ILAV Chapter 8

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Emma looked uneasy even after we left the mansion.


“Lady, I don’t think it’s wise to do this. The Baron said..….”


“Emma, is it something that the person who crept into my drawing room in the middle of the night to steal the fire should say?”


“……I was very quiet .”


“But you’ve been caught.”


“That’s true, but…….”


While Emma was mumbling, we reached the entrance of the mansion. At the Baron’s instructions, a knight in a suit was guarding the entrance, perhaps the Baron wanted to tighten the security. Emma’s face darkened when she found him.


“As expected, there are people to guide the area.”


She whispered carefully in my ear.


“I suppose so. The Baron gave such instructions after all.”


“If someone tries to leave with fire, they will never let them out.”


“Then how was Emma going to get out?”


Emma hesitated to answer my question before opening her mouth.


“Well, there’s this thing that we servants only know…….”


“It’s a dog hole, isn’t it? I don’t like it.”


Why do I have to act like a theif and use a dog hole instead of such a big comfortable door? I walked proudly to the entrance.


“Oh, My Lady!”


Emma swallowed the scream inside and followed behind me.


“What are you doing?”


“What do you mean? You have to go outside.”


“But isn’t the knight guarding the entrance?”


“Yeah. I can see it well, too.”


“If you can see it, why are you going confidently like this…….”


“What’s going on?”


Emma slapped her chest as if she was frustrated. But the knight guarding the entrance approached us, seeing us whispering to each other.


‘What a skinny knight.’


He seemed so weak that I wondered if he could wield a sword properly.


‘A typical extra.’


I left Emma, who was frozen behind, and greeted the knight calmly.


“I see you’re working hard even until late.”


“… Lady?”


The knight, who belatedly confirmed my identity, greeted me with a surprised face. It seemed that he had heard my notoriety to be surprised just by looking at my face. After receiving a rough greeting, I pointed my chin at the gate.


“I need to go out for a walk, so please open the door.”


“Walk? At night?”


“Yes. A walk. At night.”


In response to my firm answer, the knight looked up at the sky with a blank face. It was a dark night with a clear moon. Even so, it was obvious that it was not the right time for a walk.


“This guy wants to go for a walk. Oh, you heard it, right? This is my pet dog.”


Only then did the knight’s gaze, which was looking blankly at the sky, turn to my feet. The butler searched inside the mansion all day to find Harry’s owner. So the knights must have known about Harry, too.




Harry barked loudly as if he had been waiting for this moment when the knight’s eyes reached him.


‘He sounds like a dog no matter how many times I hear it.’


Harry didn’t stop there. He moved busily as he was told in advance and dragged my skirt.


“As you can see, I want to sleep well but this guy keeps bothering me.”


“But it’s too late, Miss. You can leave the dog to me, I’ll take him for a walk and come back.”


The knight said so and reached out as if he would really take Harry for a walk. Of course Harry didn’t want that.




Harry growled furiously as if he would bite his reaching hand at any moment. The knight pulled his hand back in surprise.


“Harry, you can’t do that.”


I stroked Harry on the head, pretending to be stern. The knight’s mouth opened when he saw Harry calmly receiving my touch, completely devoid of the fierce spirit just a while ago.


“This guy must have liked his new owner. He listens to no one but me……. It will be hard to leave him to Sir for a walk.”


“But it’s too late to go outside at night for a walk. And the Baron has instructed me that no one can go out with a fire…


“So I can’t go out?”




The knight looked at me hesitantly, but said firmly. He looked quite weak, but surprisingly, he had a firm personality.


‘I can’t help it. If I can’t get out like this, there’s only one way.’


I twisted my legs to use the villain’s lethal move. I also did not forget to fold my arms with a twisted expression on my face. When I frowned, the knight, who showed a firm attitude a moment ago, let out a ‘Hick!’


“Hey, Sir. Are you blocking my way? Do you have any idea who I’m. I’m Evaria Oberon.”


“Oh, oh, no! How can I block your way!”


“Then you can get out of my way right now.”


“Well, but, but I can’t get out of the way again…….”


“Are you trying to stop me? Will you get out of the way or what?”


“Oh, my!”


When I opened my eyes and bared my teeth, the knight turned white as if he was about to faint.


“I, I, I’ll get out of the way, so please don’t cut my fingers off! My future as a knight will be destroyed!”




The threat seemed to work, but the direction was a little strange.


‘I never said I’d cut his fingers.’


