Chapter 1 – Repeating Knight (part4)

Posted by Kangmin release on May 14th, 2020

“The instructor said it’s not unreasonable.”

In the corner of the Cafeteria table, Huntis ate his lunch.

He was bored to put stir-fried vegetables in his mouth.

“Ehh … S-senpai …”

Suddenly someone called him, looking up, he found Maron. She was holding a plate with dishes, and looked interactively at face of Huntis and empty seat in front of her.

Huntis saw her intention and said in bored attitude.

“You don’t want to sit?”

“T-thank you.”

Maron thanked him and carefully sat in front of Huntis.

Huntis continued his lunch in silence. He secretly squinted at Maron and found that she didn’t move the food in front of her. Because it was very strange, Huntis looked over to her. As a result, when their eyes meet, Maron’s face turned red, she quickly turned around and began to eat her lunch.


“That’s not a fork.”

“Huh … Is this a knife?”

“You can’t eat stir-fry with a knife right?”

“Auuu …”

Maron bowed her head, her twin pigtails twitching.

“Maron, you are not mistaken. You can use the knife to stab animal in front of you. Come on! Don’t hesitate to stab him.”

“Don’t say such terrible things.”

Huntis turned to the source of the voice, then found Shisurine with a fierce look.

“Are you okay, Maron? Did this animal do something to you? “

“Uh, um, not yet …”

“Not yet? What do you mean I will to do something to you? “

“It’s possible, maybe you poisoned her lunch without his knowledge.”

“Can you be quiet?”

“S-sorry …”

“No, I’m not talking to you …”

Huntis began to feel a headache.

At that time, a black-haired girl passed by Huntis

Huntis looked at her like a stranger.

In his heart he mocked himself.

(I’m really stupid, if she were here surely they would also come here.)

“S-senpai …?”

“… I am fine.”

Maron looked at Huntis curiously, but he answered in coldy manner.

“Hey, why does this academy accept Yamatai people?”

Shortly after the black-haired girl passed, the cruel sentence came from nowhere.

“Damn it. Taking classes with sl*ves made me uncomfortable. They don’t deserve to be called knights. “

The words came from two people sitting nearby. The black haired girl bit her lower lip.

Discrimination against the Yamatai has become commonplace in this Knight Academy, with most of the students being noble children.

Because of the massive sl*ves rebellion that broke out decades ago, the empire has banned sl*very.

However, even if the current status of sl*ves is gone, the inherent discrimination cannot be eliminated. Yamatai nation, who spearheaded this rebellion, have killed many nobles. As a result, the public – especially from the aristocracy – showed strong discrimination against them.

This serious situation also occurred at the Academy of Knights. To avoid conflict, the Academy allowed the Yamatai to register.

“Even though you’re noble, you don’t have the right to say that …”


“Hey, you! What did you just say…”

The ears of the duo were very sharp, they could hear Huntis murmuring and immediately flashed hostility toward him.

“… No, I’m just muttering to myself.”

“Ah, senpai …”

While not staring at the two of them, Huntis stood up and left Cafeteria, spending only half of his lunch.