Prologue (1)

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“Good morning, Sir.”




Ji-Won, who was mechanically responding without looking at the information desk, suddenly sensed a foreign energy that seemed to grab the back of his head and turned his head slowly. He thought he was overreacting, but…. A strange man seen was clinging to Su-Bin, who was smiling as sweet as a picture, sneaked back, avoiding his gaze as soon as his eyes met with Ji-Won.


What’s going on early in the morning? Sigh, I can’t believe it. It’s annoying, but I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it. Ji-Won, who had been agonizing for a while with his brows narrowed, breathed a short sigh as he looked at Su-Bin, who was anxiously looking at him. He had never noticed her face before, but traces of insomnia, which could not be covered with makeup, were clearly visible today.


“Kim Su-Bin.”


“Yes, sir.”


“I want you in my room for a minute.”


“What? Ah…, yes.”


Surprised, Su-Bin quickly rose from her seat and followed Ji-Won’s footsteps. Her heart was shaken by the employer’s unexpected behavior, who usually doesn’t exchange words with her properly. But she wasn’t in a position to question the reason.


‘Why did he call me today? Well, I’m not someone who can smile prettily, but…. Did I make any mistake? Ugh. He’s not gonna fire me, is he? No, I haven’t done anything wrong enough to get fired, and he can’t just fire employees this way these days and age. But if I get fired…, Can I get unemployment benefits?’


“The director came early today. Huh? Su-Bin….”


The secretary, who was greeting him kindly, also couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw Su-Bin, who followed Ji-Won timidly. It was the first time that the unconditional employer called an employee to his room. The secretary asked with his eyes, ‘What’s going on, did you do something wrong?’ ‘I don’t know’. Su-Bin, who shook her head a little at the secretary’s worried eyes, entered the director’s office with a heavy step.


“Kim Su-Bin.”


“Yes, sir.”


“First of all, I will make it clear that what I am about to say is not because I have any self-interest on you. This also means that it is absolutely not an unnecessary trick I’m playing on Kim Su-Bin.”


“Ah…, yes.”


Su-Bin replied as politely as possible, struggling not to show a bitter look. It was a relief that he wouldn’t fire her right away.. but, he shouldn’t be so strict to her either. She doesn’t like him either. It was only for a moment when she was excited to receive his soulless welcome in this room on her first day of work.


Of course, the man named Cha Ji-Won was a person who had many parts that could act as charm to others. With a neat, delicate face, tall height, and even a good proportioned figure like a model, he dressed well as the owner of a trendy gallery. He even had seven cars that would change everyday depending on the mood of the day. And according to the curator who is interested in cars, the price of all the cars added up was exactly 4 billion.


But what’s the point of all that? His only plus point is that he’s good looking. He doesn’t even look at people’s faces when he says hello. It’s very….


“Did your boyfriend die recently?”


Su-Bin, who was quietly being sarcastic about her employer while lowering her eyes, raised her head in surprise when he asked a question that completely deviated from the imaginary category.


“How can the director….”


“It’s a long explanation. So I’m asking you straightforwardly. Did you have a close relationship with him? So much that you want to follow him?”


Follow him… where? Su-Bin, who blinked in confusion for a long time, belatedly understood Ji-Won’s words and jumped and waved her hands.


“No! I’ve been just very sad and tired for a while…. I have my own life…, I have a family…. I’ve never thought I’d die for..”




Ji-Won, who answered casually, took out a sheet of A4 paper and began to draw something quickly. Su-Bin, who was staring blankly at Ji-Won’s face with a lost face, opened her mouth without realizing it when she saw the picture he completed in just 30 seconds. The portrait, which was so elaborate that she couldn’t believe it was a rough drawing with a ballpoint pen, was horrifyingly identical to the face in her memory.


“Is this the man?”




“Did you dream of him often these days?”




“Did he ask you to go somewhere?”




