ILAV Chapter 3

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The Black Ironwood was burning.


The Black Ironwood that can never be used as firewood because it does not catch fire easily, but as expected, the devil’s flame was much stronger than ordinary fire.


‘But it was said to be a Blue Flame…… It’s not as blue as I thought.’


There was a blue colour in the centre of the embers, but I couldn’t tell if I didn’t look closely.


‘What does colour matter? As long as it’s burning!’


I buried myself on the sofa, gazing satisfactorily at the blazing flames. The body that had been melted by the warmth spreading out from the fireplace became drowsy. Now there will be no shaking and trembling in the ridiculous cold of Erelle.


‘There are many Black Ironwood trees to use as firewood, so I just need to maintain this fire well now.’




Unlike me, who was perfectly satisfied with this situation, the devil seemed dissatisfied. But having gained all that I could get from him, I no longer felt the need to suit his mood.


“You are still here?”


I replied insincerely with a simple wave of hands.


“Now that my wish has come true, you can go home.”


“Go home?”


“Yes. Home. Doesn’t the devil have a home? Go to the house where you lived.”


I didn’t know what the devil’s world looked like, but it should be similar to humans, so the way they live would not be much different.


‘He must have a house and a family over there.’


But the devil frowned as if he could not understand it.


“You called me.”


“I did.”


“Then you should take responsibility for me.”


“Responsibility? Why me?”


“Didn’t you know what it means to call the devil’s name and sign a contract?”


Of course, I knew it well. When I call the devil’s name, he shows up and grants my wish.


“Isn’t that all?”


The devil hit his chest as if it was frustrating to see me blinking my eyes in puzzlement.


“The contract is a lifetime contract!”


“…What? A lifetime contract?”


“Yes! I must be by your side until you die! By continuously granting your wishes!”




What does this mean? I just wanted to light the fireplace. I thought the devil would go back to his house if he granted my wish. What do you mean, a lifetime contract? What do you mean I have to keep this thing next to me? I’ve never wanted such a bothersome bumpkin.


“No, you are a demon, aren’t you? The demons are very selfish. A lifetime contract…… Why would you do such a loss for nothing?”


He punched himself in the chest again as if he was bursting with anger at my obvious question.


“We usually get paid handsomely! Or I sign a contract with a guy who does a very interesting job. We kill people, we start wars.”


But I wanted neither of them. I couldn’t offer anything to the devil because I’ve called him by his real name. But to think of doing something interesting, I wasn’t even planning anything very interesting from the begin with.


“Oh, well, can’t it be my wish that you go back home?”


“No. There’s only one way I can get back to the devil’s dwelling. That’s when you die.”


‘If I think about it in another way, it means that he has to wait until my life is over…….’


The opponent was the devil. He could kill ordinary people without any guilt. Wouldn’t it be possible to kill me here and go back to the devil’s dwelling?


As I was thinking so, the devil approached me with an expressionless face. He reached out and wrapped his hand around my neck. Even as the air got warmer, his hand was very cold. The hand holding my neck was firm and hard, and the feeling that he could easily twist my neck if he wanted to, rose.


But strangely, I didn’t feel afraid. The devil suddenly began laughing at my gaze looking up at him calmly.


“You feel it instinctively, too, don’t you? That I can’t kill you.”


The devil lifted his hands that had wrapped around my neck.


“I can’t hurt your life from the moment you and I signed the contract. Rest assured on that part.”


“But I think you can make me die quickly by using tricks behind my back. There’s also contract killers or something like that.”


“You can tell me your wish not to do that.”


The devil pouted his mouth sulkily, but tilted his head as if he had realized something.


“No, are you telling me to kill you now?”


“But… …you’ve just told me. The way you can’t kill me.”


The devil rolled his eyes from side to side at my words, and grabbed his head in astonishment as if he had made a mistake.


“Oh, damn it! I shouldn’t have told you.”


“It’s late.”


I smiled and quickly made a wish.


“You can’t kill me. either directly or indirectly. Because I don’t want to die.”


It was my second life that I had a hard time getting, even though it was in a book.


‘In addition, I’m born as a rich aristocrat, so shouldn’t I die only after living the life of the rich that I never had in my first life?’


The problem was this devil who suddenly appeared.


“I’m doomed… …I won’t get paid for it…… I can’t even kill people……. Why did such a boring person call me……. It’s a total disaster…….”


I put my chin on the palm of my hand and looked at the devil, who repeatedly muttered that he was doomed.


He was a very handsome guy to be honest, like a demon who enchants people. Even the stupid Crown Prince, who is the most handsome out of Catherine’s five fishes, is no match for him.


‘Uncommon silver hair and red eyes. Evaria has a common reddish brown hair and green eyes.’


He had an unrealistic appearance that seemed to be out of this world.


‘Even his stupid face, self-blaming himself looks as beautiful as a picture. But I have to stop his rambling.’


