ILAV Chapter 5

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“Oh, my God. It’s really burning.”


Emma opened her mouth wide as she looked at the flames in the blazing fireplace. She looked shocked as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


On the other hand, Baron Insetia, who only greeted me on the first day and didn’t pay any more attention, and the butler, who was busy managing the mansion, gathered in front of the fireplace in my room. Rumours had already spread that I had set fire to Black Ironwood.


“Black Ironwood is on fire…….”


Baron Insetia murmured softly, looking at the burning wood.


The flames Harry created were only a little different from the usual ones. The colour was similar to an ordinary fire, but there was a strange blue colour in the center. Of course, it was a difference that you would hardly notice unless you looked closely. Even if you noticed it, it was such a small difference that you couldn’t help but think, ‘Did I see it wrong?’


‘So no one knows that this is the mythical Blue Flame.’


Emma and the butler, as I expected, were just amazed looking at the burning Black Ironwood.


But the Baron was different. He was looking at me with calm, calculating eyes.


“I heard that the Lady made this fire.”


“Yes, I did.”


“How did you do that?”


“Well, how did I do it?”


Thinking for a moment, I seriously put my hands together and looked at the Baron.


“With my hands clasped together like this.”


“Just putting them together?”


“I prayed! Very desperately!”




The Baron, who was listening to me with a serious face, smiled despondently as if he couldn’t believe it.


“You prayed desperately and the woods began to burn?”


“Yes. I’m a wizard after all, so it’s not that surprising. Wizards often accomplish strange things that are out of ordinary human’s capacity.”


I purposely tilted my head as if it were insignificant. Of course, the Baron didn’t believe my nonsense.


“You may not know this, but this is Black Ironwood. It doesn’t burn with normal fire.”


“I know. I heard it from Emma. But isn’t it burning now?”


At my light attitude, the Baron’s neat eyebrows wiggled slightly. I shrugged my shoulders, ignoring the Baron’s face, which clearly said he was skeptical.


“It was so cold that I would have died without fire. I guess my magic responded to my desperate heart. Aren’t the wizards a miracle themselves?”


[Pretending not to know anything. How come I don’t know you’re so good at acting?]


Harry whispered to me as if he was sick of me, smiling innocently at the Baron and spouting nonsense. It wasn’t a voice, but more like telepathy in my head. Harry called this ‘Resonance’ between contractors.


[Be quiet, Harry.]


[They can’t hear me anyway, so it doesn’t matter.]


[I can hear you. I’ll be crazy if you keep talking in my head.]


I made another wish so that Harry couldn’t interrupt in my smooth conversation.


[Please don’t interrupt when I’m talking to others, devil. It’s my new wish.]


[I’m already frustrated enough to hide my face, but you want me to close my mouth?]


[Harry, do you want to stand facing the wall?]


[…That’s mean. You’re so mean. I even turned into a dog myself, but you won’t let me talk?]


[I see. You don’t like this situation. Then my wish is, you’ll look at the wall……]


Harry cried hastily before I was finished.


[Oh, I got it! I’ll shut up so you can shut up too!]


Harry’s instant silence allowed me to concentrate more on my conversation with the Baron. But the Baron no longer questioned me as to what was on his mind.


‘That’s strange. He couldn’t have believed my ridiculous excuse.’


Instead of interrogating me, he just nodded, looking at me with an unknown face.


“……is that so? It was true that you were born with magic.”


The butler next to him made a fuss on behalf of the Baron, who showed an ambiguous reaction.


“There seems to be a special power in the fire! Black Ironwood caught fire…… This is amazing. How vicious have the merchants been not giving us a single log of wood?”


The butler gnashed his teeth.


“They made an unreasonable demand using the circumstances of our Erelle, which had no wood to use for firewood. We had no choice but to agree ”


‘Well, there was such a situation.’


Unlike me, who was listening to the story casually, the butler had a very enthusiastic face.


“But now we have wood for firewood! If we have this great fire the Lady created, we can burn Black Ironwood as much as we want!”


Even though Erelle was normally very cold, having no firewood was another problem on the tip of the iceberg. Everyone around the estate knew Erelle had such a weakness. It was natural for shrewd merchants to use this to make their own profits.


So Erelle was facing trouble all along? Tears came to the butler’s eyes as he saw me nodding after understanding the situation…….


‘What? Tears?’


When I looked at the butler in surprise, tears were really in the eyes of the butler.


“This is a miracle created by My Lady!”


“……Huh? Mi, Miracle?”


“Oh, my God! who said that the Lady had magic as small as a snowball…… My Lady’s desperate wish drove the cold of Erelle away with such a mysterious and strong fire!”


“No, I was just cold……”


I hastened to deny it, but the butler, already in a frenzy of emotion and excitement, did not listen to me.


“The Duke sent you here with this great intention. I didn’t understand the Duke’s intention, and just thought that he wanted to threw the Lady here to reflect on her wrongdoings after creating such a big accident.”


‘No, you’re right.’


The Duke really just threw away his troublesome luggage here.


“I am truly a burden.”


“My thoughts were narrow-minded. Please forgive me, Miss!”


“Forgiveness. Is it necessary……?”