Su-Bin, who couldn’t answer the last question, bit her lips. She couldn’t sleep for the past few days because her boyfriend, who she had tried to forget and live, kept appearing in her dreams. A year has passed since the terrible accident, and she was only just getting better. But whenever she woke up from the dream, she had a hard time with the longing that came in. She felt sorry that she was forgetting him little by little.


However, those affectionate feelings quickly disappeared without a trace. Her boyfriend kept begging her to go to the East Sea… Could it be that by the East Sea he was implying her to go to the afterlife with him?! How could you, how can you….


“You don’t want him to show up again, right?”


When Su-Bin, who turned blue in fear, nodded while shaking, Ji-Won took the lighter out of his inner pocket and burned the picture he drew cleanly. Then, he watched until the picture turned to ashes completely and opened his mouth in an indifferent voice.


“He won’t show up anymore.”


“Well, really?”


“Maybe. And I’m not usually this nosy, but Kim Su-Bin, you seem someone who is easily swayed by suggestions, so if I have to add a word…. Keep that in mind. In the future, if a dead person appears in your dream and tells you to get on a bus or train, you should never get on board.”


“…why, why?”


“That means a funeral will be held. And it will be yours.”


Ji-Won’s simple answer gave Su-Bin goosebumps from head to toe. Just this morning when he appeared in her dream, she went to the train station with him, who had been talking about the East Sea all the time. She was about to get on the train when her brother woke her up asking if he could borrow a charging cable, so she woke up. She went to work with all her temper tantrums, saying that his brother was a bully for waking her up in the morning, disturbing the precious morning sleep of an office worker….


Ji-Won, who had not changed a single expression while looking at Su-Bin, who had become pale as if she was about to faint, gave a small nod toward the door. It meant that she should leave now that her business is over.


“Excuse me, Sir.”


Ji-Won, who had been checking the stock price by tapping his cell phone, glanced up. Su-Bin was slightly intimidated by his eyes, which seemed he was annoyed, but she couldn’t help but ask.


“What if…, what if…. If I said I wanted to follow him to death…. Would he have left me alone today?”


Ji-Won, who had been lost in thought for a while, nodded slowly at Su-Bin’s question. If it wasn’t for someone he had to see every day, and the hassle of hiring new employees, he wouldn’t have called the other person in his room with the intention of helping in the first place.


“He would have. He’s not in a position to interfere with Kim Su-Bin’s life at will.”






Ji-Won, who signed several approval documents, lazily turned his head from side to side to check the time. It’s 11 o’clock now…. Maybe it’s because he has lost his energy since this morning, he’s feeling tired. Should I leave work now? It was when Ji-Won, who decided to go to the hotel Sauna for a relaxing evening just got up from his seat. The intercom turned on after a beep.




[Director, the Head of Security of Zanice Company has requested an interview. What should I do?]


Ji-Won’s eyes grew a little at the unexpected business. Zanice Company? That’s a cosmetics company. Why would a big company like that…. And the Chief Security Officer. He doesn’t know if it’s for marketing or partnership business purpose. He had a hunch that it would be very troublesome, but he can’t treat the staff of Zanice like that. Tsk, what’s wrong with people? Ji-Won, who was kicking his tongue annoyingly, replied in an undesirable voice.


“Tell him to come in.”


[Yes, understood.]


Soon after, a polite knock was heard, and a man in his 50s with a serious impression opened the door with a smile on his face. He smiled softly, but his gaze was quite sharp as he was quickly looking through his opponent. Ji-Won, who realized that he had been too confident, felt bad at once. Of course, the hand asking for a shake was not very kind.


“Good morning, Sir. I’m Kwon Hyun-Ho, Chief of Security at Zanice Company. I’m so sorry that I came without an appointment.”


“I’m Cha Ji-Won. But why Zanice’s Chief Security Officer….”


“Yes, we both don’t have time to chat leisurely, so I’ll tell you straightly why I’m here. Director, do you know someone named Park Jae-Kwon?”


Park Jae-Kwon? Ji-Won, who searched in his memories for a while, shook his head firmly.


“No, I’ve never heard of someone with the name before.”


