was that she couldn’t confirm the old man’s safety one last time.

Please, stay alive. Please, stay healthy. Thinking so, as she tried to close her eyes.


A blade intercepted, pushing aside Eignak’s fist. Seeing Oscar’s right hand, even the grip on the sword twisted in an odd direction, Eignak bit down hard.

“You fool! You should’ve attacked instead of trying to save me!”

“But are you not doing the same thing now?”

With Isabelle’s astonished cry, Oscar, still smiling, extended his hands, then knelt down and collapsed.

Eignak’s eyes widened. Once again, this time, for sure, the strike—.



At that moment, an axe struck his back, aiming for the opportune moment.


Looming over his faltering figure, a massive chunk of ice descended like a hammer, striking his head.

And then.


In the darkness, a blade infused with starlight swayed gently. Golden locks fluttered and cascaded, beneath which an arm, wielding the sword with fluid grace, swept across the ground.

Seizing the momentary gap, Isabelle adjusted her stance, bending at the waist to thrust the blade. Both knees buckled deeply. Blood gushed, causing Eignak’s stance to waver greatly.

He knew. He foresaw all these attacks beforehand!

Yet, it didn’t connect. Death approached. Eignak, trembling, grasped the ground with shaking hands and lifted his staff—


In an instant, his vision blurred as his body crumbled. Huh? As he turned his head, he realized his forearm, which had been touching the ground, was now flying far away.

Ecdysis, wielding the axe, looked down at him, readjusting his stance.

In an unbalanced posture, a fireball struck his head. His vision darkened, and a ringing filled his ears. Perhaps due to the shaking of his brain, his sense of balance was disrupted, causing Eignak to vomit soil onto the ground.


Upon his defeated form, a single blade was driven straight down.

Eignak flinched, his body stiffening. It was over. He could no longer move.

Breathing heavily, he slowly lifted his head.

“Guide me to the plains, Lord Tumor…”

Eignak murmured, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“If, if there’s heaven for us too. Brothers, brothers. Let us fight… forever…”

With life ebbing away, he strained to raise his gaze with eyes now glazed white. Before him stood the four figures. Above them, the moon burned brightly, and beneath its light, the stars remained undiminished.

The hero party.

From deep within his memories, Eignak could discern their faces. Yes, those accursed ones… so strikingly similar. Why couldn’t he recall?

Hatred surged, satisfaction weighed heavily on his chest.

He parted ways with the warriors. Until the end, he fought, and like a true warrior, he fell.

“May Tumor not feel ashamed of today’s loss, as even he once fell to the heroes of that era.”

Eignak slowly closed his eyes. They would never open again.

Blood stained the ground thickly.

Tap, thud.

The sound of the dying embers comforted the silence that followed the intense battle.


“We… won…”

“Anyone injured?”


“Me too.”

“Do you even need to ask?”

Oscar chuckled, shaking his limp arm.

“Just tried cracking a joke. Feels like I’m about to die. It really hurts.”

“Even a knight of Tylesse.”

“A knight is still a person. When both arms are broken, you actually want to cry, but it’s too tough right now, tears won’t even come out.”

“By the way, I’m pouring tears and blood together, so I can’t see well. That’s what sacrifice is about. Graykencos has always sacrificed for humans, after all.”

“Every time I talk to you, I feel like I’m learning a completely unknown history. It sounds like stories from another world.”

“That’s human nature. Short-lived learning. Typically, both lifespan and learning are short.”

Isabelle chuckled at Elpheira’s words and staggered to her feet.

“Bella…? Where are you going?”

“Uncle, I have to go save him. We don’t even know where he might be lying right now. Sigh. I wonder if he’s still alive.”

Isabelle shrugged and took a step forward. Before she could even take three steps, she involuntarily sat down.

Ecdysis, who had approached her side unnoticed, was now supporting her arm.

“Oh, thanks.”

“For what. I have the same reason, so shall we look for him together?”


“Yeah, uncle. I’m worried. We’re family here.”


In Isabelle’s gaze, Ecdysis offered a mature smile.

Elpheira seemed to contemplate getting up now, and Oscar just sat down, saying, “Whatever.”


Footsteps echoed distinctly.

“No need for that.”

Somehow, a bit familiar.

So, with a somewhat uneasy voice.


The first to react was Isabelle. She stared blankly ahead. Though her focus was blurred, she could recognize the approaching shadow.

Lifting her trembling arm, she gently rubbed her eyes, then focused again and looked ahead… looked ahead.


30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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