Chapter 1 – Repeating Knight (part 3)

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She looked coldly at Dank, then began to announce a few things to the students.

“As I said last time, today you have to sneak into the underground labyrinth and use monsters as opponents for actual combat training. If you were still half-hearted, then you will find a miserable fate …… Form your teams and follow me”

Instructor Paretto made the preamble, all the students were left with a nervous look.

In the middle of the basement is a staircase leading down to the underground labyrinth.

Originally, the vestiges of an ancient civilization -Yureshia- were discovered during the construction of this academy. When the investigation began, a group of monsters were already living here.

“Even though this is a low risk labyrinth, it is still difficult to predict what will happen. Don’t let your guard down!”

Instructor Paretto severely reminded the students.

Inside it was so dark, it was more appropriate to call it a cave than a labyrinth. The sound of footsteps could be heard as the crowd walked in darkness.

Finally, they came to a more open area.

“The training area is here. Each time monsters appeared, each group would fight it one by one. Now starting with unit 26! ”

This combat training went smoothly.

Although a group of monsters appeared, as expected from the students who passed in entrance exam, the first two groups succeeded in defeating the monsters without difficulty. And now it’s the 28th unit turn in battle.

Everyone with a serious expression, watched attentively at the fighting of other groups ……

Everyone except Unit 29.

“Maron, wake me up when it’s our turn.”

“S-senpai … you can’t sleep in a place like this …”

“Maron, forget about that guy. Come with me, let’s keep increasing our love..”

“Em ~~ Mina is little hungry … ..”

“The place I was beaten by Neesan was really painful… But this pain can remind me at that happy moment. Hahahaha.”

It was time when voice of Instructor Paretto came.

“Hey! Unit 29. Get ready!”

It seems that Unit 28 has also finished their training. Huntis and the others prepared.

“I-I’m nervous….”

Maron’s body was stiff with nerves, it also happened when she tried to walk and her face seemed also uncomfortable.

“Don’t be nervous Maron. Take it easy. ”

“Yeah, take it easy. And you will become a monster food. ”

In response to Huntis’ suggestion, Shisurine commented on scary things.

“… .. It’s okay, Maron. I will protect you. ”


Maron brought her hands to her chest, Shisurine had given her confidence with her gaze.

“… On the contrary, you also have to protect me until you die.”


Shisurine had changed her gaze as she spoke these words. It made Maron look scared.

On the other hand, Dank arrogantly swung his sword.

“No matter what kind of monster you are, come on! I’ll beat you all at once !! ”


He suddenly screamed. It looks like he accidentally hit his calf.

“Ugh ~~ it looks like it’s broken ~~~ but as long as Nee-san gently touches it and says “Pain pain go away!!~~ ♥️♥️” then it will surely be healed soon.”

“What kind of fools break their own leg? I’ll just spit on you and keep you going.”

Instructor Paretto calmly refused. But he didn’t give up easily.

“Please spit on me, Nee-san …”

“If you really want to be spit on, then Mina will be happy to help. Bah* Bah* Bah*.”

“Uwaa, what are you doing? Don’t spit it onto my face! ”

“Dank~, you look better!”

“Stop joking! Look, monsters are coming!”

Right after Instructor Paretto shouted, some shadows emerged from the darkness.

They are Shadow Bats.

Its length did not exceed 30 centimeters, it is a small monster. Despite that their fast movements, but as long as you are calm, even without using a Heraldic Art you can defeat them. Although if you are bitten, it will cause a little pain, because its teeth are very small, but it will not cause serious injuries.

Huntis is the captain of the group, so he had to direct the plan.

“Our goal is to eliminate all monsters.”

“It’s classic plan! But I didn’t expect anything from you from beginning.”

Although Dank blatantly insulted him, he still rushed out to the front lines.

But others did not go after him.

“Wait, why didn’t you guys follow me?” Dank was surprised.

“I am the captain, important role like me must stay behind.” Huntis said.

“My job is only to protect Maron.” Said Shisurine.

“Uwooooo !?”

Five bats began to attack Dank.

“Wait, I’m not ready yet! I said wait! ”

Dank desperately shouted, but of course the monsters did not stop. They keep biting, so he runs away.

“Are you cowards? Five against one !? Do you think that’s fair? ”

“Mina will help you ~~”

The only one who helped Dank was Mina. In her hands she has a pair of iron fist, blue and white electric sparks spread from the gloves.

This is the application of the Heraldic Art called “Armanent.” Turning spirits into weapons that wrap hands, this type of technique is very difficult to do.

Depending on the user’s level of expertise, its power can reach an unimaginable level.

…… Only if the attack manage to hit the enemy.


She shouted, but as a result the monsters moved quickly … So the attack was only passed through the air.

“Doryaaaaa! Doryaaaaa! Doryaaaa! ”

She screamed every time she punched. The routine is: Punching, shouting. The bats move away. Punching, screaming. The bats move away. Punching, screaming. The bats move away.

“Mina Miklan, don’t shout every time you attack!”

Instructor Paretto gave her advice, but …

“This makes me more comfortable when screaming! Apart from that it looks cool! ”

“Then hit the enemy!”

“Ah, ah, ah … I, what should I do …?”

As Mina and Instructor Paretto were talking, Maron panicked in fear.