“Oh, you may not know the name. Then I’ll have to explain it more specifically. Then do you remember the dead man in his mid-20s who the director sent to Jungcheon at 09:37 a.m. today? He said he was the boyfriend of one of the employees here during his lifetime. And he made eye contact with the director just before he was forced to be sent to Jungcheon*.”


[T/N: Jungcheon or 중천 (中川), River of the Underworld, it is a place in Korean mythology and folklore where the spirits of the dead are believed to be judged and sent to their respective afterlife destinations.]


…What? Ji-Won, who was at a loss for words for a moment, was unable to find anything to say back. But before he could even think anything to refute, the other person said more strange things with a casual face. Many unfamiliar words appeared, but it was even more ridiculous to understand the content roughly.


“I looked it up and found several more cases of unauthorized guides that are presumed to be the Director’s activities. Starting with Sokcho 22 years ago, there was one case each in New York and London. And two years ago, a female deceased in her 40s was sent to Jungcheon near your home. Is that right?”


Ji-Won, who was listening quietly, raised his eyebrows slightly. First of all, it seems to fit in with the time when he got rid of ghosts…. Is Jungcheon a real place? No. No. More than that now…. Why does Zanice’s Chief of Security talk such a nonsense with him? Besides, it’s near his house. How did he even know where he lives? What’s this confidence after doing a background check without permission? When he calmed down a little bit from his surprise at the unexpected attack, his displeasure soared.


“What’s wrong with that?”


Despite Ji-Won’s sharp retort with a cold face, the Chief of Security kept the same benevolent expression as the first time. It was a smile that revealed the experiences of the person who wasn’t affected by this reaction.


“Of course, it’s natural that you don’t know…. In modern times, human rights are highly emphasized, so unless a summary judgment is necessary, all the deceased are notified of the principles and guided to Jungcheon using as non-violent methods as much as possible. If the procedures are not followed properly, there is a high possibility of rebellion.”


“Rebellion… the dead?”


“Yes. They can cause physical injury to the living, and also run away. As you know, society is getting very complicated, so it’s not easy to find them if they hide with determination. Park Jae-Kwon, who you saw in the morning, was also caught blackening, and the guides were looking for him carefully. I’m sorry for the late greeting, but I’m deeply grateful for your help in guiding him.”




“It refers to a group of people that plays a role in guiding the dead to Jungcheon in the human race. In Eastern cultures, the name Grim Reaper is mainly used, and in the West, it’s called the Angel of Death. But now it is collectively referred to as a Guide for easier understanding. We’re a global society.”


Ji-Won, who had a headache due to the Chief of Security’s refreshing explanation, pressed down on his temples. I mean… In modern society, even the human rights of ghosts should be respected and dealt with according to the procedure. But he ignored it and acted as the Grim Reaper. That’s a big problem enough to shake off individuals’ personal information and chase them.


“So what exactly is the purpose of visiting me?”


“I’m sorry to bother you, but you have visit the Jungcheon. The CEO wants to see you.”




“Yes, he* is the owner of Jungcheon and the representative of Zanice Company.”



[T/N: Korean pronoun for both male and female is same. So I’m gonna use ‘he’ for the CEO of Jungcheon for the time being.]


“Why do I have to follow your CEO’s instructions? He can come in person if he has business with me.”


The Chief of Security, who had been smiling all the time, lowered the corners of his lips a little for the first time in response to Ji-Won’s harsh reply.


“The CEO is a person who can judge all the existence of Earth. I sincerely mean it with a good intention, but it would be better for you to meet the CEO in Jungcheon than the CEO to come here.”







T/N: Hello readers! I’ve picked up this novel. This novel’s premise is interesting so I hope to finish it. I won’t be able to post regularly for the time being, maybe one Chp per week but will soon make a schedule and try to update more frequently.


Although I’m not a native kr speaker or know kr, I’ll try to MTL this novel as closer to the original as I can. So I apologize beforehand if I make any mistake.


Last but not least, the chapters of this novel is very big, so I’ll split it into two or more parts for my convenient and faster update.



Happy reading! ❤️❤️





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