What kind of creative threat is this?


Emma whispered cautiously to me, who stood puzzled.


“It’s because there’s a rumour that you cut off the fingers of someone you don’t like and keep them stuffed.”


“……What’s the point of having a cut finger stuffed?”


“I’ve never stuffed anyone’s fingers before, so I don’t know.”


“I don’t know because I’ve never done it either.”


“Huh? You’ve never done it?”


Emma asked with her eyes wide open. She seemed to believe the rumour to be true.


“……I know for sure how the rumours about me spread.”


Originally, rumours were inflated as they spread from person to person. From the South where the capital is, to here, to Erelle in the North. How many people did the rumour go through while the story was told?


‘Should I say it’s fortunate that it’s not a true rumour that I cut off people’s fingers and keep it?’


I sighed and waved my hand at the knight.


“I’m not interested in fingers, so don’t worry.”


“Th, then, my head……!”


“I’m even less interested in your head! Just open that door.”


“But you really shouldn’t go outside.”


Eventually, the conversation returned to the beginning. I was dying of frustration.


‘I wanted to solve it politely, but it seems I can’t.’


I ordered Harry with an exaggerated sigh.


[Harry, bite the knight’s finger.]


Harry, who was looking at the confrontation between me and the knight with a bored face, was delighted in an instant.


[Really? I can bite his fingers? Since I’m biting, can I bite his arms and legs and head too?]


[Did I say that? I just want to threaten him, so just pretend to bite his finger.]


[Ugh. You’re not fun.]


Harry grumbled but approached the knight at my command. The knight jumped at Harry’s fierce growling as if he was really about to bite his hand.


“Oh, oh, okay! I’ll open the gate for you!”


The knight whimpered and opened the gate. At the same time, he repeatedly murmured, “I can’t,” or “I’ll be scolded by the Baron.”


‘I can’t understand why the Baron ordered such a knight to guide the gate at this late hour.’


I kicked my tongue and passed the knight and slipped out of the mansion with Emma following suit.


“Where did you want to go with the fire? Lead me that way, Emma.”


“Yes, miss!”


Emma nodded with a flushed face. Tears filled her eyes as if she was moved just by coming out of the mansion with the fire. Emma walked in front, and Harry and I followed.


But there was one more footstep that shouldn’t be behind us.


“Why are you following us?”


It was the knight who made a scuffle st the entrance. He was still shuffling behind us.


“It’s too late, and I think it’s too dangerous to leave the Lady and the maid alone..….”


“So you want to escort us?”


“Yes, that is the duty of a knight.”


The knight puffed his chest with a proud and righteous face. Of course, it wasn’t reliable at all.


“I’m very grateful of your kind heart.”


Before then, I pointed to the gate of the mansion, which was completely distant and almost invisible and asked.


“Wasn’t you whose duty was to guard the entrance?”


“That’s right.”


“If you come with us, who will guard that gate?”


In response to my question, the knight became mute and rolled his eyes from side to side. After finishing moving his eyes back and forth a couple of times, the knight’s face turned white.


“Uh, uh, uh, what do I do, Miss? The gate is empty now! The Baron told me to guard it!”


“You should have thought of that before you followed me.”


Evaria, who is born as a villainess with a twisted personality and the knight born as an extra had somewhat the same fate. Neither had a satisfying ending.


‘We are in the same situation, should I help him a little this time?’


I consoled the bewildered knight by patting him lightly on the shoulder.


“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.”


“Ugh. Is it really not a big deal?”


“If anything happens, I will threaten the Baron to resign him from his position. Then he won’t dare to ask you what happened.”


“But won’t you be seen as a vicious person?”


“It’s not that of a big deal being known as vicious. Besides, there’s no one here who can criticize me. I’m lending you my name because I’m proud that you followed me to protect me.”


“Oh, My Lady…….”


The knight’s tears, which had died down at my words, burst again.


“Why are you crying when I said I’ll help you?”


“I’m so grateful…… If I’m resigned from knighthood and don’t need a finger, I’ll give it to you. I am willing to give you all my ten fingers!”


“This man is really. I really don’t care about fingers! Stop crying, and behave like a proper escort. That’s why you followed me.”


I took a handkerchief out of my arms and handed it to the knight. The knight, who was sniffling, naturally received my handkerchief and wiped away his tears.


“Yes, Miss. I will protect you!”


The knight cried with a face full of tears and runny nose. His appearance looked unbelievable.




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