BSIL- chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Witnessing Yourself Being Cremated

“I’m sorry, we’ve done our best, please prepare for funeral.”

The doctor’s voice outside the ward was soft, but Lin Yu in the hospital bed could hear it clearly.

Perhaps even one’s sense of hearing becomes extra sharp before death, especially the cries of his mother, which were extraordinarily sharp.

The first to give his life because of his bravery, Lin Yu is not the first, he does not regret this, just feel sorry for his mother.

His father died early, and his mother took care of him alone. He didn’t know how much she had suffered. Now he was admitted to Qinghai People’s Hospital with excellent grades, and his life with his mother was about to brighten, but unexpectedly, such an accident happened.

“Damn God.”

A good man is really not rewarded, Lin Yu cursed in a low voice, his eyelids could no longer hold up and slowly closed.

“My son!”

A miserable cry violently woke Lin Yu up and he opened his eyes to find himself now standing at the end of the bed, while his mother was bawling on the bed.

“Mom, why are you crying, aren’t I here in a good way?”

Lin Yu was so happy that he thought he was miraculously healed that he stretched out his hand to pat his mother and found that his hand had gone through her body.

The mother didn’t react in the slightest, still jumping on the bed and crying.

Lin Yu’s color changed, and he looked up to see himself lying on the bed, his face shriveled and blue, obviously no longer alive.

I’m dead?

Lin Yu looked down at himself standing at the end of the bed and found that his body was somewhat white and slightly transparent.

Lin Yu was shocked, so people really did have souls after death!

No matter what he said or did, his mother couldn’t feel it.

With the help of the nurse, his mother reluctantly put on a shroud for Lin Yu, and then the caregiver transported his body to the funeral car.

The mother got into the car and sat next to the corpse, clutching his hand tightly, tears pouring out of her red and swollen eye sockets, “Yu’er, don’t worry about leaving, Mom will go down to accompany you right away after I finishes things here.”

For her, her son was all she had, and there was no point in her living in the world after her son died.

When he heard that his mother wanted to die, Lin Yu was anxious, learning the scene of resurrection in the movie, lying on the corpse, but it didn’t work, every time he sat up, only his own soul.

The car soon arrived at the crematorium, after paying the fee, the staff simply put on Lin Yu’s makeup, handed Lin Yu’s mother a number plate, then the incineration staff pushed Lin Yu’s corpse to the incineration hall.


The moment the incineration personnel pushed his body into the incinerator, Lin Yu instantly collapsed.

As his flesh burned, Lin Yu felt that his consciousness was weakening, there were countless faint spots of light flowing away from his body, and his soul was slowly fading.

At the same time, another world began to flash in front of his eyes, and as far as the eye could see was endless darkness, mixed with red flames and miserable screams.


This was the first thought that flashed through Lin Yu’s consciousness, and a powerful sense of fear instantly engulfed him.

His soul was subconsciously rushing around in the air, and points of light were still drifting out of his soul body at an ever-increasing rate.

The hell world in his eyes was also becoming clearer and clearer, and a mysterious hoarse voice could be heard calling to him from below.

At this time, Lin Yu’s body in the incinerator was nearly burnt out, and a jasper-colored pendant in the ashes suddenly glowed brightly in the flames.

This was left to him by his grandfather when he died, and he had worn it since he was a child, and his mother had deliberately not taken it off when she was wearing his shroud.

The pendant glowed more and more brightly, then it ruptured with a thud, and a wisp of turquoise light fiercely emerged from the pendant and instantly attached itself to Lin Yu’s soul.

Then an old voice came from his mind, “I am the saint of your ancestors, from today onwards, you are my successor, get my medical techniques, suspend the pot to help the world and ferry people to themselves ……”

Then the voice dissipated and a huge amount of information suddenly filled Lin Yu’s mind, medical mysteries, cultivation techniques and some of his ancestor’s travel experiences flooded into Lin Yu’s mind one by one.

Reading the information in his mind, Lin Yu felt very excited, as if he had opened the door to a new world.

But this excitement was fleeting, what was the use of getting the secret technique inheritance, he was already a dead man who was about to go to hell.

As this thought flashed by, a memory about the Soul Returning Technique suddenly popped up in Lin Yu’s mind.

The memory showed that through the Returning Soul Technique, a person whose soul remained after death could be possessed and reborn.

However, Lin Yu’s flesh had already been reduced to ashes in the fire, but the good thing was that there was a record about the method of returning the soul of a damaged flesh, “The flesh falls, transform into a ghost, find a living body, and then possess it.”

Lin Yu sucked in a breath of cold air, meaning that his flesh body was damaged, and if he wanted to come back to life, he could only turn into a ghost and find someone else’s flesh to possess through the soul return technique.

