Chapter 1 (part 6)

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…Good morning.

Well, I, Iris, after receiving instructions from my father, have moved to Armelia territory.

Armelia Dukedom located in southhest of the Kingdom. The distance is about a week from Capital by carriage.

It faces the sea to the east and the mountains to the west.

The vast area of this land is second only to Capital of Kingdom, full of nature, and then characterized by flourishing farming, and because it has ports, it also trades with other countries.

Thanks to the family owners who have carefully managed the capital city of the territory since ancient times, law and order are also very good.

Before going to the academy, I lived with Berne and my mother outside of the the aristocrats society.

After entering academy, I will stay in Capital even if the school has a long vacation, so I feel very missed.

Today is the first day. The morning sun is dazzling, illuminating the territory.

As for what I do early in the morning, is practicing yoga. This activity is the first thing I do after waking up, and more importantly, it is good for health … Yeah, this is not enough. My body is a little fat, you see.

Because of my status as a daughter of a Duke, I tend to eat as much luxury and high-calorie foods as I want, so naturally I gain weight.

And because of that, I decided to go on a diet and yoga in the morning.

“Good morning, Young Mistress … Eh, kyaaa! ”

“… Oh, Tanya. Good morning.”

I wonder why Tanya is so surprised? Ah, of course, Tanya also came to the Armelia territory with me. Because it’s not a confinement route, it’s fine I think.

“Good morning, but more importantly. Young Mistress what happened to your appearance? ”

“You mean my appearance now? Does it look weird? … ”

I looked at my own appearance … Linen tunic and pants that I got with the help of a maid. Don’t you think this is the perfect outfit to wear when you exercise?

“For the sake of maintaining health, I intend to exercise like this every morning. I chose clothes that make it easy for me to move, is that bad? ”

“Young Mistress, do you exercise?”

A look of doubt and suspicion appeared on Tanya’s face. Of course, for a young mistress to exercise, I can’t imagine that.

“Correct. I have found a book, written there is not good for the body if it is not often moved. That’s why I intend to do this every morning, don’t be surprised. ”

“I understand … I’m sorry about my impoliteness.”

“It’s okay … but since I’m sweating now, can you please prepare me to take a shower?”

“Of course.”

After showering, I went to breakfast …. Because I exercise, I eat a lot at breakfast. Of course, I still make sure my food is balanced.

“… After this, I want to talk to Sebastian. Could you please make an appointment? ”

“Of course.”

Tanya immediately makes an appointment with Sebastian, and the promise with her will take place before noon.

Sebastian is Steward and Butler from our home. Even though he is called a “butler,” he has actually left our home to deal with the territory substantially. In other words, he is a “Super Butler”.

When Sebastian entered the room, he somehow had the same aura as Rime … In other words, he was wearing a dress style in a tail suit jacket.

Even though he moved quickly, he did not give the impression of someone in a hurry. On the contrary, the movements look absolutely beautiful …

Aside from his head full of gray hair, his appearance was truly a dazzling butler.

“… You look pretty busy, I’m sorry for calling you in spite of your busy schedule.”

“You are too kind. With all rights, I should be the one to give you my regards, I’m sorry. ”

“Well, enough pleasantries. Can you please now collect income and expenditure reports in this territory for the past three years? ”

“As you wish. But what will you do with it? ”

“I will read them all, of course. After all, now I have accepted the position of “Feudal Lord Representative” given by the Duke. Even so, although I am ashamed to admit it, I currently have no information about how the territory is managed or what the current situation of the terrority is. Therefore, can you please give me one month’s time? ”

“One month, you say?”

“Correct. Because I need to read all reports, and to also inspect the land.”

“I understand. However, if you want to inspect the land, it will take around one week to make the necessary preparations. ”

“Now, to understand the current conditions, I intend to carry out inspection while disguised. Thus it does not need to take much time. However, I need a few people to accompany me as a bodyguard. Therefore, I won’t be in trouble, Sebastian. ”

“I have asked a presumptuous question, I apologize.”

“No problem. Even though I will manage this territory from now on, I will still need help from everyone. So don’t hesitate to give advice. ”

After Sebastian left, I called Tanya to come.

“Tanya. Can you call Ryle and Dida, and Rehme too? ”

“I understand”

After a few minutes, Tanya entered the room with three other people who were around the same age as me … In other words, they were also the people I had picked up.

