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Chapter 103

If the attackers didn’t send a strike team to ambush the Hero party, then from the opponent’s perspective, it was simply a chance encounter during their ‘patrol’ that led to the battle.

From that moment on, the positions of the attacker and the ambushed were reversed. Now the prey would hunt the hunter. Isabelle lurked, gripping the knife handle tightly with sweaty hands amid the tension.

– Rustle.

A loud noise came from the bushes. It was the sound of someone pushing through the dense foliage forcibly.

And soon, the squeak of metal friction was heard. The sound of heavy armor and the periodic tapping of a long staff on the ground.

Ah, so that’s why Uncle emphasized focusing on sound.

Isabelle finally realized. Yes, that’s it. It’s not just because superhumans are faster and stronger that they have overwhelming superiority over other ‘humans’.

Hearing, vision, touch and spatial awareness, cognitive abilities. The moment they enhance magic in their nerves, all sensory systems transcend those of humans.

In the realm of superhumans, beings other than superhumans can never ‘assault’ them.

Understanding the opponent’s position through sound and smell is common sense for superhumans.

– Tap.

Isabelle calmly grasped the hand signal for backup. It was a prearranged code. To extend the hand and shake it twice. It meant [wait].

And soon, four orcs appeared in their sight.


There were two more than the first encounter. Probably to supplement the forces due to the gradual disappearance of the ‘scout team’. It was expected.

It would have been difficult to deal with them if it were the first encounter. But not anymore. Isabelle had already experienced enough battles with orcs.

What was it again?


‘A well-trained agent does not falter in the same situation.’ Ivan said.

Isabelle tightened her grip on the knife handle, recalling Ivan’s voice.

A little closer. Just a little more.

Something long that wouldn’t be visible in the orcs’ field of vision. The moment it crossed that line.


Isabelle tightly clenched her outstretched hand and shook it three times back and forth.

– Swoosh—!

With a thin sound cutting through the air, an invisible small dagger flew and severed the ‘line’. It was Elpheira’s sniper shot.

The orcs reacted as soon as they heard the sound, gripping their spears. Agile. Certainly, they were formidable opponents to face head-on.

Elite soldiers capable of infiltrating even into the depths of Krisalov. Isabelle swallowed her saliva and stood up.



From different directions, Isabelle and Oscar rushed simultaneously. The sight of orcs screaming in their eerie language and raising their spears was seen.

And in the midst of it.

– Kwaah—!

A thick wooden pillar fell like a stamp. One orc collapsed, and the other three jumped in confusion in different directions.


Isabelle shouted as she swung her sword towards the orc rushing towards her. Soon, Ecdysis, who had been crouching behind the bushes, jumped out and struck the orc’s back.

– Kkaang—!


The orc staggered in the air, losing balance. Isabelle quickly thrust her sword into the gap in the armor and twisted her body to evade.

What happened to Oscar? Isabelle and Ecdysis immediately turned their gaze in the direction Oscar had rushed.

– Whoosh!!

They saw a fist-sized fiery meteorite crashing down on the orc’s head as he swung his ax spear down on Oscar’s shield.

“Is it over?”

“It’s already done over there!”


The fleeing orc had fallen into a trap set by Ecdysis. At least he wouldn’t feel unjust, given that he fell into a trap using a spear that his own comrades used.

Isabelle wiped the sweat off her brow and scanned the gathering party members.

“Anyone injured?”

“If you prepare this much and still get hurt, you’re not even human anymore.”

“Wasn’t Elpheira safe?”

“In this forest? Safe?”

“Well, in any case, no one seems to be hurt, Miss Isabelle.”

Isabelle smiled contentedly as she surveyed the party. They were getting better and better coordinated. Their roles were clear, and they synchronized well.

Perhaps our parents used to travel together like this.

It feels somewhat satisfying.

Isabelle wiped the blood off her blade and smiled ruefully.

“A trap in the place where you evade traps. Impressive adaptability, Ecdysis, isn’t it?”

“Hehe, that’s just ‘common sense’! Just call me Esshi, Oscar.”

“By the way, I hope you don’t call me by a nickname. If possible, please refer to me properly as Lady Graykencos, rather than using an informal tone like Elpheira, please.”