One must know that in the human consciousness, ghosts were the embodiment of evil, besides, if one possessed someone else’s body, wouldn’t it be equivalent to depriving them of their life in disguise?

After hestitating, Lin Yu’s soul had grown fainter and fainter, only a phantom remained, and the voices in his ears were becoming clearer and clearer.

Lin Yu gritted his teeth, looking at the corpses being pushed into the incineration hall one after another, suddenly came up with an idea, if the dead can’t do it, then the living dead should be able to, right?

A few minutes later, Lin Yu arrived at the largest botanist care center in Qinghai City.

Many vegetative people were unconscious and could never wake up, the only thing alive is their body, Lin Yu thought that choosing this kind of person to possess was not considered murder.

At first Lin Yu even searched over ward by ward to find the right body.

But found that his consciousness was getting thinner and thinner, and soon it was going to fade away, and that call from hell was getting more and more urgent.

Lin Yu didn’t have time to think, and as soon as he had a chance to see a male vegetative in his twenties, he recited the Returning Soul Technique, steeped into a puff of white smoke, and fought his way into it.

“You can’t escape!”

At the same time, the cries in his ears suddenly turned into a miserable scream, and then Lin Yu lost all consciousness.

When Lin Yu woke up again, he only felt the glare of the bright light, and it took a moment to adjust to it, and when he looked down, he was lying in the hospital room.


Lin Yu almost screamed out in excitement, sat up sharply, looked at his new body, couldn’t wait to tear off the syringe on his hand, then jumped off the bed, but when his feet hit the ground, his body stumbled and fell to the ground.

The young man’s muscles were somewhat slightly atrophied, probably from lying down for so long.

Lin Yu staggered to get up, looked up at the calendar on the wall, and found that it was already the next day, touching the bed and the wall, feeling the cold temperature coming from his hands, it felt like a dream, he only died yesterday, didn’t expect to be resurrected today.

After a little activity, he got used to this new body, and then he rushed out of the hospital eagerly, he now has only one thing on his mind, and that is to see his mother.

At this time, the bakery was crowded with people, more than a dozen punks were calling for Lin Yu’s mother to return the money.

In order to perform the operation on Lin Yu, Lin Yu’s mother was forced to borrow over a hundred thousand dollars in loan sharks, and when they learned that Lin Yu was dead, the punks came impatiently to collect the debt.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sell the shop in a few days, I’ll pay you back when I get the money, please leave first.”

Lin Yu’s mother pleaded with swollen red eyes, hoping to quickly get rid of them, her son had just left, and she didn’t want him to leave unsettled.

“Old Hag, this stupid shop of yours is only worth a few dollars, your son is dead, as soon as we leave, if you run away who do we care to ask for the money?” The leading yellow-haired punk cursed.

“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t run away, I’ll raise enough money and pay you back right away.”

“No, we have to get the money today, no matter what you say!” Yellow Hair
refused to give up.

“But I really don’t have any money right now, and as you know, I’ve spent all my money …… to treat my son.”

Lin Yu’s mother cut her heart like a knife, and there was a hint of pleading in her hoarse voice.

“It’s fine if you don’t have any money, how about this, you can transfer your broken house to us as a way to pay off the debt.” Yellow Hair’s eyes dripped and spoke out his true purpose.

Lin Yu’s mother was slightly startled, the house was left behind by Lin Yu’s grandfather, although it was a bit old, but the location was good, according to the current price of the Qinghai Sea, it could at least be sold for two or three million, they were simply robbing it openly.

But now that the son is dead and the home is gone, what’s the point of keeping the house, pay off the debt and you’ll be able to go with peace of mind.

Thinking of this, Lin Yu’s mother nodded her head with all her thoughts and was about to agree, when an angry shout suddenly came from outside the door.

“No! Our house is worth at least a few million dollars, and you’re robbing it!”

Right after that, Lin Yu drove his new body in with a breeze.

“Fuck you, who are you, it’s none of your business!” Yellow Hair was furious, looking at Lin Yu’s hospital gown, he thought he was a neuropathy who came out of nowhere, so he rushed over to raise his hand to slap.

Lin Yu subconsciously dodged, stretched out his hand and pushed, Yellow Hair’s entire body instantly flew out, flying a good five or six meters away, slicing through the air in a to arc, and slammed into the table inside.

“Get him dead for me!”

Yellow Hair’s covered his chest and screamed twice, then gave an order, the other dozen or so punks immediately rushed up and surrounded Lin Yu, punching and kicking, Lin Yu even raised his hand to fight back.

Then a howl rang out from the bakery and the punks screamed repeatedly.

