Chapter 1 (part 7)

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Iris was immersed in documents at the desk in the study, and Tanya watched her quietly and remembered the past.

Thinking about it was a series of accidents … And she thought that she could work in the Duke’s house like this is a miracle in itself.

She has no surname. In the slums where she grew up, everyone is like this.

I was starving, and even I don’t know if there’s tomorrow, there is no extra energy to care about things like surnames.

If you ask why someone like her serves one of the most distinguished and respected families in the Kingdom, it is because of the wishes of the Iris herself.

However she was grateful for her kindness. Even though it was more than enough that she saved her life from the brink of death.

But, Iris always said that she was “important” and treated her like a friend.

She believed that it was the reason why she must serve her wholeheartedly.

Iris gives this meaningless body a life.

While times goes on, she has served her for ten years.

She can raise her chest and say that this is really a happy time.

However, this happiness was almost destroyed.

… and the destroyer was Edward, Iris’s former fiance.

The Second Prince, as Iris’s fiance, but still obsessed with other woman, the Baron’s daughter.

Iris’s expression became gloomy every day, and her smile gradually disappeared.

It was only when she thought so, that Iris uttered malicious words to the Baron’s daughter because of the flame of jealousy.

The inability to do anything for Iris like this made Tanya uneasy.

At the same time, Tanya was filled with anger at the Second Prince.

That fellow part of the royal family is really hard to understand.

He didn’t understand the magnificence of Young Mistress, and was obsessed with Baron’s daughter, and ignored Young Mistress, who was a daughter of a Duke, and added her the humiliation that was suppressed in the presence of the people was simply unreasonable. Unforgivable.

However, when her young mistress returned home, she looked refreshed. “Hah? What’s going on? Isn’t that person something she wholeheartedly pursued about?” But when she thought back, there’s no need for her to be attached with Second Prince and even regret later.

Compared to that, what will happen to Iris in the future … For Tanya, this matter is more important.

Of course, no matter which path Iris takes, Tanya will always follow her.

As a result of that incident, Iris was instructed only to return to territory.

But it was too early to reassure, and Tanya was surprised when she told her of the decision that came with the order.

Young Mistress will be an Acting Duke Lord? What is the Master thinking? She even suspected that she had heard it wrong when she heard it.

In order be a good noblewoman and can be a family pride, Iris learned a lot.

But if she asked if it had something to do with management practices, she didn’t seem to think so.

Iris’s younger brother studied politics and economics. On the other hand, Iris’s study plan focused on etiquette from a young age, and in the academy, she learned arithmetic, poetry, literature, and general knowledge like history and geography.

Tanya thought to herself, what would Iris do? …

However, Iris is now looking at the file full of numbers, and the reading speed is so fast that she wonders if she is really reading it.

Occasionally, Iris would write on the pile of paper at hand, and she seemed to be reading it.

Tanya thinks that Iris’s ability is really beyond her imagination … At the same time, a series of unexpected things made her laugh.

Not to mention ten years ago, even a year ago, she couldn’t imagine that she would serve the acting lord …

She looked at the clock inadvertently, and it had been a long time.

Iris was still immersed in the documents.

Only the sound of flipping the paper in the room sounded.

It seems that once Iris is focused on one thing, she will ignore her surroundings. Tanya was determined in her heart to get her to rest from time to time so she doesn’t overwork herself.

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Table of Content

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