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Ascendance of a Bookworm Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Her first thought when being confronted with the prospect of being in a world deprived of books is to overturn the house of all its possessions and to then throw a tantrum to the point of falling unconscious from fatigue once she finds nothing in her surroundings but the mess of her own creation.

She cares nothing for her own family’s state of uncleanliness or of educating them about it all while expecting her sister (s*ave) to pamper her as the only civilized, well-kept one and monopolizing both the household’s resources and the useless knowledge that she has of her first life. She thinks she’s being magnanimous when lets her sister wash her hair with shampoo after she finishes and the water has been muddled from the grime of her own lol.

She has voyeuristic tendencies towards her sister’s child romance and gets flustered like a pedophile over a five year old smelling her hair. Since when has being reincarnated into the body of a little kid equated to inheriting the romantic interest for one? She demands immediate ownership of the first materials (pen and paper) she finds at her father’s workplace without questioning its origins or the reason that they are being denied to her. She even forgets that she herself does not yet know how to read or write the new language, and that there is no one suitable to teach her.

She chooses to be a further embarrassment to humanity and harasses her father in front of his coworker with her incessant whining while forgetting the prevalent case of illiteracy and poverty that is plaguing their society. It doesn’t take much know the implications that a scarcity of products would present but the MC is incapable of even that common sense. What kind of books has she so obviously lied about being well-read in? “Psychology, religion, history, geography, educations, folklore, mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, biology, art, fitness, language, fiction…” Does she mean that she studied the art of being utterly delusional and insatiable in her contagious, ever crippling s*upidity? Is she a real bookworm when she has rarely if at all mentioned the titles from the previous world? She very well excels, at least, in making a show of the maturity that she, among a multitude of other virtues, doesn’t realize that she devastatingly lacks.


Table of Content

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