ILAV Chapter 7

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[Contractor! Wake up!]


Harry’s urgent voice ringing in my head woke me up from a sound sleep.


“Wake up? Is it already morning?”


I managed to lift my heavy eyelids and look around. But the room was still dark.


‘What? It’s still night.’


I annoyedly pushed Harry, who was hovering near my face, away from me. However, my feeble strength wasn’t enough to push away the heavy and huge dog.


[I’m telling you to get up! Someone came into the drawing room!]


[What do you mean?]


[I mean something is wrong! Doesn’t it sound like an assassin? Wake up!]


[An assassin? How can there be an assassin?]


I reached out and patted Harry’s head as if soothing a sleepy child.


[You’re probably misunderstanding. Sleep now, Harry.]


[How can I misunderstand? I’m Theo Haris, the Blue Wizard!]


[Yes, I know you’re a great wizard, so sleep now.]


[Oh, seriously!]


Maybe Harry gave up on persuading me, so he went down the bed. Then the dog’s light footsteps heading to the drawing-room sounded in my ears.


‘He finally gave up.’


I fell back into a deep sleep with the joy of winning the battle against Harry. No, I was about to.




If it wasn’t for a short scream from the drawing-room. I was awakened by the deafening scream.


‘No way, did an assassin really come?’


Thinking properly, I couldn’t remember very few people who wanted to get rid of Evaria.


‘Did Catherine’s fishes send an assassin?’


It was convincing. The First Prince even broke the deal with Erelle because he wanted Evaria to suffer. There must be another fish who wanted Evaria to vanish from the world.


‘Could it be Luke?’


It would not have been difficult for the head of the intelligence guild to send an assassin.


‘I guess it’s Luke.’


I concluded so and slowly raised myself. I didn’t feel any sense of crisis after confirming my enemy’s identity.


‘The Great Wizard of Blue Flame is my pet dog. What am I worried about? All I have to do is make a wish to save myself.’


I got off the bed in a relaxed mood, and tiptoed toward the drawing-room.


In the drawing-room, Harry was seen already snarling and confronting someone. The problem was that the face of the opponent who was struggling in front of Harry was very visibly familiar to me.


‘It’s Emma, isn’t it?’


“Hey, I’ll give you this, so please be quiet.”


Emma shivered and offered Harry a chicken leg. She knew that there was a dog in my room, so she must have prepared it in advance.


Harry stopped growling and stared at the chicken leg.


‘If Harry was a real dog, it would have been a pretty effective conciliatory.’


Unfortunately, however, he was a demon pretending to be a dog.


‘Of course, he wouldn’t be tempted by a chicken……’


But before I could finish my evaluation, which I was sure of, Harry began to eat the chicken leg with his head bowed in delight. He became very quiet too.


‘He really fell for a chicken leg?’


I opened my mouth in bewilderement.


[Harry, you shouldn’t fall for that!]


[I couldn’t eat anything since you called me. I’m hungry. What should I do?]


[So you fell for a chicken leg? At such a critical moment?]


[Who told you to make me work while I’m starving?]


[I didn’t know that demons also eat three meals.]


[It’s good that you know now. Try to remember it.]


Harry didn’t even pretend to listen to me and was absorbed in devouring the chicken leg. Seeing him eating the chicken so deliciously, I even became hungry.


“That’s a relief. You’re eating well.”


While Harry and I were having a scuffle, Emma gave a sigh of relief and murmured quietly. Then she soon began to move, as she was sure Harry wouldn’t make a scene.


But it wasn’t my room where she was headed.


Emma walked toward the fireplace on one side of the drawing room. After watching the burning fire for a moment, she bit her lips tightly and lowered herself with a grim face.


I saw the lamp in Emma’s hand and understood what she was going to do.


‘She wants to take the fire?’


Seeing her careful movement of getting a tiny amber from the fireplace to the candle in the lamp, I thought I was right.


‘Harry made a fuss, making me nervous for no reason.’


The tension eased in an instant. Then I approached Emma with a smile.


‘I’ll have to ask for a simple treat.’


I was so surprised before but when I smelled the grilled chicken after being awake, I became hungry.






As soon as I called Emma, a tremendous scream burst out of her mouth.




“Argh! What’s going on?”


I also screamed in surprise, but at the same time, another scream with a thick voice resonated in the room, burying my scream. There was only one person there who had such a thick voice.


I turned my head and looked at Harry in horror. He dropped the chicken he was eating and made eye contact with me who had her eyes wide open. The absurdity became greater than surprise.


[Harry, you’re a dog, but you said ‘Argh!’ and ‘What’s going on?’!]


Harry also opened his eyes wide and understood that he had made a mistake.


[…I was surprised, too. It was out of reflex. Besides, you screamed too!]


[But I’m human, Harry is the demon. Demons can’t do that.]


[You seem to have a strange prejudice against demons. Demons aren’t much different from human beings, except for being stronger and cooler!]


[Don’t brag about yourself in this situation.]


I looked at Emma with a deep sigh. Emma sat on the floor with her eyes wide open. She had a completely lost countenance. She must have been surprised to hear Harry’s voice.


‘I have a dog that can talk. Now I’ll definitely be known as a witch.’


I glared at Harry in dismay.


[How are you going to fix this?]


[Hmm. Let’s say it’s your voice.]


[Do you think she’ll believe that?]


[Should I just kill her then? Yes, it’s the most wise decision. You get to keep a secret, and I get to have fun. What do you think?]


The way he spoke with his eyes shining was full of sincerity.


[Stop saying nonsense.]


I ignored Harry, kicking my tongue inside. As expected, Harry was of no help at all.


