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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: One gram for three hundred, two grams for five hundred, five grams for one thousand two…!

What the hell? I shipped genuine rock candy, how did you end up with crystal meth?

Ji Yan was dumbfounded.

After pondering for a while, he finally understood the twists and turns in this situation.

Could it be that this buyer also purchased goods from someone else and mistook their goods for his own?

Or perhaps he took the wrong package and got someone else’s parcel?

There are many possible explanations for this incident.

However, Ji Yan wasn’t prepared to reveal his speculations about it.

Since such a coincidental event occurred, it’s as if the heavens were helping him!

Ji Yan had no reason to make trouble for himself.

He couldn’t help but almost burst into laughter while looking at the screen filled with praise for his excellent and high-quality product.

“Damn, would this guy be furious if he found out?”

Ji Yan couldn’t help but feel a bit sympathetic towards this drug addict.

The guy even took it upon himself to vouch for Ji Yan in those drug addict groups.

Once those people receive Ji Yan’s rock candy…

Wouldn’t this buyer be in big trouble?

However, this had nothing to do with Ji Yan.

After all, as he mentioned before, drug addicts don’t deserve sympathy.

All of this was their own doing.

Ji Yan’s face had already bloomed into a smile as he quickly typed away.

“Ah, thank you, big brother!”

“I also put a lot of effort and spent a huge sum of money to get this batch of goods. It was quite a challenge.”

“I was worried that others wouldn’t be able to appreciate the uniqueness of this batch.”

“But big brother, you truly have a discerning eye and understand the business!”

Ji Yan began to spin tall tales with his eyes wide open.

Wang Yi was left dumbfounded by Ji Yan’s flattery.

He was delighted.

“Big brother, your product is top-notch, anyone can feel it!”

“I wish you great prosperity in your business, big brother!”

Wang Yi chatted with Ji Yan, wearing a smile from ear to ear.

For the first time, he felt like he had done something good.

Ji Yan looked at the messages from Wang Yi and burst out laughing in the room.

“Damn, this guy is a bit too childish, isn’t he?”

“Society, huh…”

While Ji Yan was mocking, his hands didn’t stop working.

He directly offered Wang Yi a discount.

“Next time you come to me for a purchase, I’ll give you fifty percent off!”

Ji Yan knew that he and Wang Yi had only this one chance to do business together, so he went all out with the flattery.

He reckoned that when Wang Yi finds out the truth, he wouldn’t be thinking about getting fifty percent off.

Instead, he might beat himself to a pulp!

However, no matter what, Wang Yi was overjoyed with Ji Yan’s fifty percent off offer.

“Thank you, big brother, but I have other goods on my side, so I don’t need it right now!”

“But I’ll definitely come to you for the next purchase!”

Looking at the message sent by Wang Yi, Ji Yan’s smile never disappeared from his face.

He was almost laughing his stomach out.

“Hahaha… I hope he remembers what he just said.”

Ji Yan didn’t engage in small talk with Wang Yi anymore but instead opened the friend verification panel.

So far, dozens of people had come to buy rock candy from Ji Yan.

Now that he had confirmed the sources of these people, Ji Yan felt relieved.

He began adding these people one by one on QQ.

Ji Yan considered whether he should create a group for them to facilitate selling the rock candy. However, he ultimately decided against it. After all, he was here to deceive them. If someone received their package first and mentioned it in the group, it would be troublesome.

So, Ji Yan chose the slightly more troublesome approach for now.

“Hello, are you selling rock candy? How much per gram?”

“Brother Wang recommended me to come here, he said your product is good!”

“Brother, what’s the price for your product?”

“How much stock do you have? I want a lot!”

After adding these people on QQ, they started bombarding Ji Yan with messages, asking about the price of the rock candy.

The current Ji Yan was completely different from the one who conducted the first two transactions. He had done a lot of research and mental preparation to deal with these drug-addled individuals, and it was a piece of cake.

Ji Yan replied to each message one by one, “Yes, I have rock candy. How much do you want? It’s three hundred yuan per gram.”

These people had been eagerly waiting for Ji Yan’s response, and upon seeing the price he quoted, they began to assess in their minds.

