Chapter 1 (part 5)

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After leaving the room, her father, Louis de Almería, who stayed in the room, laughed at the thought of his previous conversation with his daughter.

In retrospect, many things really happened today …

First of all, It was her daughter Iris who was expelled from academy and had her engagement annuled… This matter developed according to the route he had predicted.

In fact, after he knew his daughter’s movements, he could have stopped his daughter.

But he didn’t do it, everything was for her marriage to be terminated … this was the best way.

Conversely, if his daughter didn’t do anything stupid, it was himself who would have canceled her engagement by claiming she’s ill.

And no matter what, he also intends to keep his daughter away from the aristocratic society in the form of confinement by the church.

After all, her daughter was fascinated by the second prince. No matter what she said, she wouldn’t listen. That’s right.

Or that’s what he thought.

But after seeing his daughter, he saw that although his daughter was thrown away by the man he liked in a humiliating manner, she seemed quite refreshed, calm, and even revealed his plans splendidly.

……How Interesting. That’s what he thought.

Because he was always busy with his work and rarely made contact with his son and daughter, both of them were spoiled by his wife.

As for his daughter, she grew to be a typical noblewoman who could not do anything by herself.

On the other hand, his son grew up overconfident in his abilities, lovestruck, and naive…And when he started working at Capital, he planned on thoroughly diclipning him.

But when he talked with his daughter, she accurately revealed what he thought.

The sad thing about it all is that, compared to his younger brother, she has the ability to distinguish situations that flow in society. In addition, she is able to make decisions quickly. It was as if she had turned into a totally different person.

Now when he thinks about it, his daughter would sometimes do strange things, while listening to her, it makes him remember a few things.

The surprised thing was an occasion when she insisted on picking up commoners and asking that they be by her side. Instead of getting an expensive gift, he chose to pick up street children.

He originally thought his daughter would make them as her servants, but when he finally approved of it, she didn’t seem to have that kind of plan.

He thought his daughter’s strange behavior had ended … but when he saw her just now, her expression looked the same as it was then. Before he know it, he had given she the position, “Representative of Feudal Lord”.

However, because Sebastian currently lives in the terrority, she probably won’t do anything strange there. However, if Iris hadn’t done anything, that would be ridiculous.

He was looking forward to what his daughter would do.

While he was thinking about the previous conversation, his wife Merellis Reiser Armelia entered the room.

“… Honey, Iris, is she really …?”

Merellis probably didn’t know he had appointed her daughter as acting lord.

She was worried about her daughter’s future, so she asked him.

“… No, I won’t send her to church. I’ll give her the job of acting the lord and ask her to return to the territory.”

“Oh Dear! But isn’t that burden too heavy for that child? …?”

She already knew that Iris would not be confined by the church, she sighed with relief. But then immediately worried about other things.

“Because her attitude makes me think it’s fun to give her a try, so …”

“Really? From this incident, I can tell that the child was too straightforward … I’m very worried that she won’t be able to carry out her duties as an acting lord.”

She refers to an incident involving the Baron’s daughter. Iris had previously sneered at her. She should have been able to use the status of the daughter of a Duke to increase her companionship and stability, and then use the people around her to do things that are beneficial to her.

However, Iris made a direct attack instead.

As a result, she was forced into a situation where she could not make any excuse. Even what she didn’t do forced her to admit it.

….. In other words, she is used by others.

She was used by other nobles who did not like the Baron’s daughter.

They are very clever.

Even if that child didn’t start it, they form as if that child done it all.

He also thought it would be great if that child could learn some of Merellis’ life skills.

Although Merellis loves her daughter and son, she is very strict with herself, and she doesn’t even need his advice as a husband to get along with others.

He knew it would develop this way but he didn’t anticipate it, so Merellis blamed him heavily.

“… She probably learned something from this incident. That child has changed quite a bit. Regarding the engagement with the Second Prince, she can even say a speech that understands her position …”

“Oh… haha. But judging from your calm demeanor, that child doesn’t know your true purpose, right?”

His wife’s words made him grin.

Only one statement from his daughter was wrong.

That was the part where he allowed her to make an engagement with the Second Prince.

He holds the post of Prime Minister, and of course thinks that it is better to let his daughter get engaged with the first prince.

But he allowed her to get engaged with the Second Prince simply because her daughter wanted it so.

Even though he is known as the cold Prime Minister, he is nothing more than a father who loves his daughter.

In the end, as Iris asked, a marriage contract with Second Prince was made.

Then … ever since his daughter got engaged, he has abandoned his neutral position, paying considerable attention to the movement of the royal family and constantly adjusting.

Over-confidence in my own power, thinking that I have a way to do it … I’m not different from my son.

As he thought so, he raised his mouth with a mockery.

In fact, the dispute surrounding the throne of the next king, contrary to his expectations, has been fiercely under the table.

Sooner or later, Iris will be forced into a vortex of dispute.

He could not expect her to have the intelligence to overcome those disputes.

That’s why he made a judgment that he would only withdraw her from the aristocratic society before things getting worse.

Of course, he intends to let her return when the chaos is resolved.

However, today she changed his judgment.

She has grown into someone who does not need guidance or protection.

Instead, she even looked forward to it, thinking that she might be able to cross the rough waves alone.

He did not know what she would do and looking forward for it.

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Table of Content

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