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I woke up one day and found myself in the body of a different person.


I won’t give you a long explanation of how absurd I felt in this ridiculous situation. No one will be curious about how I feel anyway.


To simply put, I became ‘Evaria Oberon’.


Evaria Oberon.


She was a common villainess in the novel named 《Lady Catherine》. It means that she is not a real person, but a 2d person that exists only in the book. It’s ridiculous that not only I became a different person, but I became someone who exists only in a piece of paper. I can’t believe it.


At this point I thought. What has come of my life?


The novel 《Lady Catherine》was a romance novel in which Catherine, the only daughter of a Baron with a poor but warm family, captivated the hearts of the men of the kingdom with her unique bright appearance.


Cassian, the Crown Prince who later becomes king and rules the kingdom.


Lyndon, the unlucky first prince who was pushed out of the Crown Prince’s position despite being the firstborn.


Eli, Commander of the Royal Knights, whose swordsmanship is the best on the continent.


Masson, a genius scholar who was a commoner and rose to the position of Chancellor.


Luke, head of the intelligence guild who rules the back alley.


Catherine is loved by these men and manages the huge fishing grounds methodically. Then marries the Crown Prince who becomes King and becomes a Queen, just as ordinary romance novels do. The four men who loved Catherine gently step back and faintly wish her happiness.


Wow, what a beautiful world it is, isn’t it? This world was designed for the happiness of Catherine, the female protagonist.


In this world, ‘Evaria Oberon’ was the daughter of the Duke and the fiancée of the Crown Prince, who was jealous of Catherine and committed all kinds of evil deeds.


The beginning was a minor harassment. Spreading bad rumors behind her back, pouring wine at a ball, laughing openly at her in front of people, etc. However, as Catherine became the center of everyone’s attention, Evaria’s harassment intensified and she eventually planned to kill the female protagonist.


Of course the plan didn’t work. The head of the intelligence guild, who has ears everywhere in the kingdom, was on Catherine’s side.


‘On top of that, how clumsy must have been the plan of that villainess Young Lady, the ignorant daughter of Duke, was made?’


It wasn’t particularly surprising. That was the plan of a villainess?


‘No matter what you plan to do, it’s the fate of the villainess to fall out of grace in the end.’


As expected, Evaria, like a typical villainess, wasn’t able to fulfill her wish and was caught red handed. Catherine just suffered some minor injuries.


Compared to the clumsy attempt, the aftermath had a significant impact. Although minor harassments were brushed aside with the Duke’s influence, the attempted murder was a sensitive matter. It was even more so because the victim was Catherine, who was loved by the people of the kingdom.


When the five men in Catherine’s fishing grounds joined forces to drive Evaria out of the society, the famous Duke of Oberon could not protect his daughter. In the wake of the incident, Evaria’s engagement with the Crown Prince is broken and she is expelled from society for good.


Before that, Evaria had always lived a shining life as the youngest daughter of a Duke and the fiancée of the Crown Prince.


‘Perhaps she believed that the shining life she had would last forever.’


But an unexpected downfall came. Evaria, of course, did not accept that fact.


Suicide after a long suffering. That was the end of the villain, Evaria Oberon.




‘You don’t have to do that to me, do you?’


I am not Evaria. No, Evaria is Evaria, and all the past deeds she committed were not my own.


If the person whom the world was created for had died, I might have felt guilty for taking this body. But Catherine was fine, and isn’t the world still running for her? There was no reason for me to feel guilty and be nosy about correcting the past. Catherine will be happy no matter how I live.


Whatever Evaria did, it was decided from the beginning that Catherine, the female protagonist, would have the affection of the people. The real Evaria didn’t know that, and ended her life in misfortune.


But I knew I didn’t have to live like that. What’s wrong with people calling me a villainess?


Evaria was the daughter of a Duke, so she could live in luxury even if she was stuck in the house all her life and played and ate. Is there anything you need in life more than that? The lack of affection from the people in a piece of paper, which is only an illusion, did not make this ‘life’ of mine unhappy.


So I came to this conclusion. Since it’s like this, let’s just live without poking into other people’s business.


“I’m disappointed, Evaria. I thought you were a sensible and thoughtful woman. But murder… I didn’t expect you to do such a terrible thing.”


But what am I supposed to do about the fishes in Catherine’s fishing grounds that are bothering me so much?


“Do you think this is acceptable as a member of a prestigious Duke and as a noble lady who will be the future queen of the kingdom to have such a vicious heart?”


Catherine was not injured, so my charge was not murder, but attempted murder.


“Not murder, but attempted murder.”


I sighed and corrected the fish’s words because I was tired.


“This is the fifth time.”


First the Prince, then the knight commander, then the genius scholar, then the head of the information guild…….


The fishes came to me one after another as if they had promised, pouring out all kinds of curses and criticism at me. Now the Crown Prince, the male lead of Lady Catherine, has appeared splendidly.


‘The final boss is here.’


In other words, if this fish was handled well, there would be no one to bother me anymore.


“Therefore, since you attempted to……”


“Yes, I’m sorry that I did that.”


I snatched the fish’s words, smiling brightly and puffing at the accusation.


“In the sense of reflection, I will not show my face in society from now on and live quietly. Of course, you want to break the engagement with me, right? I’ll do that, too. When do you want that to happen?”


The fish, no, Crown Prince Cassian, who was constantly nagging, shut his mouth at my declaration. He seemed to have never thought that this would come out of Evaria’s mouth, so he was completely speechless.


“Why? Didn’t you come here because you wanted that too? I’ll do what you want. Let’s break our engagement.”


There was no reason to dilly dally time because the engagement would be broken anyway. The original Evaria was devastated and cried and clung to Cassian, but I didn’t have any intention to do that.


‘From now on, Evaria wouldn’t be a pathetic villainess trampled under everyone’s feet.’


I don’t want to be a woman who is being nosy about correcting things that I didn’t do. My goal is to be a villainess who accepted every situation and left coolly.


“Are you done with your business? Then please go away. Don’t keep getting in my way like this.”


However, the fish that blocked my way did not budge. At this rate, my patience was about to break.


“Okay then. I’ll just go around. The road ahead isn’t the only way.”


I turned around with a shrug. The open view was very refreshing.








T/N: The first chapter is posted! Another new and interesting novel picked by yours truly. Although I’m just an MTLor and may not be able to translate every word properly, I’ll try to be as close to the original as possible. So please stay with me! And please let me know how is my translation so that I can improve!


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