“Maron Mamado! Don’t worry, calm down! ”

“Kyaaa …!”

One of the bats chasing Dank suddenly changes its target and attacks Maron. Fortunately, she immediately duck down and the bat just passed over her head.

Shades of anger suddenly appeared in Shisurine’s eyes.

“b*stard! I will give you a painful death!”

In response to the chanting of the spell, the air turned silver.

The ice spirit that was summoned by Heraldic Art showed its power.

It was the second level of Heraldic Art [Freezing].

Cold air spread throughout the area. The bat immediately froze and fell to the ground.

“You ugly and dirty bat, how dare you attack my cute Maron!”

Shisurine did not immediately kill the bat. She trampled the bat cruelly. Then chant the Heraldic Art to summon the sword and use it to pierce the bat’s wings.

“Kii ~ Kii ~ Ki ~~” The monster groaned in pain.

“Fuu, fuu. Enjoy the pain. I will torture you slowly until you die!” She laughed like crazy.

“What are you doing, Shisurine Shirubelsto?”

Her behavior was too strange, even Instructor Paretto was surprised.

At that moment, laughter burst out from crowd around.

“Uh, what is this? … It stinks! This is urine! ”

It seemed that Dank was soaked by bat urine.

“Darkness please come! Take away his vision and hope!”

Dank cast a spell, Heraldic Spirit of Dark showed its power.

As a result, dark mist appeared in the air.

Everyone’s vision turned black. This is the first level Heraldic Art, [Blackout].


“It hurts! What happens to these bats? Why did you can still see me !? Are you super monsters?”

“Dank! [Blackout] doesn’t work on bats! ”

“Is that so! I just, you know, ugh … Damn it! ”

Dank was bitten by a herd of bats and screamed in pain.

“Dank-san …!”

Maron wants to help Dank.

“Uhm, sword … sharp wind sword, cut everything!”

Heraldic Art second level of the wind element [Wind Blade]. Maron frantically recited her spell.

But wind she summoned did not hit the bats, but shaved all of Dank’s hair instead.

The laugh burst louder than before.

“My military style hair, arghh …!”

“Nyahahaha, bald, bald! That suits you better!”

Dank shouted in exasperation, on the other hand Mina clapped her hands while mocking him.

“What the hell are you doing?!”


Maron looked glum, angry Dank kept holding his head.

Suddenly scream echoed through the area.

“It is enough!”

Instructor Paretto shouted in a loud voice. She swung her spear and all the bats immediately fell to the ground. Everyone who saw the Instructor, they could tell that she was very angry.

“Unit 29!”

She destroyed all the monsters in that place. The labyrinth echoes every time she screams.

“Enough!! You assholes, go with the others!!””

Instructor Paretto expression was very fierce, Unit 29 quickly obeyed her order.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a mess in training. This is no place to be a comedian!”

After class ended, Unit 29 remained at the practice site. Instructor Paretto was giving them a hard scolding. Several veins could be seen on her beautiful face.

“Hehehe, we’re not that great ~~”

Mina saying this, she scratched her head.

“This is not a compliment, Mina Miklan. Eliminate your ridiculous nature, do not make vain movements. Training is not a game. Be more serious!”

Instructor Paretto replied angrily. The girl dropped her shoulders in frustration after being scolded.

The Instructor then direct her anger at the person next to Mina, Dank. Then recite Heraldic Art [Life] to restore his hair.

“Dank Defrik!”

“Yes, Nee-san!”

A fist hit Dank’s jaw violently at high speed.

“I told you not to call me Nee-san!”

Instructor Paretto glared at him and pulled her fist.

“Attacking as a group is coward? Fair fight? Such concepts do not exist in the brains of monsters. And also you use [Blackout] on bats, that’s a very stupid thing … Hey, why are you trembling? ”

“Please keep on scolding me, Nee-san!”

Instructor Paretto then kicked Dank in the stomach and he fell on the ground.

Next was the girl who was curled up while holding her head.

“Maron Mamado. You’re always scared in battle. Fortunately the enemy is not strong. If you want to use strong Heraldic Art, make sure you don’t attack your teammates next time. ”

“O-okay …”

Instructor then looked at the silver-haired girl.

“Shisurine Shirubelsto. What are you really thinking? Why did you torture the bat? ”

“That’s my revenge.”

Shisurine only justified her actions. So this only gives Instructor Paretto a headache.

“Don’t let your personal feelings affect your actions, Shisurine Shirubelsto. On the battlefield, it is a most despicable act. Do you think you can be better next time? ”


“Now, Huntis Harmillion!”

Huntis is the last. Instructor Paretto changed her tone of voice. Her tone of voice seemed as if she gave up on that guy.

Huntis has known Instructor Paretto since a year ago. And also used to listening her nagging. He also understood that Instructor Paretto were always hard on students. Therefore, he also intends to deal with it as usual.

“… You, if you don’t want to do this, why are you still in the academy now?”

However, what came this time was a low voice, indicating how disappointed she was. This time, Huntis also did not know how to answer.

“If you don’t want to change, you can pack your bags and go back to your hometown.”

Then, unexpectedly Instructor Paretto said something poisonous.


Huntis can only be silent.

“I’m done.”

After saying that, Instructor Paretto left the training building.