Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus (WN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia | Cyborg-tl

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Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus (WN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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ok its at best 3.5 b But I’m giving it 4, its a fluffy story which could be why it is interesting for you, and also why it could be boring the other way around, its like death march with not tons of lolis, and the author always trying to give the power of attacking to the s*aves while the support skills to the MC, it would be obvious by the title, but the way he goes about it makes it annoying since every time he dismantles skills and combines them the s*ave gets attack ones and he gets support, but the problem is you know the author is doing it on purpose instead of him finding a way to make it believable, well it’s not that annoying, its just how he goes about it makes u see how limited the MC imagination is in using his reconstruction skills (and the author by extension) , also this novel is aimless so don’t go in expecting plot cause there is none, all you get is (like death march) small arcs to get new s*aves (harem) , granted if you’re in it for harem and fluffiness then I think you wont hate it at all it’s decent pass time but I’m stopping here even though there is more than 80 CH ahead cause I’m done with it like I was done with death march, its not for binge reading more like a novel to read inbetween serious novels to get a dose of cuteness (cute is justice) and laugh a little, hence like I said if you go in expecting plot you’ll be disappointed, if you know what you’re getting into you’ll like it, also the harem is fine you have the demon s*ave, the sister turning out to be demihuman and the onee san guild master, then you get the elf plagued by a curse that only the MC can solve of course and last is the 12 year old that is way beyond her age in intelligencebecause of burdens thrown on her and that will only be saved by the MC, also a legendar sword that is, get this, a pervert xd, also no Hardcore tsundere which is a plus for me, and all heroines have their kawaii side so thats welcome, the villains are still weak but you get some otherworlders that were summoned and used by nobles and king, against the MC so that’s a plus, though fights arent that great or interesting, and there is no tension, you know the winner beforehand so its pointless to expect mysteries and twists in this novel

so I would only recommend this for slice of life feeling and some cuteness and harem shenanigans


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