More than a dozen of them went up together, but they didn’t even touch the corner of Lin Yu’s clothes, and Lin Yu’s punches and kicks hit them as if they had been hit by a car.

With just one punch, they couldn’t get up from the pain.

Lin Yu himself was incomparably shocked, they said that ghosts possessed infinite strength, but he didn’t expect it to be true, and the movements of these people seemed very slow in his eyes, easy to dodge.

“Call the police! Call the police!”

Yellow Hair’s was terrified by the scene in front of him, he had seen people who could fight, but he had never seen anyone who could fight so well, he was simply inhuman.

As soon as she heard that the police were going to be called, Lin Yu’s mother rushed over and grabbed Lin Yu’s hand, saying urgently, “Young man, they’re going to call the police, you should leave, I’ll handle it here.”

“Mom, what are you talking about, where can I leave you.”

Lin Yu was so happy that tears were coming out of his eyes, it was so good that he was still alive to see his mother.

Hearing his address, his mother was slightly startled and looked at him blankly.

Looking at his mother’s eyes, Lin Yu instantly woke up, he was alive, but with a different body, his mother didn’t recognize him at all.

“I’m sorry auntie, when I saw you I thought of my mother, so I couldn’t help but blurt it out, don’t mind.”

Lin Yu was afraid of scaring his mother by telling her true identity, so he hurriedly made up a lie.

“It’s okay, young man, you should leave, our family’s business can’t get you involved.” Lin Yu’s mother said as she pushed him outside.

Lin Yu didn’t answer, touching the chopsticks on the table and throwing them, the chopsticks shot at Yellow Hair’s with a bang, nailing Yellow Hair’s cell phone, which he had just pressed 110, to the wall.

Yellow Hair’s face was white with fright, the chopsticks on the wall were only a centimeter from his ear, and if they were a little off, it would be his head that was nailed to the wall.

“Help! Murder! Help!” Yellow Hair’s was so scared that he screamed, his voice could not speak of the grievance, it was obvious that they owed him the money first.

“Don’t yell, I’ll pay this money for Auntie Qin!”

Lin Yu said in a cold voice, since he had resurrected himself, he should be the one to pay these debts.

“Young man, how can yo do this, it’s the first time I’ve seen you, how can I let you pay for me?” Lin Yu’s mother looked at Lin Yu with some doubts, don’t know why, this young man gave her a feeling of déjà vu.

She wasn’t surprised that Lin Yu knew her surname, her son’s courage to give his life was known to many netizens, her name and contact details were also picked up, many kind-hearted people wanted to come to see her son off, and she declined.

“Okay, that’s what you said, so give us the money.” Yellow Hair’s didn’t care why Lin Yu paid back the money for someone else, as long as he could get the money, his mission was considered complete.

“Give me three days.” Lin Yu said.

“…… ” Yellow Hair was a bit speechless, saying something so awesome, he thought he would get the money out right away.

“What? You don’t believe me?”

Seeing that Yellow Hair didn’t say anything, Lin Yu frowned and spoke in a somewhat icy tone.

“I believe, I believe, but big brother you have to tell me your name, right?” Looking at Lin Yu’s icy gaze, Yellow Hair couldn’t help but shudder.


Yeah, I left in a hurry this morning, I didn’t even come to see this person’s name.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do what I promised you, so that after three days, or here, you just come over, I’ll return it to you then with interest.”

The reason Lin Yu was so confident was all thanks to this body of his.

He thought to himself that since he was able to live in the care center, no matter how ordinary this young man’s family was, he could at least take a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand out, he would need to come and use it first, and then return it back when he had earned money.

After seeing Lin Yu’s skills, Yellow Hair’s didn’t dare to say anything more and was just about to nod his head yes when his eyes suddenly looked out of the shop in a daze, as if he was attracted by something.

Lin Yu also looked out curiously, and saw a red BMW X5 at the door. As soon as the door opened, he stepped out of a white and slender leg. Then he got down a tall body, wearing a white wave. Beautiful lady in simian dress.

Lin Yu couldn’t help but also be attracted, this beauty’s looks and temperament were indeed of the highest quality.

The long-skirted beauty looked up at the bun shop and frowned slightly, then walked in quickly.

“Sis, buying buns? what kind of filling do you want?”

Lin Yu couldn’t help but get out of his mouth, he used to help his mother sell buns all the time, and it had become a reflex to see people with such a tone.

“What did you call me?” The long-skirted beauty gave him a cold glance, her tone unpleasant.


Lin Yu felt fine with the title he calling, and couldn’t help but be a little confused, the first time he saw a beauty shouting there was still a reluctance to listen.

The long-skirted beauty sized him up and said coldly, “Okay, He Jiarong, unconscious for two months, you don’t even know your own wife.”

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