Ryle has beautiful blonde hair, he looks like a young nobleman. And even though he has a lower physique than the Kingdom’s Knight, he won’t lose to them about fighting. Besides, he is my bodyguard.

Dida, like Ryle, serves as my bodyguard. Compared to Ryle, his body is slightly leaner, and even though he is the kind of person who likes to be praised and has a relaxed nature, his ability can be guaranteed.

Rehme is a girl who wears glasses and likes to read books. She currently serves as a librarian in our House.

Speaking of the Duke library, we have a large collection of valuable books.

When comparing with my previous life, the number of book collections is currently in the middle and upper level scales. As such, he has a very important role.

“It’s been a long time since we last met, everyone.”

Because these three people could not come with me to Capital to attend the academy, they stayed in this territory to work.

Even though I have told them that they are free to do what they want … and it is possible for them to leave, I’m glad they stayed.

“It’s been a long time, princess.”

The first person to answer is Dida. He answered in an ordinary tone casually while smiling.

“Dida. Now you talk to Iris-sama in that tone again … ”

“It’s all right, Ryle. I have considered you part of my family. When no one else is around, I will be happy if you talk to me normally. ”

“However, Iris-sama …”

“Please, Ryle.”

“…I understand.”

Ryle agreed with a sigh.

“It seems like everyone already knows, my engagement with Edward-sama has been canceled, and I have been sent to this territory.”

“I really can’t accept it. Why is Iris-sama’s engagement not only canceled, but also has to go through house confinement? ”

Rehme is similar to Tanya. She was also upset.

Even though there is a gap between her personality and appearance, he always talks in a relaxed manner.

“Correct. Indeed, he is a Prince with poor eyesight. ”

“Thank you. However, this has been resolved. Besides that, I’m happy to be able to live with everyone in this territory once more … However, for the present situation. It seems like everyone already knows, I have been appointed in this region as the Feudal Lord’s Representative. And, the first thing I want to do is inspection various places … Is everyone willing to accompany me? ”

“I humbly accept.”

“Escort the princess, huh? I want to do it.”

While the two people showed their motivation, Rehme had a difficult expression on her face.

“They are both tasked with escorting, I understand. But what is my duty in assisting you? ”

“Simply put, it’s because I need your insight.”


“If I’m not mistaken, you regularly read every book available in Duke’s library, right? There are also books on local history and geography. I need the insight you have gained from reading these books. In addition, the results will be very different when there is someone who is insightful when investigating various places. ”

Our house truly has an amazing collection of books. In addition to books originating from house, they have been collected by previous generations of Prime Ministers. The library is wider than any room in this mansion, full of books. As for the type, there are also various variations.

The books, of course, are collected by different types from different generations, such as politics, geography, law, and various other types.

And because Rehme has read all the books, I believe that she has extensive knowledge.

“… If that’s the case, I understand. I will work hard to fulfill my duty. ”

“The inspection is scheduled to last for two days. If there is anything you need, please contact Tanya. Tanya, please take care of all the preparations. ”

“I understand.”

“Also, is there anyone who can get in contact with Moneda?”

“Moneda, you say?”

“Yes. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t he currently working for the Commerce Guild? ”

The Commerce Guild is, as the name implies, an organization that unites traders. This is similar to what Japan had during the Warring States period.

Moneda is also one of the kids I picked up. When I was enrolled in the academy, at the same time he joined the Commerce Guild.

“Right, and if I’m not mistaken, he is currently in charge of the account section … I will definitely contact him.”

“In that case, Ryle. I’m counting on you to contact him. If possible, I want to have an appointment with him shortly after our schedule ends. ”

“I understand.”

After finishing explaining the agenda at the examination, I left the three people. With the right time, Sebastian arrived with the document I asked for earlier, and I began to read it all.

As a matter of fact, I used to work in the tax department in Japan in my previous life. Thanks to that, I am really skilled in reading income and expense reports, and other related documents. I can check it without problems.

“… Young Mistress. It’s time for lunch. ”

“… Jeez. Is that so? ”

Time passed faster, and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. Even so, I’m really grateful that someone reminded me.

Honestly, because I was so busy in my previous life, I didn’t have time to eat regularly.

After lunch, I needed to quickly go back to work … Ah, I had to chew my food properly. I did not forget about my diet. Because I’m busy, it will be bad if I forget to eat.

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Table of Content

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