What the butler thought about me was all true, so there was no need to ask for forgiveness. However, the butler’s face was even more moved after hearing my words.


“My Lady doesn’t even want us to ask for forgiveness…… I didn’t know the Lady had such a generous heart! All the notorious rumours about My Lady are false.”


I couldn’t believe that Evaria’s evil deeds had even reached the ears of the people of this village at the end of the kingdom.


‘Evaria, you were really a national villainess…….’


It was when I reaffirmed my vicious reputation.


The butler smiled awkwardly and bowed his head.


“That’s all the rumours we heard by people who came from the capital. I shouldn’t have believed the stories of the naughty southerners……. My opinion, which I believed in thoroughly, was also narrowed because of them.”


“No, all the rumors…….”


“I will quickly distribute these embers throughout the mansion. Finally, the mansion will be back in order. Everyone will be grateful for My Lady’s earnest prayer.”


Giving out the embers was not a big deal. The fire wouldn’t die down if distributed. However, the problem was that along with the embers, the butler’s ridiculous illusion would also spread widely.


I hurriedly reached out to stop the butler, but he was quick to take action. Harry whispered excitedly to me as he looked at the back of the butler who moved the candle and disappeared urgently.


[Do you want me to silence him? Only death can stop his blabbering mouth. What do you think? You’re attracted to my proposal, too, right?]


[……shut up, Harry.]


[Or never mind.]


Taking a step back from his words, Harry frowned and asked as if he suddenly realised something.


[Hey, you’ve become a bit harsh.]


[Harry, I told you to shut up. As expected, I should have wished for you to look at the wall for the rest of your life……]


[No! It’s okay! How did you know how to shut me up? You’re a very smart contractor.]


In an instant, Harry shrank back. Baron Insettia, who was watching me and the butler’s conversation, and watched me becoming quiet, suddenly spoke.


“But that guy over there, I don’t think I have seen it before. I didn’t also get reported that My Lady brought her pet dog when she came from the capital.”


The Baron looked at Emma, who bowed and answered.


“I’ve never seen the dog before either.”


When Harry received the eyes of the two, he barked and wagged his tail as if he had been waiting.


“It’s the dog I picked up.”


I gave Harry a complimentary look and told them.


“I met him while taking a walk in the garden for a while. He seemed to be wandering around without his owner, so I brought him.”


“There was such a big dog wandering around in the garden?”


The Baron alternately looked at me and Harry in doubt, but I nodded brazenly and said proudly.


“Please ask the servants in the mansion. Has anyone lost their dog? If the owner doesn’t come out, I’ll raise him. I was thinking about getting a pet because I was lonely.”


“If My Lady needs a pet dog, I’ll look for a gentle and clever fellow for the Lady. A good breed of dog with noble linage will be better than a wandering dog.”


Although he rephrased it, he had meant something along the lines of, ‘why don’t you get a breed dog instead of a mutt like that’. Harry, who understood the meaning behind the words, grumbled in annoyance.


[Who said I don’t my linage is unknown?! Do you know what kind of demon I am? Me, I’m the King of the clan……]


‘Haa. You are a talkative person.’


He may have forgotten his promise to shut up and started blabbering again. I consciously cut off Harry’s voice and delivered my message to the Baron.


“How can I throw this fellow away again? He looks so poor. The weather is also so cold.”


When I pointed out the window, the Baron shut his mouth. If Harry was a really normal dog, it wouldn’t be strange for him to freeze to death.


“If we throw him out in the cold weather without finding his owner, it would be the same as telling him to die. Don’t you have any conscience?”


Life is precious. Don’t you think so?


I thought they would think I was being kind, but the Baron looked at me with a face as if he heard something strange. It was also the same with Emma. She even dug her ears with her fingers, making sure what she heard wasn’t wrong.




I quickly noticed why they reacted like this.


‘Because it was hilarious to hear them listening to someone who was kicked out of her family because she tried to kill someone but is now talking about having conscience.’


As expected, a villainess needs to behave in a villainous way.


I slowly crossed my arms, raised my chin, and put one of my legs forward, thinking of the bullies in movies and dramas. To look as arrogant and rogue as possible. That was my intention.


Fortunately or unfortunately, my intentions worked. The faces of the two, who were looking at me as if wondering what was wrong in my head, hardened a little.


‘Its obvious what they think of me.’


I decided to drive a wedge into it.


“Why? Are you dissatisfied? You won’t give permission?”


When I spoke in a tone colder than usual, I sound so mean to myself that I began to hate me.


‘Wow. I didn’t even try hard, but I can’t believe I have such a mean voice. As expected, Evaria is a true villainess.’


I hugged Harry admiring Evaria’s villainous genes.


[……I inherited blood from my predecessor…… haah!]


Harry, who was reciting his genealogy alone, began to wheeze when I hugged his neck tightly.


“I told you I’d raise it! Who are you to say no?”


This time, it was a voice that was beyond vicious and even acrimonious. In addition to me, it wouldn’t look respectful to anyone’s eyes.


“……If you insist so, I understand.”


In the end the Baron gave in to my villainess like whining.


“First of all, find the owner, and if the owner does not appear, I’ll raise him. He’ll appreciate it, too. I’d rather he stay here than freeze to death in the cold.”


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