ILAV Chapter 2

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At my order, the fireplace in my room was filled with Black Ironwood. I drove out Emma, who was snooping near the fireplace with a look of doubt, and remained alone in the room.


‘Cause you can’t call a wizard in front of Emma.’


As a person who transmigrated, I knew the name of the Great Wizard that Ephron Geraint, the founder of the kingdom, used as his hands and feet.


Of course, an ordinary person of ‘this world’ can never know his name.


‘Because, he’s not a wizard but a demon.’


The Great Wizard in the myth of the founding of the prosperous kingdom was a demon. It was ridiculous.


‘If this is known, the whole kingdom will be turned upside down.’


That was why the name of the Great Wizard did not remain in history. Ephron Geraint tried to hide the fact that he had borrowed the power of a demon to the establishment of the country. So he didn’t tell anyone about the Blue Wizard. Not even the name.


It was only natural not to know about him.


‘Because it seems more plausible to be a king who has gained the loyalty of a powerful Great Wizard than a king who established a country by signing a contract with a demon.’


There were two ways to be contracted with a demon.


Call the demon’s name, or offer the demon what he might find interesting.


Ephron Geraint chose the latter, and dedicated the soul of his first child to the demon in exchange for the contract. But the way I would choose, of course, was the former. By calling the demon’s name.


I can’t believe he could have done this for free if he knew the devil’s name.


‘What else could it be if it isn’t a cheat key?’


“Theo Harris.”


I called the name of the demon I saw in the novel. It’s not a very common name, but it wasn’t a very unusual name either.


What happens if someone calls this name by accident? You might wonder that.


However, the name was not in the minds of the people of this world as if that name had been erased. This is because the names of the demons from human memory had been erased forever by the first king of the kingdom, Ephron Geraint.


Therefore, no human being in this world couldn’t call the demon’s name. The phrase, “If you can call me by my name, I’ll work for you for free, but if you can’t, give me a price,” was a contract clause that contained the demon’s unique meanness.


“What? What’s going on? Is this the human world?”


The demon, who was forced to appear in front of me because I called his name, seemed quite surprised. Of course it would be surprising. According to the laws of the world, it is impossible for humans to remember the demon’s name, let alone call him.


‘But I am not a human being in this world.’


Thinking like that, I felt refreshed. I quite liked the situation of enjoying the privilege of being a spectator and enjoying the show.


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Theo Harris.”


I smiled and reached out to the devil.


“Oh, I can’t call the Demon name recklessly, can I? Should I just call you the Great Wizard?”


“What do you mean, the Great Wizard? The only person who called me such a tacky name was a fool who sold his son’s soul a few hundred years ago to me and said he wanted to be a king…….”


The demon examined me thoroughly as if he was evaluating things.


“Are you a descendant of his?”


“Of course not. If you ask me who hates the royal family the most in the world, that’s me.”


All five of Catherine’s fishes were equally troublesome, but two of them, the two Geraints, the Crown Prince and Lyndon, were the most troublesome.


The demon’s eyes narrowed as he saw me shaking my head with a fed-up face.


“I see. Same human being, but the energy is completely different.”


The demon nodded convincingly, and wrinkled his forehead as if he were more confused.


“How did you summon me when you’re not even a descendant of his? No, even his descendants can’t summon me.”


“Yes. Humans don’t know your names.”


“But how did you summon me? How did you know that humans can’t know my names?”


“It’s a little complicated to explain. I don’t know if you’ll believe it…….”


He was a valuable guest who would light up my fireplace. So I pulled up the corners of my mouth, trying to be as kind as I could.


“Do I have to explain it all? Can you just do me a favour quickly?”


However, the demon didn’t even pretend to hear me because he was of a race that has the trait to be arrogant and ignore people.


“Hey, human. How did you know my name? You’re not a normal human being, are you? Am I right?”


“If I were not an ordinary human being, would I be shaking like a leaf in this cold? Why don’t you light up a fire quickly and go back?”


“Fire? Do you need the flame, too? Like that idiot?”


The word fire changed the demon’s spirit a little.


“Fire… yes.”


An interesting smile came to his face, which seemed a bit annoying to me.


“Among my clan, I’m the best at handling fire. No wonder you summoned me because you needed me.”


On the contrary, he even looked very pleased. It was good. The better he felt, the more powerful he would make the fire.


I was quick to affirm what he said.


“Yes, yes. When it comes to fire, the Blue Wizard is the strongest and handles the Blue Flame the best.”


“You’re a person who perceives great things. Then do you want to be a king like that fool?”




“Then you want a lot of money? So there must be a lot of guys that need to be swept away, right?”


“That’s not it either.”


“Then what? Then why do you need my Blue Flame?”


“Because I have to light up the fireplace.”


I calmly pointed to the fireplace filled with Black Ironwood. The demon, who followed my finger that pointed to the fireplace, asked back in disbelief.


“……What? Fireplace?”


“The tree looks like nothing, but it’s not an ordinary tree, so you can’t burn it with ordinary fire. That’s why we need a very strong fire. So…”




The demon quickly intercepted my words.


“You called me to light a fireplace? Theo Harris, the owner of the Blue Flame?”




“N, not to kill people?”


“Uh-huh. Are you telling me to be a murderer? I’ve had enough of that word.”


“Then blood? Don’t you want to see blood?”


“What’s the use of blood? It’s not like I have any use of it.”


The demon looked at me with his jaw dropped. The expression was like his soul had flown away.


“……yes, humans don’t need blood.”


He soon came to his senses and muttered in a daze.


“Then…… let’s conquer the country, yes, and become a king! You humans like that!”


“I don’t want to.”


“Why? Don’t you want great power?”


“It’s very… It’s just annoying, and I think it’s going to be very hard.”


What could have been the reason why the kings of the Joseon Dynasty* were short-lived one after another? It’s all because it’s hard to be a king.



[T/N: Joseon (조선) officially known as the Great Joseon State (대조선국) was the last dynastic kingdom of Korea, lasting just over 500 years. It was founded by Yi Seong-gye in July 1392 and replaced by the Korean Empire in October 1897. For more information, click here.]


‘Why would I do such a tiring thing?’


“It’s not necessarily good to be in a high position in life. It’s best just to be a common aristocrat.”


A privileged but unworkable position. That was the life of a daughter of an aristocrat.


“So, demon.”


I pointed once again to the fireplace.


“Please light the fireplace quickly.”


At the same time, the demon’s face turned blue.




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