‘As expected, it’s all up to me to fix it, isn’t it?’




As soon as I called Emma’s name, she fell flat on the floor in surprise.


“Fo, fo, for, forgive me!”


“Forgive you?”


I tilted my head in confusion. In this situation, was it supposed to be Emma to tremble like this and ask for forgiveness?


‘Is she sorry to hear a strange voice?’


Emma bowed her head in a more desperate voice as she pleaded for no reason.


“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, I’ve sinned worthy of dying!”


‘So what’s the sin she did worthy of dying……?’


“I didn’t mean to. I was in such a desperate situation that the temptation was too much. Please forgive me, My Lady. I will never steal again.”




Evidently, Evaria’s room was a space for thieves to covet.


‘You could get a lot of money by selling just one ornament placed in this room.’


But Emma was Evaria’s maid. It meant that she would be suspected immediately if things were missing from this room.


‘She didn’t look stupid enough to do something that she would be caught so quickly.’


Just by looking at the way she spoke, I could tell that Emma was somewhat educated. When the daughter of a tricky Duke came here, it was clear that she was chosen as the smartest maid in the mansion dedicated to serving me.


Nevertheless, Emma’s attempt to steal something must mean that she truly was in a desperate situation.


I squatted down and put my chin on the palm of my hand as I asked Emma.


“What is this that you wanted to take?”


“Fo, forgive me. Really, this will never happen again……”


I raised my hand and cut Emma off.


“No. I’m done with asking you for forgiveness.”




Emma’s face turned white at my words.


She must have intercepted my words as ‘I’ll never forgive you no matter what you say, so be prepared.’


This villainess’ face had an amazing power that made everything she said translated into negative words such as intimidation, sarcasm, and ridicule. I hastened to convey my message before Emma’s misunderstanding deepened.


“Just take it. Whatever you want to take.”




“Take what you were going to take. I’m willing to give it to you.”




Emma was now enraptured in a completely different sense. I looked around with a shrug.


Everything around was shiny and pretty.




“Whatever you wanted to take, it wouldn’t be worth much to me.”


Maybe it was precious to the ‘real’ Evaria. It could be a gift from someone or an object with childhood memories. But nothing here meant much to me, who wasn’t Evaria. The only meaning they would hold to me was that they would be expensive, but there were many expensive things that Evaria had.


‘Giving Emma one doesn’t make a big difference.’


But what if these things, which meant nothing to me, were precious enough to make Emma do something reckless? I could’ve given her a fistful if she just asked me. I have a lot of that anyway.


“So I’ll just give it to you. Take it.”


And I’m using it as a bribe to pretend we didn’t hear Harry’s scream.


‘Very reasonable deal.’


I laughed in admiration of my plan. Of course, this smile also seemed very mean due to the villainess effect.


“Really, you’re giving it to me?”


Emma asked with a questioning face. A firm nod of mine to give her conviction raised hope in her eyes.


“You’re really giving me fire?”


“Yes, I’ll give it to you. If you want the fire……”


I realized something was strange as I spoke kindheartedly while holding my chin.


“What? Fire?”


Not art, not silver candlesticks, not jewelry, just fire?


“Is it fire that Emma was trying to steal?”


Emma’s hopes that had risen in her eyes were quickly extinguished as she saw me asking again and again in bewilderment.


“As expected, that’s not possible.”


She drooped her shoulders with a very sullen face. I was dumbfounded when I saw Emma giving up in an instant. It was absurd to see her apologising like a person who committed a crime worthy of dying for being caught, but in reality, she just stealing the fire.


“You really just need fire? Why didn’t you just tell me you needed a fire if you came here? I thought you came to steal jewelry because you said you were in desperate need.”


I picked up the lamp and candle that Emma threw away in surprise. When I lit the candle and put it in the lamp, the fire burned brightly and lit up the darkness.


“Here. Take it.”


I handed Emma the lamp. But she didn’t accept it as readily as I thought she would.


“I gave you the fire you came to get.”


“You… My Lady is giving it so easily?”


“Of course. It’s just fire, isn’t it?”


“But it’s a mysterious fire that burns Black Ironwood….”


“However, it’s just…… It’s only fire.”


Giving it out to someone didn’t reduce or make my share disappear. If someone needed it, can’t I just give them away as much as they need?


“Come to think of it, the butler also took the ambers during the day, saying he would share it with people. What about that?”


“The Baron ordered that the words about fire couldn’t go out of the mansion. Maids like me couldn’t get the ambers, because the butler only distributed the ambers within the mansion where it was extremely necessary.”


Now I understand roughly how things were going. Because the Baron was in strict control of the fire, Emma tried to take it from my room, where she could enter without being wary.


‘The question is why the Baron wants to monopolies the fire -‘


No matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn’t understand it.


“Isn’t it good to distribute the fire everywhere and keep everyone warm?”


Originally, it was said that the nobles didn’t have the habit of sharing their things with their subordinates, but the Baron did not appear to be such a person.


‘So there must be some reason. But is it more important than freezing your own people?’


I tried to figure out a reason, but I couldn’t have known the complicated thoughts of the man who managed the estate.


I gave up thinking and stood up with the lamp.


“Get up, Emma. Let’s go now.”




“Where? To where there is a need for fire?”


“To where there is a need for fire…….”


“The Baron didn’t order me not to take the fire out of the mansion.”


I shook the lamp in my hand and laughed.


“Besides, this is my fire, so no matter what I do or who I give it to, it’s up to me. In return Emma, you’ll forget what you saw and heard today, okay?”


“What I saw and heard today?”


“Yes. Everything.”


Emma nodded slightly after a moment of hesitation as I glared at Harry. A deal was formed successfully.


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