ILAV Chapter 4

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T/N: I have been using ‘Devil’ to indicate the ML’s origin but I’m going to use ‘Demon’ from now on because I think it suits his origin better.


“Why do I have to look like this?”


Harry grumbled discontentedly.




Instead of answering, I bent my knees to my front and made eye contact with the dog.


A large dog with fluffy white fur. In terms of dog breed, it looked close to Samoyed.


‘I can’t believe Harry is inside this gentle and cute face.’


To be exact, Harry wasn’t in it. Harry just transformed, so it could be said that this dog itself was Harry.


“A demon becoming a dog. It doesn’t suit you very well.”




“Dogs are gentle and loyal animals.”


Harry clicked his tongue at my words as if he couldn’t agree with them.


“I think you humans think of us as being too manipulative. We demons are pretty loyal, too. We stick to our agreements until one of us dies.”


“That’s not loyalty, that’s obedience. Loyalty is more heartfelt.”


“Nevertheless, humans are greedy. Even if I lend them all my power, their desire for more will never be fulfilled. I’m tired dealing with you people.”


Harry kicked his tongue and shook his head in a dejected voice. Like an old man who has lived a long life.


“Harry, do you know it’s funny when you’re saying things like this with a dog’s face?”


“Do you think I wanted to be like this? I became like this because you asked me if I could transform into anything.”


All demons have a spirit beast with which their souls are connected, and they can transform into that form of the spirit beast if needed. In Harry’s case, his spirit beast was a dog.


“I couldn’t help it. I’m a noble lady who is more famous than I thought, so if I bring a man people have never seen before, I’ll be surrounded by strange rumors. My only ambition is to be stuck in Erelle and stay as quiet as possible.”


The Young Lady of Duke Oberon, whose engagement with the Crown Prince was broken and she was kicked out of the society to the countryside, hooked up with a man as soon as she arrived at Erelle? It was a perfect situation for dirty rumours.


‘The Duke told me not to make trouble and stay quiet. But if I make a situation with a man here…….’


Perhaps the Duke’s patience was great. But this time if I created any strange situation that would further smear dirty mud on Duke Oberon, I may not be thrown to the countryside, but out of the family completely.


‘This is my lifelong dream: becoming the daughter of a rich man.’


“So please stay this way. You’ll be in trouble if too many people notice you.”


It was fortunate that Harry’s spirit beast was an ordinary dog.


‘Should I say that I found a stray dog while taking a walk? I’ll just say that I’ll raise him because he looks like a poor little ownerless guy.’


It’s common for aristocrats to raise dogs or cats, so it shouldn’t seem strange. Although it was a little disappointing that he was not a small puppy that many aristocrats raised, it was still a passing point that he looked like an ordinary dog.


‘If he had turned into a snake or a bat. How suspicious would it have been to keep him with me?’


Evaria was already notorious as a vicious woman, if he really turned into a bat or snake, I would have been misunderstood as a witch.


‘No. I called out a demon and made him my servant, aren’t I already considered a witch? I wasn’t good enough to be a villainess, so I became a witch in the end?’


A villainess and then a witch.


‘Isn’t there a witch hunt in this era? If my involvement with a demon gets leaked, I’ll be tortured before being burned at the stake.’


It was terrible just to think about it.


‘I mustn’t get caught. How did my life get twisted like this?’


Spilled water couldn’t be gathered, even if I sighed countless times in regret.


“Anyway, in front of people, pretend to be an ordinary dog as much as possible. You can’t even talk like you do now.”


“Do you think I’m a fool? I know that much. I’ll show you the acting of being a perfect dog, so don’t worry.”


Then Harry barked ‘Woof!’ with a confident face.




His cry was surprisingly similar to real dogs. Harry raised his chin proudly as I clapped my hands in admiration.


“But how are you going to explain the fire I made to humans? That tree doesn’t burn with normal fire, that’s why you called me right?”


Harry naturally moved like a dog and sat down in front of the fireplace. The Black Ironwood in the fireplace was burning beautifully with a crackling sound. I was grateful that I got relieved from the cold with the fire.


“First of all, I’m a wizard, so I made a very strong fire with magic.”


