ILAV Chapter 6

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Baron Insetia was lost in thought as he looked at the burning fireplace.


A fire that could burn Black Ironwood. The fire that Evaria created.


‘How can the Black Ironwood burn?’


She said she prayed earnestly and that’s how the fire came to life, but is that possible? If that was possible, no one in Erelle would have been cold all these times.


Baron also knew that the power of the wizard was great, so he brought a famous wizard from the capital. But the wizard also failed to ignite the Black Ironwood.


‘It’s not a fire that was created by her earnest pray. This fire is the power of the Princess Evaria.’


Baron Insetia wasn’t foolish enough to to fall for the lies of a young princess. How many years have he lived rough, pioneering barren land in the North? Baron Insetia’s bones were too thick to be deceived by a child who grew up beautifully in a greenhouse.


‘But it is known by everyone that the mana of the Princess is extremely low. Why did everyone say her magic has no value even though she has enough mana to create such a strong fire?’


Baron remembered the face of the Duke of Oberon, Evaria’s father and his Lord. The Duke must have had a reason for hiding his daughter’s strong magic.


‘Perhaps to avoid external conflicts. Those who have strong mana are inevitably subjected to vigilance.’


The Oberon family boasted a tradition and prestige that was comparable to the royal family. What if a child with great magic was born in such a place? Evaria would not have been as free as she is now.


‘But if she had a lot of mana, I would have noticed it. The energy I felt from the fire was too ordinary…….’


Baron shook his head soon. Originally, when a wizard reaches a level out of people’s comprehension, it is said that ordinary people cannot feel the magic.


‘Could it be that the Princess has reached that level?’


Goosebumps popped up on his arms at the thought.


‘Perhaps the Duke was planing something big.’


Then Baron Insetia, who was the Duke’s subordinate, had no choice but to conform to his will. Therefore, even though he was full of questions, he did not questioned Evaria deeply.


‘I must also shut up until the Duke mentions it first.’


However, while thinking so, he recalled the long-standing legend of Erelle. a legend that belongs only to the North. Although it was not comparable to the myth of the founding of the kingdom, the people there also had their own legends.


Erelle is now just a small part of the kingdom and ruled by the Duke, but the North was initially a separate country.


A different race, a different culture. And a country completely different from the central aristocracy of the royal family.


The Northerners lived their lives freely until they were destroyed by the powerful fire of the Blue Wizard in the myth of the kingdom. The Oberon family was also born here, in the North. Since the roots were different, the royal family’s influence here was less compared to other families.


‘Here, in the northernmost of Erelle, a new fire will ignite, to drive away the evil. That was the legend of a hero who will save this land.’


Isn’t this fire created by Princess Evaria the legendary flame?


Did the Duke knew all this and send his daughter here for this purpose?


Freedom of this land, to test the legend held by all northerners?


‘I have to be silent. Until all is revealed.’


Baron Insetia’s eyes deeply shone.


“First of all, we need to control our mouths.”


He had to use his authority to prevent the presence of the fire created by Evaria from leaking to the society.


* * *


The butler went around the mansion all day looking for the dog’s owner, but of course, no one said they had lost their dog. Harry, who was sure to be an ownerless dog, returned to my room late at night at the hands of the butler. Before I knew it, he even had a leash on his neck.


“A leash?”


“The butler tied it. Big dogs are dangerous, right? So he tied me with a leash. This is the greatest humiliation of Theo Harris, the Great Blue Wizard’s life.”


Harry, lying on the floor, stretched out his foot and scratched the leash, but the tightly bounded collar didn’t budge.


“Is that how you want to get rid it?”


I smiled and leaned over and stroked Harry’s head. Then Harry’s feet, which were struggling hard to remove the leash on his neck, hardened in the air.


“Why are you patting my head?”


He asked as if he could not understand.


“Is it a mean consolation again?”


He must have remembered what I said when I first patted his head.


“One action can imply many meanings. It’s a gesture of compliment now.”


I kept moving my hands, shrugging my shoulders.


“Thank you for putting up with the humiliation, Harry.”


Harry snorted at my words.


“You’re giving me medicine after slapping me on the face? If you hadn’t told me to turn into a dog, I wouldn’t have suffered such humiliation like this!”


“I know. So I’m praising you like this because I’m proud of you. Oh, what a good boy you are. Great job.”


I gave Harry a mechanical compliment and lifted my hand. Harry lifted his head with a refreshing face when the tight leash was released.


“I think I can breath now.”


“I’ll tell others not to put a leash on you. Instead, you shouldn’t have a fierce face in front of people. Then there’s no justification for not making you wearing a leash.”


“You told me to be a dog yesterday, but now you’re telling me to be a gentle sheep today.”


Harry grumbled and jumped onto the bed. This time, it was my time to show an absurd expression seeing him standing tall on my bed.


“Harry, that’s my bed, you know?”


“I know, but I’m your pet dog.”


“So what?”


“Are you asking because you really don’t know? A pet dog has the right to share its owner’s bed.”