“I’ll be the one to smack whoever calls me by a nickname.”

Elpheira was laughing despite saying that. Seeing her like that, Isabelle and the rest of the party burst into laughter together.

In the forest full of traps and enemies. Even in the process of unraveling the conspiracy of the demons whose identity and purpose were unknown.

It felt somewhat ambiguous yet not bad at all to come together as one heart to vanquish the demons who tread on human land and rescue the grateful mentor.



Ivan asked, setting down the handsaw. The orc (formerly) was panting heavily, looking up at Ivan with unfocused eyes.

Crack, and the sound of a bottle cap being torn open echoed. The orc trembled, froth bubbling at his lips.

“It’s true! It’s true! Let go of it, that, that thing!! Rather… rather kill me!!”

“Why such a resentful tone? There’s still much to be curious about.”

“Everyone, everyone said everything they knew! It’s true. Please, please, let me live. No, no, kill me! I really don’t know anymore!”

“I commend your loyalty and patience, despite enduring such severe hardships.”

Ivan slowly poured healing potion onto the orc’s wound.

“Merely the fact that you, despite undergoing such severe suffering, refused to speak, is proof that you’re better than many of the trash back home.”

“What nonsense is that!! I told you everything I knew!!”

“Are you asking me to believe that now?”

Ivan gestured towards a long rod lying beside the orc.

It was a magical artifact that looked extremely suspicious with a jet-black crystal embedded at the tip.

Naturally, such items were not to be touched or moved directly. It was due to the sinister wisdom the demons had acquired during the long war with the humans.

Humans have a habit of collecting mysterious or peculiar objects.

Immediately after realizing this trait, the demons began mass-producing ‘objects that only looked plausible’ and began planting various curses on them.

Already struggling on the front lines, with a depleted national physique, poor education levels, and hungry conscripts, they couldn’t easily resist the temptation of such ‘treasures’.

Even Ivan had once lost sight for three days during a skirmish. It was right after he had picked up a sharply honed steel axe. Fortunately, Ivan could substitute vision with hearing, so he safely overcame the ordeal. (There was a lament from Enrique wondering why he got cursed just for picking up something like that.)

Anyway, the most important lesson from those countless experiences was this.

One should never touch strange artifacts dropped by demons without detailed inspection.

“It’s true. It’s true. Just… just let me hold that thing once….”

“Do you think such a trick would work?”

“I think I’m really going crazy. Just kill me.”

The orc seemed resigned. Even the terror of the healing potion couldn’t open the mouth of this resilient warrior.

Ivan inwardly expressed his respect. The amount of healing potion poured into the body of this guy was already beyond the lethal dose. (Since healing potions are not poisonous, there is no concept of a lethal dose. Because it’s good for the body.)

No, I should make a reasonable statement.

The artifact attached to the end of this staff suddenly ordered the army to come to this place.

Did this artifact intermittently show ‘the future’ and provide routes to penetrate the attention of the Krisalov military?

Is there anyone in the world who believes such nonsense and speaks of it? Enduring all that torture… even the indoctrination process?

The Scout Command, especially those from the Cleansup Unit, could never withstand it sober.

“My thought is this, orc.”


“The Krasilov military commander, or perhaps some disgruntled nobles. Maybe ‘nobles’ of revenge’ harbored dissatisfaction with the royal family. The reasons might be resentment from past humiliations, or checks on royal authority.”


Ivan slowly looked down at the orc’s eyes and continued.

“During this process, they might have thought of using you as mercenaries. When humans are used, it creates complications, but with demons, they just become targets for eradication. Even if they capture you to obtain testimony, demon testimony cannot be used as evidence in human courts, how convenient.”


“But they must have thought it impossible to trespass Frechenkaya with such a small force. They needed a larger army. However, how could they summon an army? The answer is simple. Assassinate the members of the hero party.”

“Th-the members of the hero party…? Th-that’s… what…???”


Ivan frowned at the orc attempting the advanced act of ‘pretending’. He was even doing it quite well, even managing to make a genuinely aggrieved expression.

But a trained agent never tailored situations based on outwardly displayed emotions.

Everything must be resolved rationally through common sense and evidence.

“What you didn’t know, or… what those who bought you hid from you, is that me and my subordinates were here. So speak. Who is it.”