Wizards were people who used mysterious powers with the help of magic. Although they don’t deal with strong power like the mythical Blue Wizard, they have shown remarkable ability compared to ordinary people. There were also wizards with the ability to make a fire or water.


Because handling mana is a very rare ability, it was even rare to find wizards in the kingdom. Evaria was also a wizard. But no one in the kingdom recognised Evaria as wizard.


“You’re a wizard?”


Harry looked at me with his eyes narrowed.


Wizards use the mana inside their bodies to use magic. But mana couldn’t be increased by training. It meant that the amount of mana you have at birth was all.


‘Above all, natural talent is also important.’


The magic value is measured from 1 to 10, which simply means that the amount of magical power increases from 1 to 10. However, due to the setting of the novel, Evaria’s magical power was 0.5.


What if Evaria had fire magic attribute? With such a feeble magical power, it wasn’t certain if she would be able to light the candles on a birthday cake.


What do you mean 0.5?… Evaria… I can’t believe it!’


By comparison, Catherine, the female protagonist, was a strong wizard with a magical power of 9. The reason why Catherine, the daughter of a small Baron, was able to attract the attention of her fishes was because of her strong mana.


‘Thanks to that, Evaria’s presence seemed more insignificant.’


The female protagonist, who had a low status but had great talent, and the villainess who only had a status without any ability. It was a natural composition in the novel.


“Looking closely, there is a bit of magic in you. It’s really a speck of course. Aren’t your level similar to zero?”


Harry, who had been looking at me for a long time, snorted.


Zero was a slang for wizards, meaning a person born without magic. It was quite an insult among wizards who measured their talents by magic, but I wondered why it was considered such an insult. To me, who was from a world where it was natural for me to have no magic, it was nothing. Thanks to this, I was not hurt at all by Harry’s words who teased me saying, ‘Your level is similar to zero’.


“That’s right. Everyone says that. The magic I have is even less zero. It would have been less embarrassing if I were a normal person.”


Harry blinked at my calm reply. It seemed that my reaction was unexpected.


“……do you not resent it even a little bit? When they tease you saying that you’re a zero?”


“What can I do? I was born that way. I can’t change my fate with my resentment. I just have to live like this.”


“Why are you so pessimistic about humans?”


“Not at all. I’m rather positive? I don’t think it’s a problem because I was born as the daughter of a rich and high-ranking noble instead of a wizard in name.”


Truth to be told, it was better to be born like this. If Evaria had low status and high mana, I would have been frustrated from the moment I possessed her. What should I do with outstanding ability?


‘Just thinking about it makes me tired.’


Being the incompetent golden spoon was the best way to live a life.


“I thought humans were all obsessed with mana.”


Harry slowly walked towards me as if he were seeing a freak.


As he said, people admired wizards with incredible power. All the more because their existence is in the minority.


So people, regardless of status, measured their mana as soon as a child was born. Hoping their child would be one of the rare talents.


Harry tilted his head to one side, as he pointed out that part.


“But don’t humans measure their mana as soon as they are born? Then when you knew your mana level, were you told that you can’t even start a fire?”


“I don’t care. Who would dare to find trouble with me?”


“What kind of confidence is that?”


“Why? I’m the Duke’s daughter. There’s no one of higher status than me here.”


There are two people higher than me in Oberon Castle. My father the Duke and my oldest brother. But my status was the highest here.


Of course, I had no real authority to rule the territory, only a high status. All the real power lay in the hand of Baron Insettia, who managed Erelle. He was the young head of a loyal family that had been serving the Duke of Oberon for a long time. He wasn’t involved in the original story, but according to the story I picked up while coming to Erelle, he seemed to be quite capable and popular.


However, Baron Insetia once pointed to a stone I was rolling under my feet and said, ‘That’s a gem!’ Then I said, ‘I see. That’s a gem,’ I had no choice but to reply nonchalantly like that.


Because I’m Evaria Oberon.


In terms of authority, the Baron was above Evaria, but Evaria was a direct descendant of the Duke nevertheless. Even if Evaria’s last name changes after marriage, her blood does not change. This is how much status is important in this world.


“In addition to that, I don’t have any talent for welding a weapon either.”


The villainess, Evaria Oberon. What kind of character is this?


‘No matter how hard I think about it, the villains live the best lives in the world.’




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