As Harry said, it was common for owners and their pets to fall asleep in one bed.


“But inside the dog is a dark-hearted demon.”


“I can’t even harm my contractor anyway. What are you worried about?”


“That’s true, but…….”


Since the opponent is a demom, I couldn’t help but feel suspicious. Aren’t demons good at tempting people with plausible words?


“I won’t do anything, I really won’t do anything. I don’t even think about doing anything to a small immature child like you.”


Harry moved his tail slowly as if he were annoyed.


“Come to think of it, how old are you this year?”


“I’ll be 18 after my birthday this year. Then I’ll become an adult.”


Originally, I’m older than that, but Evaria was still 17, so there was no loss in lowering my age. Harry snorted at my words as if he knew it would be like this.


“I can’t believe you’re only eighteen. You’re like a spec of sand compared to me.”


Is age something to be bragging about? I folded my arms in amazement.


“I’m a sand? How old is Harry then for him to be so arrogant?”


“Me? I’m 2176 years old!”




I was briefly dazed by the unimaginable number. Indeed, Theo Harris was a demon that existed since the founding myth of the kingdom.


‘Of course you’re old.’


I didn’t even think of it at all because he only looked in his early 20s when I saw him the first time.


“Harry… your grandpa……?”


“Grandpa! How dare you call a young man with a bright future a grandpa?”


Harry’s ears rose as if he had heard something insulting.


‘By demons’ standards, is 2176 considered young? Is that how it works for them?’


As I was staring at Harry in amazement at the distant number, he laid down gracefully on the bed in a triumphant manner.


“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to sleep? It’s already late at night. If you don’t like the bed, you can sleep on the sofa.”


He spoke as if he were the owner of the bed.


“This is my bed. Why would I sleep on the sofa?”


I lay down on the bed with my mouth slanted. Harry’s presence on the other side was not felt at all because the bed was big. Instead, the warm blanket and warm air warmed my body pleasantly. This was all thanks to the fireplace, where the Black Ironwood was blazing.


‘How tired I was all day shaking in the cold.’


But now that’s the end of course. I wept tears of emotion in my heart and fell into a peacefully sleep in an instant.


‘The end of hard work, and the start of happiness! Hooray!’


* * *


“What? She fell asleep already?”


Harry lay slanted on the bed and squinted his eyes. Before he knew it, his figure turned back to the human body, not a white dog.


“Is it because she’s just like sand? How naive.”


Harry couldn’t believe she was doing nothing and sleeping in the same bed with a demon.


‘I thought she was suspicious.’


Harry reached out and smoothed Evaria’s hair. It was a common reddish brown hair compared to his silver hair, but he liked it quite a bit because it resembled fire, a source of his power.


‘Even if I touch her like this, she doesn’t wake up.’


Harry poked her cheek with his finger, but Evaria didn’t seem to have any intention of waking up, only tossed and turned as if bothered by his touch.


‘I appreciate you believing me, but…….’


However, if she always stays this carefree, his pride will be hurt.


‘Isn’t my face pretty handsome? All the girls liked it.’


The demons were beings who ingratiated themselves among humans and devoured them. The easiest weapon to lower their guard was their beautiful appearance. All the demons evolved into beautiful appearance following this example.


Harry was particularly handsome among such demons. However, this appearance did not seem to work on his new contractor.


‘Do you really think I’m a dog because I turned into a dog?’


Seeing her sleeping comfortably, he thought it was really like that.


‘It’s been a while since I came out into the human world, but I’m being treated like a dog.’


If other demons in the world find out that he even wore a dog collar, they’ll laugh at him for at least 100 years.


‘So I must get a good compensation for my hard work, acting like a dog.’


The question was how could he tempt this contractor.


‘What is my contractor’s desire? She looks pretty, has a high-ranking status, and is rich. Is there anything she lacks?’


But Harry wasn’t too worried. All humans have desires deep in their hearts, so he just had to dig them out. She said she didn’t like war or killing people now, but if he whispered next to her all the time, she would soon be tempted.


‘Because she’s human.’


Harry smiled satisfactorily and kissed Evaria’s hair lightly.


‘I’ll find your desire soon, so look forward to it.’


And the demon would get his compensation this way.


The moment Harry grinned thinking so. There was a strange noise in the drawing-room outside.


The sound of someone moving carefully and stealthily.


The person was quite clumsy, but in their own way, they seemed to be wanting to be silent as much as possible.


‘Is it an assassin?’


When he met his first contractor, he experienced a lot of similar situations. Most of the guests who secretly visited him at this time were assassins.


Harry looked at Evaria, who was asleep without caring about the world.


‘If I just pretend I don’t know what’s going on, she’ll die, right? Then the contract will end naturally.’


It was best for him to leave it like this. However, he didn’t want to leave like this.


‘I can’t believe Theo Harris’ contractor will die by a clumsy assassin. This isn’t good for my reputation.’


The human being who called his name deserved to die more beautifully than this.


‘So I’ll be your loyal dog for now.’




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