I let out a long sigh at the sight of the very handsome devil blaming himself.


“Okay. I have to be responsible for you, right? Since, I’m the one who called you, I’ll take that much responsibility.”




The devil looked at me with his head tilted.


“How are you going to take responsibility?”


His eyes were full of discontent and doubt.


“By feeding you and giving you a place to stay?”


I’m the daughter of a Duke anyway, I’m very rich now. I don’t know exactly, but I think there will be quite a lot of property for me to inherit from the Duke.


‘So it won’t be hard to raise a man.’


But I soon remembered that the existence in front of me was not an ordinary human being. Maybe he needs food different from humans.


‘Like drinking blood like a vampire?’


Is that why he mentioned blood before?


I quickly asked the devil.


“Do devils eat the same thing as humans? It’ll be troublesome if you asked me to get you something strange. Blood, heart or something like that.”


The devil frowned at my question as if it were absurd.


“How do you see the devil? We are also civilised people who eat bread and meat!”


“No problem then.”


“No problem? Is eating and sleeping everything in your life? What about having fun in your life! The devil is a clan that lives for pleasure!”


The devil shouted in a fit of rage. I was dumbfounded at his furious shout for a moment before laughing helplessly. This devil’s head is like a flower garden, he doesn’t know the fun of a boring life yet.


“The devil is stupid. Do you really want to know how to live a boring life?”


“Huh? What do you mean?”


“You said you have to grant all my wishes. What if I make a wish of you not being able to eat, to sleep, and to stand facing the wall every day? Life must be boring, right?”


The confident devil’s face turned white.


‘It’s the same face when I told him to light a fire in the fireplace.’


I realized that I had won by looking at his face, which deflated like a balloon.


“Therefore, I’ll only take responsibility by feeding you and giving you a place to stay. You can have fun on your own.”


The devil kept his mouth shut and nodded. It was frustrating, but he seemed to be convinced nevertheless.


Now that we’ve roughly sorted things out, the question was how to introduce the devil to others. His appearance was so noticeable that it seemed difficult to gloss over.


‘I’ll have to think of something.’


Then, the devil poked my arm.


“Hey, human.”




“But you really don’t intend to start a war……”


“I don’t.”




The devil’s shoulders drooped at the firm answer.


‘I don’t think he has ears…….’


But I felt like I was seeing a large dog whose ears were drooping with disappointment, so my hand went forward without realising it. When I patted the silver hair lightly, the devil raised his head, which was bowed deeply. He had a confused face that said he didn’t understand why my hand was on top of his head and stared at it.


“What’s this gesture?”


“Uh…… condolence?”


“I’m not a dog…….”


Perhaps because he was a devil, he was good at reading people’s minds. I slipped away from his gaze and quickly turned around.


“By the way, what should I call you? Should I just call you by your real name?”


I just wanted to change the subject, but when I thought about it, it seemed to be an important matter.


‘I can’t keep calling him the devil like I’m now.’


I didn’t want to add more fire to my already widespread notoriety by calling him the devil.


“Is there a name you have in mind? If there is, I’ll call you that.”


“It’s a fake name anyway, it doesn’t matter what you call me. Call whatever you like.”


“Well. So you don’t mind me calling you a twit, Mr. Twit?”


“Hey! That’s not right!”


The devil shouted, pushing my hand away.


“Do you know how smart I am! Who is a fool!”


“So tell me what to call you. Or I’ll call you Mr. Stupid.”


“You… Seriously, whoa, how did I get called out by something like this…….”


The devil grumbled, grabbing his head.


‘Is he going to self-blame again?’


He seemed to have a lot of energy because he was a devil who handled fire.


I turned to the fireplace quietly. I waited still until he vented all his anger, and the grumbling became more and more quiet. Soon there was silence, and shortly afterwards the voice of the devil reached my ears.






“If anyone calls me, it’s usually this name. Since we aren’t called by our real names even by our families.”


“Oh, I suppose so. The real name for you guys is for the contract. Did your former contractors call you Harry?”


“You are my second contractor. The first was the fool who wanted to be a king, but he didn’t care what he called me. He only wanted my power.”


“That means I’m the first person to call you Harry?”




The devil, no, Harry, who had been staring blankly at me, began to blush. He hurriedly covered his face with his hands, perhaps because he felt his face burning.


“Hey, don’t give such a weird meaning!”


“When did I give weird meaning to it?”


“You did it! You just did it!”


“I was just telling you the truth.”


“Hey human, why are you acting so casual after saying something so embarrassing?”


“Was that embarrassing?”


“Don’t you feel embarrassed and awkward? Wow, you’re scarier than I thought.”


I sighed at Harry, who began to huff and puff again.


‘I just wanted to light the fireplace.’


Somehow, I felt like I called out the devil who needed a lot of care.


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