Soon, someone replied to Ji Yan, “Brother, I want one gram!”

“Brother, I want ten grams, divide it into separate packages for me.”

“How much do you have?”

Each person expressed the amount of rock candy they wanted, some only asking for one or two grams, while others wanted larger quantities. Ji Yan looked at those buyers asking for sixty or a hundred grams, and his heart ached.

If he sold a hundred grams, that would be too obvious!

But he couldn’t go too low either. Being charged with fraud just to make a small profit would be too much of a loss.

Setting a higher price was a better option.

Therefore, after thinking it over, Ji Yan established a rule.

“Three hundred yuan per gram, five hundred yuan for two grams, one thousand two hundred for five grams, and one thousand eight hundred for ten grams. I will only sell in these quantities!”

This way, each transaction made by Ji Yan would be below two thousand yuan, not enough to be considered fraud. It was a clever workaround.

When Ji Yan sent this rule to the drug addicts one by one, they naturally had some objections. After all, Wang Yi had hyped up Ji Yan’s product in the group, making everyone eager to buy more.

But Ji Yan had already set the rule, and they had no choice but to accept it. They probably speculated that Ji Yan controlled the quantities to allow more buyers to purchase, and that’s why he limited the amounts.

Based on this assumption, they placed their orders with Ji Yan.

Dian Nan.

While Ji Yan’s rock candy business was thriving, back at home, Wang Yi was also preparing to have some fun.

As Wang Yi just picked up the ice pipe, he heard shouts from downstairs.


Startled, Wang Yi almost dropped the ice pipe. Drug users are always suspicious and paranoid, so he quickly hid the ice pipe and other paraphernalia under the coffee table.

Wang Yi rushed downstairs in excitement. Could it be that his previously ordered crystal meth had arrived?

“Mine, mine!”

Wang Yi practically ran to the delivery guy and eagerly received the package. Then he rushed back upstairs and carefully closed all doors and windows before opening the package.

A small bag of white crystals fell onto the coffee table.

Wang Yi couldn’t help but smile with joy.

“It’s really the sugar I ordered before!”

Before buying rock candy from Ji Yan, Wang Yi had also purchased crystal meth from another dealer, intending to compare the quality of their products. He was just planning to have some fun, and now the new batch of sugar had arrived.

Feeling a bit tired, he placed the ice pillow and prepared to try this new batch.

Wait, something’s not right.

Why does it taste a bit sweet?

Wang Yi frowned deeply and tried it again.

Damn it, this is rock candy!

“What the hell!”

“Does he think I’m an idiot!?”

Wang Yi cursed and walked over to the computer, finding the previous seller and unleashed a barrage of angry messages.

“Damn, you sent me a bag of rock candy? Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“I’m not even asking for a refund, you damn jinx, I’ll burn this back to you!”

Wang Yi vented his frustration and promptly blocked the seller.

At this moment, an innocent seller was left confused and dumbfounded.

Who could withstand such an inexplicable barrage?


The seller immediately wanted to retaliate, but as soon as he sent a message, he saw a red exclamation mark.


“Damn it!”


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Officer, I Didn’t Really Deal Dr*gs! I’m Selling Genuine Rock Candy

Officer, I Didn’t Really Deal Dr*gs! I’m Selling Genuine Rock Candy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Ji Yan transmigrates and finds himself inheriting a candy shop left behind by his recently deceased parents in this world, along with a warehouse full of rock candy! To sell the rock candy, Ji Yan utilizes all his resources and skills. However, things take an unexpected turn when Ji Yan mistakenly enters a group of drug addicts… “How much does a gram of rock candy cost?” “30 cents per piece.” “I want one gram.” “…So little? Shipping is not included!” “…..” Just as Ji Yan is fervently selling rock candy in the drug addicts’ group, a team of armed police officers bursts in, forcibly pinning Ji Yan to the ground, proclaiming that they have apprehended Ji Yan, the infamous drug dealer. No other individuals are found at the scene! In a bewildered state, Ji Yan pleads, “Officer, I’m not dealing drugs, I’m selling genuine rock candy!”


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