At this point, the orc shaman tightly closed his eyes and gave up on answering.

Ivan nodded and granted a comfortable end to this loyal demon.

– Clunk!!

Ivan turned his head, extending the bloody axe.

There are still four orcs alive in this place. They have only chosen those fellows who seem too strong for Isabelle’s party to win against at the moment.

And in the demon society where power is synonymous with authority, being a strong individual means a higher rank.

In other words, here are the commanding-level individuals of these ‘raiding parties’. These fellows were more likely to know something than other warrior ranks.

– Sigh!

The headless shaman collapsed into the bushes. Along with the sound, the orcs, with bits in their mouths, trembled.

Ivan stepped forward towards them.


Ivan raised his hand to the nearest one’s muzzle.

“Only one needs to live. Just one who can testify.”

“Ugh…! Ugh…!”

“I wish for you to live. Do you wish the same?”

“Ugh! Ugh-ugh!!”

“Let’s confirm.”

Ivan laid out a few completely harmless tools in front of his eyes and loosened the bit.

The pants of the other orcs waiting in line darkened.


“The Eye of the Demon King…?”

“Yes, yes! The Demon King’s… no, that horned brat’s eye! Sir! Elder!! It’s that well-known artifact! The, the one that shows the… future…! Yes, yes!!”

“And it shows the future.”

“Yes! Yes! That’s right!!”

“And it told you to come here.”



“Th-that, th-that’s because… we also…”

After clearing away the three bodies, Ivan fell into thought.

If all five say the same thing, even after undergoing the ‘indoctrination process’, it becomes evidence supporting the reliability of the information.

Testimony is like a blurry image, and even if the resolution drops due to torture, layering several identical testimonies can improve the overall quality.

In other words, when different individuals provide the same testimony, it approaches being a ‘believable fact’.

“The Eye of the Demon King sees the future.”

It’s possible. Even if one can’t understand the principle, if it’s that ‘Demon King’, they could certainly see the future to some extent.

But for beings possessing such a remarkable artifact as the Eye of the Demon King to be mere riffraff like these…


Each individual might be slightly challenging at the level of an average knight, but manageable to defeat.

These guys managed to penetrate deep into the heart of Krasilov. That’s the more important part. If mere orcs, unrelated to the infiltration operation, managed to infiltrate without being caught by anyone, then it’s their skill. These guys might have been an elite formation of the Orc Infiltration Corps.

In reality, if these guys had encountered the Isabelle Party without any trouble, victory could have been easily guaranteed.

‘The increase in stage difficulty is too steep.’

And the Isabelle Party is still too fragile. If he hadn’t actively ‘designed the levels,’ the Isabelle Party wouldn’t have survived until now.


‘If the Eye of the Demon King is indeed the real Eye of the Demon King. If the dead Demon King can still project some kind of ‘will’ onto my subordinates.’

What was he hoping to achieve with such complex and useless actions?

Ivan shuddered for a moment, recalling some ‘common sense.’

‘Did he want the protagonist party to grow…?’

The Demon King. Or someone among the demons who created that artifact.

Did they want the protagonist party to grow…?

As if someone was saying this to Ivan.

‘I’ll provide the ingredients, you just have to prepare and feed them to the protagonist party.’

So, it’s like Ivan expected to lead the protagonist party in training. Selecting troops that would be challenging to face but could somehow win.

Considering even the forces that might deviate from this process, a sufficient number, but at the same time, a highly specialized few that wouldn’t attract the attention of Krasilov’s command.

Ivan felt a shiver run down his spine as he stared at the staff with the Eye of the Demon King.

Pressing behind his ear, he whispered.

“Base. This is O1.”

– Base entering.

“We need a curse remover and a mage capable of mental protection.”

– Curse removal, mental protection. Situation check.

“Estimated time?”

– 3 hours. Can be deployed to Base Command Control at 2130 hours.


– Confirmed.

After issuing the brief commands, Ivan cut the rope that bound the orc’s body.

The orc, startled when Ivan’s axe sliced through the air, looked up with fear but managed to raise its head.

In the darkness of the forest, lit by moonlight, Ivan’s expression was invisible.

The blue eyes glimmered beneath the shadows.

“From now on, you’re the boss of this stage.”


30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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