Chapter 1 (part 4)

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I swallowed and adjusted my breath in front of the heavy door … and knocked.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

The atmosphere was quite tense when I entered the room, I sat right in front of father. With a face that reflects intelligence and authority, it is suitable for someone in the post of Prime Minister, besides the sharp glints of eyes as he normally does, making the atmosphere around him even heavier … As a result, the tension doubled, it made me feel wanted escape.

“I apologize for taking up your time today.”

“Heh… So do you know the reason why you were called here?”

“Not at all.”

Even though it’s faint, I can see the veins on father’s face are slightly twitching …That’s why I said, it’s really scary.

“I don’t think I have caused any trouble regarding father’s position as Prime Minister or as your title being a Duke. What i’m apologizing for is because father is my father.”

“Oh … why do you think so?”

“First, at most I just sneered at at her. And there is only indirect evidence, so I don’t think it’s serious enough to affect father’s position as Prime Minister. Our side belongs to a Ducal House, and won’t ruined easily just because the engagement got canceled. Even in the academy, I handled things in a way that they were sympathetic towards me. This way, they cannot make a big problem out of it. No matter how much clamor Edward-sama makes, it will only end up with a strict reprimand.”

“I already know those disputes in the academy.”

“There is another thing that I found. Before that, I’m sorry to say this to father, as a Duke … all this time you opposed our engagement, right? ”

“Indeed, why do you know?”

“Because of my lineage, if I am connected to the royal family through marriage, it will damage the balance of the power of the royal family. Another reason, besides father is a Duke and Prime Minister, mother is also the daughter of a General. It is still acceptable if a marriage is formed with the First Prince. However, if with the Second Prince, sooner or later, the kingdom will be divided into two. ”

After listening to these words, from the first time since I arrived, father smiled … His smile was terrible, coupled with sound effects that made people feel nauseous … Even though dad might not have any evil intentions … Still, I felt really scared.

“If that’s the case, why do you think I let your engagement with Edward-sama happen?”

About this question, I also thought about the reason during the trip to here. If possible, I would choose to avoid that question.

“… Because maybe it doesn’t matter if I’m engaged to one of them, it will still be of benefit, right?”

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“Because if I’m engaged to the First Prince, the Second Prince will also bow to him because our status is getting stronger. If my fiance is the Second Prince, as part of the First Prince faction. In that situation, Berne and I would be responsible for watching over the Second Prince to see if he made any unusual movements. Well … it might take time and effort, and honestly, in short, it would be better for father. ”

Actually, the story in the game does not focus on telling the First Prince. Instead, it is depicted that the Second Prince will be the next King.

This is actually quite common, now the First Prince is the son of a legitimate wife (the Queen) who has died while the Second Prince is the child of the concubine who succeeded him as the current Queen. Normally the First Prince had been determined to be the next King even when he was still in his mother’s womb, but the reality was not that easy.

The concubine is the daughter of a Marquis, who is currently in the process of building their strength, while the legal wife is the daughter of an Earl. So, when we look at the status of their family, the family of a legitimate wife will lose to a concubine.

The King suddenly fell in love with a legitimate wife and used his authority to get rid of all opponents and make her as a queen, so the balance was shaken at that time.

In the game, such situations are not described. Even at the end of the game, it was predetermined that the First Prince was studying in another country. That’s how it should be, so I didn’t expect anything bad to happen. But as expected, that reality is cruel. As for the father, as a Duke he can be said to serve the country and not the Royal family.

Appointed as Prime Minister, he must maintain a neutral position in royal family disputes. For example, if the situation he sided with the faction of the First Prince, according to the laws of the Kingdom, there is a possibility that he would be judged incompetent and would be transferred … If people think about it, this is the right decision.

“However, if the Second Prince truly rebelled against the First Prince … if that happened, father would immediately cancel my engagement with the Second Prince. I love you, father. ”

In this case, when that happens, if it’s father, he might not revoke my inheritance. It can be said what happened before is part of father’s plan.


Father laughs, looks like he’s really happy. However, even though he laughed, I could only see him as a villain. If a third party sees it, they might be completely destroyed.

“Correct. Of course, I want your engagement with the Second Prince to be canceled. But even though I had told your brother to keep a distance from the Second Prince when a bad possibility occurred … But that child, he had completely forgotten about his duties and is now truly part of the Second Prince’s faction … However, are you okay with this? Iris? Aren’t you in love with the Second Prince? ”

“Love is something that resembles a disease. When recovered, then it’s over … Even I myself think it should be like this instead of regretting it later. ”

“…Hmmm. However, Iris. The current situation backfires. Therefore, you need to take some action. ”

“… So that’s how it is …”

As I thought, I could not escape the “revocation of social status, church confinement, and seclusion” just like that … Besides, Tanya seemed to insist on coming with me, I had to somehow convince her to stay.

“I’ll have you go back to the territory and then be under house confinement. Of course, since you will be far from Capital, what you want to do in a remote place is none of my business. ”

“… Eh?”

Doesn’t that mean that whatever I want to do will be “okay,” and there won’t be any confinement?

“Also, it will be useless if you just stay there and do nothing. Therefore I will give you the position of ‘Representative of Feudal Lord’ so that at least, you can manage the territory properly. ”

Feudal Lord Representative? I will rule a territory in place of father.

I wonder what I have to say in this situation … Getting an unexpected bit of luck? Calm before the storm? Ah, the both are incorrect! Because it happened so suddenly, I couldn’t find any plausible words about it.

“… Feudal Lord Representative, isn’t that the position usually given to heirs?”

“It’s not a problem because you will go to the terrority anyway. And besides, the heir you are talking about is currently experiencing an ‘illness’ you spoke of.”

… Yeah of course. Because he was crazy about the Baron’s daughter, Yuri, at this time he was always not far from the Second Prince, and became part of his group. … Because that woman now belonged to the Second Prince, normally he would keep his distance from her.

However, in my brother’ mind, he might want to be in a position where he can protect the happiness of the person he loves and watch over her.

“… I will do it. I will create a territory that will not be affected no matter if Capital is in chaos. ”

When I said that, father nodded in agreement, then I left the room.

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Table of Content

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